Zynga Lanches New iOS Game ForestVille One Day Ahead of IPO

Zynga has quietly taken its newest mobile game, ForestVille, live on the App Store. While Zynga officially announced the game on December 15th, it was already available on the Canadian app store, a tactic developers have sometimes used to soft-launch new mobile games.

Featuring gameplay similar to the developer’s existing iOS title, CityVille Hometown, ForestVille tasks players to build a city for a variety of woodland creatures, replacing houses with caves and burrows more suited for its furry residents. Like CityVille Hometown, ForestVille is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases. Players can also connect with their Facebook friends and trade gifts. According to very preliminary information from AppData, the game is ranked somewhere in the low 300s on the top free games chart.

It’s interesting to note that there is also a Facebook app for ForestVille that already has 2,000 monthly active users. As the app doesn’t list a developer its hard to say if it is legitimate, but if it is, there are two clear precedents for how Zynga could leverage it: The developer could use the app as an ad for the mobile game, similar what Zynga did for Hanging With Friends, or it could launch a cross-platform game from the app, which is what Zynga did with Words with Friends after acquiring the original mobile app in its acquisition of Newtoy.

The release of ForestVille comes just one day before Zynga begins trading on its IPO. The company is aiming for a valuation between $5.9 and $7 billion dollars. According to numbers revealed by chief executive Mark Pincus earlier this month at an investor’s lunch, Zynga is rapidly expanding its mobile user base, and now has 13 million daily active users on mobile platforms, so the release is well timed for the company.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Inside Mobile Apps.

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37 Responses to “Zynga Lanches New iOS Game ForestVille One Day Ahead of IPO”

  1. Bill A says:

    ForestVille is not a bad game, but there are some issues (especially when compared to CityVille Hometown). You really can’t get ahead in ForestVille– the coin cost of items is far too expensive considering how much the businesses pay, and it’s hard to build businesses because you don’t have enough coins and it’s too expensive to add enough houses to expand businesses. Also, the landmarks take up a lot of space and it’s hard to manage them within the town. While the game is fun (and, in my opinion, cuter than CityVille), it’s still young and needs a little work from Zynga.

  2. Missdarkness says:


    It’s a cute game, but i’m stuck with the moving in the badger to the home. I can’t click on anything. I dont know how to solve it and i’m stuck.

    Any pointers? I’m new to the game, and on level 6, and got stuck.

  3. Helen kovacs says:

    I agree that it’s very hard to get ahead in Forestville. Although cute, the graphics are cruder than cityville and placing homes , businesses and those huge landmarks is imprecise – everything takes up more room than it should as well as being too expensive to ‘buy’. Its virtually impossible to add enough items without mass clearing of existing trees ( very disappointing in a forest). There aren’t enough farming options (time & cost v goods produced) so businesses are always waiting for goods unless you’re prepared to spend real money. And I think there are a few glitches – I bought one business which crashed the game and then disappeared, taking my coins with it. All in all, cute and promising but not quite there yet – certainly not as satisfying as Cityville for iPhone.

  4. Pam says:

    Does anyone highest level? Thanks.

  5. lorena says:

    i have a problem ….. i cant view my neighbors, requests from other players and cant get the gifts, but i keep getting the alerts and it say people visited my town or something-something send you a gift, but it wont show it just says you dont have neighbors no one view your town ='( what can i do? i shut it off and back on but that wont fix what can i do anyone please help ='(
    oh btw i play on the Ipod

  6. Andrea says:

    I am getting frustrated cuz I can not build a bank cuz I have not discovered badgers and I think I am on level 18. Any help?

  7. soumaya says:

    i am stuck with the goal that says “use forest cash to make the inn ready for collecting” i had that goal since i started the game and now am up to level 30! can anyone help me???

  8. Julie says:

    How do you help Chicky build a bridge for Diego? Totally stuck!

  9. Bob France says:

    I still think there are a few kinks to work out and when you go to Zyngas website this game is not listed. I had neighbors and then I did not. I also do not have room for all the landmarks and housing so it is hard to have businesses. It also takes to long to get goods so essentially it sets us up for being stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Sasha says:

    Is it available on android?

  11. Amanda says:

    How to do you move the reindeer? And what house do they go in?

  12. Ron says:

    @Julie “help chicky build a bridge for Diego” answer: you can do this by connecting two any beaver houses with by a bridge :) hopes this helps

  13. Jenny says:

    I’m also stuck at the goal “use forest cash to make inn ready for collecting”.. And until I pass this goal I can not accept certain gifts from my friends/neighbors and it very frustrating!

  14. Eleanor says:

    I’m on level 38 and there are no more goals to do! :(

  15. Julie says:

    I have no more goals to do either… :(

  16. Person says:

    How do you help Chicky build a bridge???? WHAT

  17. Jo Singer says:

    When I first started playing all went smoothly. Loved the background sounds and the adorable graphics. Found moving items relatively easy on both iPhone and iPad. Got to level 12 game won’t load and when it does can’t visit neighbors. Footprints just keep moving but go nowhere.

    Game has too many glitches to be enjoyable. Very disappointed

  18. Jlerma says:

    I bought the snowymountain twice and it just vanished but where is was supposed to be: now blocks any usage of that land. I had to quit playing because the snowy mountain was huge! I also took forever to figure out how to stock the inn with goods ( you have to click on your cash)

  19. B says:

    For the use forest cash click on the bank and it will give you an option to use your cash to make it ready to collect from early. If you have cash that’s all you need to do. Oh and I have no more foals either. Stuck at level 32 been expanding and adding more houses and landmarks but no challenges it was fun but now getting boring!

  20. Linniebear says:

    I too am having problems with the snowy mountains. I can’t see it and it takes up alot of space. If I’d had known that I wouldn’t of got it. I also disagree with having restrictions on neighbors. It keeps asking to pay with forestville cash to allow more than 10 neighbors. That’s wrong, we should be rewarded for using the game.
    Guys in regards to discovering foxes, badges etc (how you expand to the little houses) you need to complete the quests first then it will unlock.
    I also think it is unfair how limited the energy usage is. Im up too level 24 and expand my forest as soon as it can be available so I always run out so quickly.

    That’s my whinge.

  21. Kirstie says:

    Hello, I’m trying to do the bridge task “help chicky build a bridge for Diego” the comments above for this task unfortunately not working, how do you join the beaver house? Nothing’s working, I’ve know how to create a bridge and I see the bridge but the task is still there..

  22. JadedKitten says:

    I am enjoying Forestville, have enough coins to add an expansion, but no matter where I place it, Forestville updates and deletes my expansion area. I do get my coins back, but I can’t expand and continue to move forward in this game.

  23. Carylynn says:

    I can’t help Chicky & Diego build their stupid bridge either. Has anyone actually passed this task successfully? If so, how did you do it? I’ve even moved chicky’s house next to where Diego is walking around, but I can’t get Diego to walk across the bridge!! I tried to see which house Diego lives in, but I don’t think he has one :/

  24. NgaoMiu says:

    I’m level 41 in this game, my iPhone had some problem so I need to restore it.When I reinstalled the game I found all my data has gone.Now I still get notification that my friends sending gift. It’so stupid.I wondered If there is a way for me to get my save my data back :(

  25. Ben says:

    It gets really annoying when u move things around, buy homes and later discover they are missing. Yesterday I realized that the coins from my landmark collection has reduced. On my bean stalk I would get anything from 580coins to 1250coins now its 125coins without any warning. By the time u discover all the animals, there really isn’t, much to do until u discover pandas on getting to leve 40. Honestly, I need to know why the coins reduced. It only makes it more difficult to manage the Forrest when there are’t enough coins.

  26. Ben says:

    To make a bridge place a road on both sides of the river or pool or lake.

  27. Haylie says:

    I have also noted that my landmarks are now producing around 1/4 of the coins originally collected when first built. Its a little annoying that I was one of the suckers who actually paid for cash and purchased landmarks, houses etc.. now I feel like ive been short changed.

    Im at level 44 and there are no challenges etc to keep me wanting to play and especially now im only making a quarter of the coins previously.

  28. Carylynn says:

    To help Chicky & Diego build a bridge, you have to BUY TWO NEW ROADS and place them on either side of a river. If you use roads you already have it does not work. YAY!!

  29. holly lindon says:

    I absolutely cannot figure out how to stock the Inn with goods!!!! I tried clicking on the cash i am just frustrated!!!!

  30. Ben says:

    Am at level 47 and trust me u always want to know what happens next. At level 40 I think was when I discovered panda’s, I just found out this evening that there is an updated version, which I just uploaded. Honestly, city ills holiday town is not has confusing has forestville am having a better luck build santa’s workshop than a fox hole.

  31. Fernanda says:

    Finally figured out the task “help Chicky build a bridge” read above that it must be a new road Not true! I tried everything to no avail until just now. I put Chickys house right in front of the river that’s on the left side ( first one that becomes available) place it facing to the left. Put road on corner of his front house. The river behind him (from my view) automatically brings water to the front right side of his house, place another road in front of that. Presto that’s what it took, I was rearanging when I changed the way the house was facing lol!

  32. Rebecca says:

    I can not get to the part to let me hold bird houses. Hacks nest I think they are called I am leveled up have them in inventory and can’t get them nor can I build any of the other bird houses. Please help

  33. Kimberly says:

    I LOVE this game. Level 37 & expanding like crazy. Only issue I have is that I STILL get notifications of when people visit my forest (ALL notifications are off) anyone know what I can do to fix this? Especially since I don’t care if people visit, lol. I’d erase all neighbors if they didn’t help me get energy & nests.

  34. Tonya says:

    Since level 27 I have not been able to build homes. Artie tells me I need landmarks, businesses say I need workers and landmarks say I need homes. I’ve just been waiting for an upgrade hoping to fix this. On level 32 I started getting requests again but still no houses. I’m on level 37 now by just keeping the crops up and collecting coins. I will wait another week then I’m deleting. It’s such a shame though, my granddaughter really gets a kick out of the cute animals.

  35. Casey says:

    My game on here is fine I just can’t see business that I bought like they are there and I can collet from them but I can’t see them or move them and they are in an annoying position I have about 3 . Help !

  36. Studentel says:

    Im in level 50. Its been more than a month since I started it. Every goal, animal house etc comes with time or with each level I should say. Starting with level 45 ur gonna get more money for landmarks etc

  37. Tonya says:

    Great! Make the app cuter but don’t fix the bugs. Job well done Zynga!!!

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