Men vs. Women for Facebook Puts a Militaristic Spin on the Battle of the Sexes

Social Empires developer Social Point has rolled out its latest Facebook release, Men vs. Women. This strategy title pits members of the opposite sex against one another in a literal war to determine who will rule the world. It launched in late November.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Men vs. Women currently has 520,000 monthly active users and 110,000 daily active users.

Men vs. Women is a military strategy title inspired by Zynga’s Empires & Allies. It’s set in the future, where women (or men, if you decide to play as a woman) have taken over the Earth and forced men into slavery. A group of men decide to fight back to reclaim the planet, and do so by building bases, raising an army, and, ultimately, destroying women (or vice versa). It’s an out of the ordinary concept, for sure, but definitely takes a turn for the weird when an army of men — however cartoon-like — are depicted shooting an army of women.

In the game, players initially build their own military base, complete with training centers for troops, houses for workers, and buildings that produce offensive weapons such as tanks and attack helicopters. They’re also able to chop down trees, mine, and refine oil into fuel, all materials that are needed to build more of their war machine. Performing actions requires energy, which recharges over time or through micro-transactions, but rewards players with gold and experience points. When players accumulate enough experience points, they level up and have access to more items and deco to purchase, while also receiving the premium currency, dollars, and energy refills.

Once they’ve purchased/trained some troops and vehicles, they can engage in simple real-time strategy style combat by selecting their units and clicking on enemy troops/vehicles to attack. Players can also build defensive measures to help fend off attackers, even when they’re away from the game. After they reach a certain level, players can go on quests and seek out other players to do battle with.

Social features span the usual array of adding friends, sending/receiving gifts, and bragging about accomplishments via viral channels. Players can also visit their friends and collect bonuses once per day.

Social Point is monetizing Men vs. Women through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase additional premium currency, as well as premium some premium buildings, vehicles, units, and deco items.

You can follow Men vs. Women’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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30 Responses to “Men vs. Women for Facebook Puts a Militaristic Spin on the Battle of the Sexes”

  1. 555 says:

    i did all of the missions and i got no gold no steel or wood it says uv earned this much gold but then it gives me nothing

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  3. ben123 says:

    i upgrade the command center and the command center 2 i cant buy any workers plz fix the men vs women

  4. Gabbylol101 says:

    I cant find out how to do mission 2 you know how if you do like please post a comment it is SO hard for me do i take the truck if so who do i put in the truck get what i mean and ben123 send the complaint into um i dont know a website thx :)

  5. kate says:

    so good

  6. Daan van Sloten says:

    would be nice to find some info. What can or am I supposed to do with the monkey’s and elephants? Resources are way too low to build troops, land expansion is too expensive, almost all troops die when I attack for quest. Really trying hard to get going with this game, love online wargames, play many but this one looks like it hasn’t been properly tested…

  7. cool99 says:

    I have purchased a site for some buildings but there are oil wells and No buildings let me put my thanks to them as I can delete them?

  8. dave says:

    how do i gain a level on the gift giving section???

  9. Ricky says:

    This is a great game

  10. danny says:

    what do you do with elephants and gorillas

  11. austin says:

    there has been numerous times when some of my turrets and army has just disappear and then i have to go and rebuild/buy them fix this

  12. omid says:

    i like that game

  13. vigneshkumar says:

    there a problem. every time i click the game it lloads roperly but when its time to play it says ur attacking somone eklses yard when i am notr and i vcannot move my units . plz fix the game

  14. Jennifer says:

    So I completed a goal before it showed up (Rescue the bazooka sodiers – chapter 3, & Retrieve our jeeps – chapter 4) now i have 2 goals that wont go away because i have already done them. How do i get it to say i completed them and get them to go away..i dont understand..

  15. Ryan says:

    my hospital is constantly reverting back to asking for me to invite friends to use it is kind of annoying why wont it just stay open?

  16. kratosdda1934 says:

    the game keeps messing up. all of the money and anything on top + the storage and store would not work/load. can u guys fix this. i was doing soooooo well.

  17. peter says:

    when i reserect somebody it says it will reapear in the graveyard…WHERE THE HELL IS IT !!!

  18. zizo says:

    hey guys i want power full friend to my allies bulding plz anyone leave his email and his name in facebook

  19. zizo says:

    hey my name in facebook zizo maher and my pic its to oaul walker

  20. danny says:

    help i kill everyone one the jeeps but it says i did not help!

  21. aiman says:

    how to capture gorrilas and wild elephants

  22. manny says:

    you cant capture grillas or monkeys drr

  23. NOLAN METZGER says:

    how do I put oil in storage because its in my way of placing my houses?

  24. jiaming says:

    i cant play men vs women at all…
    bought 500 cash and the whole screen went blank

  25. M says:

    Its a really good game and its fun but why’d they change the name twice in 1 day and its against like aliens or monsters instead of women? What’s goin on?

  26. max says:

    i can deal with orks,but seem like the higher you level up the more they sabatoge the game,from a raid i got 620XP per hit now it 575 and keeps droppin lower and lower,was supposed to be even more but they kept fukkin’ wit the xp.
    it aint even worth playin the game now,I wouldnt pay a penny for their additional packages,they just scammers

  27. Ian says:

    hurry up with the space missions, and whats with the chapters? all that happeneds is something strange occered in the forest over and over and over again!!

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    [...] and rebranded its Facebook-based strategy game Men Vs Women, which we first looked at back in December, and dubbed it Social [...]

  29. Malissa says:

    One day I logged on and my women had turned into men!! It has not changed back. Is there a reason for this or a way to change it?

  30. joseph says:

    everytime i play your game it always freezes up when in the middle of a war or trying to do the world quests have played for over 30 days straight and still says i have only played up to 5 % why is it not letting me send out requests as well either cant get any thing when needed u like my money i suppose but not enough to fix theses issues that are happenning to my game very sadd player when i invest and dont get anywhere with these issues

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