RockYou Cuts Half of Staff, Shelves Cloudforest, Spins Out Playdemic, Drives up ARPU on Zoo World 2

As of tomorrow RockYou is cutting approximately 54% of its staff and is selling Playdemic back to its founders and disassociating from Cloudforest Expedition developer Loot Drop, Inside Social Games can confirm. We first heard rumors of impending layoffs immediately after now-ex SVP of Games Jonathan Knight left the company to join Zynga in September.

Speaking to us today, CEO Lisa Marino explains that the company is too big to be profitable at its current size and that certain intellectual property no longer lends itself to RockYou’s vision for profitable social games. By spinning out Playdemic, RockYou effectively culls 17 members of its central studio and 56 more are impacted in its Redwood City, CA office. It’s unclear from where the remaining 127 cuts will come.

“We made a lot of mistakes in the last 12 months,” she says. “We built up a central studio that looks a lot like EA or Zynga with 45 heads in it when we really only needed 10 or 12. We developed two large-scale sim games — Social Life and Cloudforest Expedition — and Social Life was [canceled] in May and Cloudforest is in the process of being kicked back to Loot Drop. [Playdemic’s] Gourmet Ranch is profitable, but [the developer] is not building the core content that we want.”

In the chart above, we see RockYou’s MAU and DAU for the past six months.

Marino says that in trying to introduce its new ad platform — where RockYou collects a stream of revenue unhindered by revenue share with Facebook — to existing titles, RockYou “screwed up” its leading Zoo World franchise and only repaired the damage in September. Our AppData traffic tracking service reflects a decline in the game’s monthly active and daily active users that began in August of this year. It currently has 1.9 million MAU and 270,000 DAU. Marino says that with these numbers, the average revenue per user doubled in the month of October and the newly launched Galactic Allies has an even higher ARPU than that.

“We don’t need 200 people to be a success,” Marino tells us. “We got away from running RockYou as a business and we relied very heavily on the creative side of the house. What we learned this year was that was a bad strategy. Cloudforest is a perfect example. We spent an awful lot developing that game and ultimately — as a power user — I couldn’t figure out how to spend more than $10 in it. It’s a beautiful frickin’ game, but it doesn’t monetize. If we can’t have a game that’s both really good and profitable, that doesn’t count as a good game to RockYou.”

As for future development plans, Marino says that RockYou is not backing off on its partners program, even though the two-game publishing contract with Loot Drop was officially terminated over the summer. At present, she confirms that Zoo World 2 is here to stay, a game called Hooked just entered closed beta on Facebook a week or so ago, and a third game from a publishing partner studio will be launching in January. Marino declined to elaborate on the game beyond saying it was in “the guy genre,” implying that Galactic Allies has sold RockYou on the value of the mid-to-hardcore male audience.

“The other lesson I learned this year is don’t talk about our games before they launch,” she says, referencing two times in the last 12 months that RockYou was beaten to market — most recently by Zynga’s Adventure World, which is in the same genre of exploration-based role-playing game that Cloudforest Expedition occupies. “We’re focusing on a content strategy — both for [owned and operated] or studio partners — for high replay value games that monetize well both with digital goods and ads.”

The ad platform RockYou has been implementing into its games is heavily reliant on video ads. Rather than working with a third party service, as Zynga does with SocialVibe, the publisher-developer built its own service so that it wouldn’t have to share revenues with anyone, including Facebook. Marino says their ad platform videos enjoy click-through rates (CTR) of 12% – 20% and its cost per one thousand impressions (CPM) is “compelling.”

“This has been the core of gaming strategy since 18 months ago,” she explains, “but we didn’t have the games to back it up. For a very long time, the social gaming space has always said we’re not a media industry. RockYou [has been saying] that’s not true fo years. Media is about superstar content. Media companies create their own content and well as [publish] content from others. [They then] distribute it and monetize that content. And we’ve finally proven the value of that dual monetization track.”

Marino says that RockYou expects to be profitable “for the first time” in Q4 of this fiscal year. Employees are being told about the layoffs today at 3:30 PST.

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68 Responses to “RockYou Cuts Half of Staff, Shelves Cloudforest, Spins Out Playdemic, Drives up ARPU on Zoo World 2”

  1. Rob Weber says:

    If anyone knows any BD folks from RockYou who are looking for a new gig, we’d be interested in speaking with them. Contact robert dot weber at W3i dot com or check out-

  2. Linda says:

    Sad that you made mistakes that did not help you. Gourmet Ranch is the best of all the games at facebook. It is much, much better and far more fun to play. Love that there are very few pop ups. I find the Zynga games fun, but almost impossible to see in their tiny sizes and tons of pop-ups all over my screen. Plus lots of advertizers taking at least a third of the edges away. At least now Cafe World can be expanded, but I almost hate playing there because of all the begging. It is super invasive and makes playing the game hard. The game itself would be really fun, except for all the junk there. Gourmet Ranch is realitively much, much free-er from all that and is easier, by far to play. Love it just the way it is. So just sad that with such a great game, you felt you did not do well. Happy to have the original people return, to Gourmet World because they also keep things simple. I have spent more money at Gourmet World than I spend at the Zynga games. If not for all my friends who play them, I would never go to any Zynga games. To support friends is my only reason for ever continuing with Zynga. Bugs in the system there too, causing lots of computer re-boots. Hope you like any place you now go to, and loved the fishing you brought into the game. We do not have a lot of money in today’s world, which might be why so many players are not spending as much right now, by the way. Nothing to do with the game, it is just people need to eat, and try to pay their rents or mortgages and millions of us are struggling hard, loosing so much money in today’s world. So maybe it is not that you made mistakes, but just that people can not spend anything. In the games I do without a lot of things because only rarely do I ever buy any of the special game money. Can not afford to. Sincerely, Linda L. Dreier. P.D. The only game I really love is Gourmet Ranch. I also like the Zoo, but it runs out of energy, etc. all the time, and is more frustrating because of things like that yet it is not nearly as bad and as frustrating as the Zynga games are. I think only those who like pain, or are very rich, can happily keep playing the Zynga games. We just stay for our friends, to help them out with gifts, etc.

  3. RockYou Reveals Major Layoffs, Disassociation From Playdemic, Loot Drop – Gamasutra : says:

    [...] RockYou CEO Lisa Marino said that the company is now too big to be profitable, and that certain property that the company owns no longer fits with RockYou’s overall vision. [...]

  4. Hazer says:

    What a freakin’ messed up company. Can they do anything right? Seriously, is this the 3rd or 4th round of layoffs. Can they even crunch numbers over there before they go on a buying binge of studios.

    Is Lisa Marino right for the role there? Seems the VC board thinks so. Hey Jeremy Lieu – are you still confident about this dog and its management? RockYou is all over the place – wacky pivots and spin offs, still no focus – regardless of what Marino rationale is.

    Obviously they’re trying to sell the company.

  5. 200 redundancies in one day: Are the wheels coming off free-to-play? - Games Brief says:

    [...] CEO Lisa Marino told Inside Social Games: [...]

  6. David says:

    Clear statement of whats good and not so good , without the bullcrap. Like it.
    Its tough on the staff losing their jobs but how many people does it take to run a social gaming company ? Someone told me the other day that Zynga has 1000 + staff. WTF ! ?

  7. Ratador says:

    Hey RockYou Board of Directors- if you are willing to let the CEO of one of your companies have no relevant experience to the company they are running, make colossal mistakes, waste your investment $$, generate negative press, put out horrible products, and ruin peoples lives via layoffs…can you make me CEO somewhere?

    That is one of the most pathetic CEO statements ever. Nice of her to be able to get on-the-job training while happily cashing her paychecks. What kind of CEO puts out a statement about layoffs while citing the things they have learned on the job? Shouldn’t you know this stuff before accepting the CEO job? Talk about amateur hour.

    The CEO is ultimately responsible and has admitted to her stupidity in the statement. She needs to go.

  8. Inside Social Games · New Hires in Social Gaming: Crowdstar, Playfish and Zynga says:

    [...] Sampat, Game Designer – Sampat moves from RockYou to Loot Drop as a result of RockYou’s major layoffs and restructuring [...]

  9. Lynne says:

    I still don’t think you people know what you’re doing. Where is the logic in all this – nowhere. It still comes down to the bottom line – MONEY. I have no one affected by your latest moves, Thank G_d. You, Ms Marino, are responsible to your employees – whether you like it or not. Bottom line isn’t all that counts when you are dealing with REAL PEOPLE – not just computerized images.
    As for your mistakes, well, we all make them – just takes PLANNING AHEAD to try and avoid them – and learning from past is an integral part of this. Seems like you haven’t learned very much – very sad. Why don’t you hire me as your advisor in this area???? My logic is impeccable and I have foresight past the end of my nose – waaaay past!! Bet I could give you a few pointers in the whole “how to run a successful business” department. Think about it – you have my email address listed in the required fields here. Let me know.

  10. Tasha Tonning says:

    Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your profits could come from selling in volume.. Not by creating new games with more expensive gifting?? I know that since the prices of everything has gone up in Zoo 1, which is the only game I play/and ever will play… I have quit using my money on it at all. By trying to make more money, you are losing a lot of the revenue you were receiving on a regular basis. Also if the only gifting you allow is money based, you are losing the players by the millions. How is this helping with anything??

  11. Dony says:

    I am not a business person, just a mere consumer. A consumer who has played Zoo1 since it’s start. The players have lost confidence in the game and have therefore closed up their wallets and started to look else where. To renew confidence you need to listen to my/our concerns. Once we know that Zoo 1 is going nowhere and you make it fun the wallets will open again. You don’t understand we still love the game and we want to keep playing it but not the way it’s been running.

  12. Yvonne Higgins says:

    Don’t know much about all this .. ButI started in Zoo1 and love it.. It has helped me learn by the wonderful people who also play .. Zoo2 is a pain in the neck and else where ..I think you are trying to force us to change to it..Well it won’t happen.. Get Zoo1 right and stop loosing Islands etc. and you have a winner that could make you the money you seem to be chasing in circles ..Expanding isn’t always the answer to joy and contentment in your achievements .. You can actually bury yourself in failure ..Think and plan well with top people and care about your staff and clients. I am sorry for your headaches .. But think .. Zoo1 is the only game I play.. There are many many like me who have been faithful through all the stuff ups .. Greed has its own reward and it does not taste good … Yvonne

  13. Stacey Badger says:

    I love Zoo World 1, please, please, do not stop ZW 1. It is actually more fun for those of us adults who have been playing for over 2 years. We all feel that Zoo World 2 is more for young kids. I love ZW 1 and it is the only game that my friends and I play.

  14. Daniela Tocci says:

    Please leave ZOO World 1 alone! I have played many games in the past and cut out just about all except Zoo 1. I tried Zoo 2 and will never return to it. But Zoo 1 is being priced out by greed so I may have to eliminate U too.

  15. Betty Davie says:

    Leave Zoo world 1 where it is and fix all errors that keep appearing.
    Zoo World 1 is for adults to enjoy, I have played it and loved it for a long time.
    I hate it when we get pushed into other games which are quite unnecessary.
    When will people leave a good thing alone and stop stuffing us around.

  16. Santa Wise says:

    Zoo World 1 is the best. I have tried plenty of the other games but I always return to Zoo World 1. The animation is best and the fact that you have islands is totally different from all the other games which are all very similar.

  17. Nise Lepordo says:

    I have played Zoo 1 since the start. I have been playing Zoo 2 since almost the start. I did spend money on both. But the greed is disgusting. It seems everything is FB credits but a few you throw our way to appease those of us who speak out. I have had a huge amount of friends stop playing not only Zoo but any FB game because of the disaster Zoo 1 has become. With your head long race for the all might dollar and yes FB Credits are money although you try to disguise that fact by making use buy them its still real money we use for purchase, you have just about single handedly destroyed the market for FB games. Congratulations! you have slaughtered the golden goose.

  18. Alexandra Brkusanin says:

    Rockyou probably would not lose this much players if they didnt make charge that much for FBC animals….it was to much even for once who were buying….

  19. Rebecca El-Kher says:

    The issue with the profitability of the company is in poor decisions. Laying of people does not solve the problem that has cause the issues in the first place. As an individual studying for her master’s in Business Administration. There are two rules of business.
    1. Quality products at affordable prices
    2. Excellent customer service. (Whether you want to admit it or not your customers are your bottom line.)
    The lessons businesses consistently miss time and time again is make your customers angry and they will definitely spread the word.

    I have written time and time again about the issue of the pay to play. Everyone understands that businesses need to make money but as Wal Mart has proven over and over again when you offer products at lower prices, your volume compensates for the pricing. In the economy of today it is a state of trade offs. Does the average person spend 10 dollars on a digital animal or do they buy food for the table. The average person buys food.

  20. Niki says:

    I don’t want to play zoo 2, I’ve spent my money on zoo 1. If you do away with it you will have lost not only myself but many other people who didn’t want or ask for the new version. Please leave Zoo 1 alone.

  21. Jutta Wenz says:

    Zoo World 1 is the best Rock you game … at least when it functions the way it should! Maybe it’s not as profitable as you would like it to be but that’s no wonder. On one hand there are thousands of “Ooops an error” on the other hand even more “Last chance to buy …”. Do you really believe people feel invited to spend money on a malfunctioning game? Too bad, you’re betting onthe wrong horse!

  22. Shirley says:

    You know you would get more money if you would keep your hand’s off Zoo 1 & leave it like it was. As it is due to you trying to make more money you are loosing more ppl that was playing & spending a lot of money every day. You put up adds & Zoo 2 Banner’s so if you click a little to fast & hit one your thrown into one of the games.. What a pain. I tried Zoo 2 & wont go back to it . I only play Zoo 1 & stop playing all my other games I use to play .. At the rate it is taking you to learn what to do & not to do only hurts the game more… I am with the statement above Since when is it ok not to know your job before you get it instead of learning on the job & costing ppl there job’s cause you didn’t know something you should have when you took the job. At this time when geting a job is nearly impossible or very very hard your laying off ppl due to your mistakes….I think it should be the other way around I am praying for those who are about to lose your job…. If you leave Zoo 1 alone or put it back the way it was you might get a lot of ppl back which means more money

  23. Dyana Marshall says:

    Probably I would stop playing game too if RY stop the ZW-1 bcs I’m not so interested on ZW-2 as it’s not much fun as on ZW-1.

  24. Ed Wilden says:

    I have played zooworld 1 for 2 years. Zoo 2 is boring and will not play it. Please leave zoo 1 alone as it’s the best!!!!

  25. Louise madsen says:

    I love ZooWorld 1 but am getting tired of all the pop-ups for animals that can only be bought with facebook credits. As it has been said several times – you are not making extra money with that, you are pissing people off and getting them to stop playing. Occasionally, I will buy an animal for FBC, but only if it is 5 or less. Quit raising the prices on animals, and re-do some of the limited animals. Make more animals giftable, and people will buy more! One of my favorite things about zoo 1 is being able to help people get the limited animals, but you have stopped making any of them giftable.

  26. Rucas Castro says:

    a zoo1 is the only game that I like and play. is a game where we have to interact with great people and we ended up making friends all over the world. is perhaps the only game we got to the end and continue to play and spend our money.
    Too bad that you made so many mistakes and deviate people. if the the end zoo1 I do not intend to play any more and especially to spend money on games like spending the zoo1.

  27. Carrie says:

    I found two points made in this article of interest.
    The first being that Rock You admits it “screwed up”. As a consumer I’m confident in saying that’s a first! I’m sure there are millions of others who’d say as I do that it’s long past time for Rock You to take responsibility and be accountable to it’s consumers. We aren’t fooled by the flimsy reasons proffered every time there is a “known issue”.
    The second being that their revenue is down. If one has a successful and profitable enterprise and attempts to expand at the expense of ignoring the original enterprise, what else can be expected?
    In an attempt to recoup it appears that they’re following the Baseball Trading Card industry by out-pricing the consumer. Do they also mistakenly believe that the majority of their consumers are (to coin a nationwide “Wall Street” phrase) in the 1%?
    Get real! The trading card industry lost millions of consumer dollars when little Johnny could no longer ride his bike to the store and spend his allowance on a pack of baseball cards. Rock You is doing the same with it’s most successful “Zoo World”. All consumers have “allowances”. By increasing the cost and product produced in an attempt to show profit, Rock You is out-pricing it’s consumers.

  28. Bob Gordon says:

    I have been playing Zoo World 1 for awhile now and tried the other games in fairness. But Zoo World 1 is by far the best, if you would just quit messing with it. Ever since the release of Zoo World 2 the company has gotten off track. People was happy, problems was few and we really enjoyed Zoo World 1 before the change. If you are going to shut anything down make it ZW2, most people have left there and came back to 1. But due to your constant meddling and re-configuring the game has had numerous problems and people are getting frustrated and quitting that as well. Grandpa always said if it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it!!!!!!

  29. Linda says:

    You will be doing me a favor is you drop Zoo World 1. I will then have no reason to be on the computer all day and can get a life outside in the real world:)

    For me it’s Zoo World 1 or nothing.

  30. Ann K Collins says:

    Please do some listening to your players. Where are you going wrong??? In my opinion it is putting Disney type characters into Zoo and making it a pay game. i used to spend more money but refuse to now. you need to give us animals that are breedable and giftable! Zoo is no fun without the REAL animals. This is what we are in the game for….
    Do any of you actually try to play the game??? it is no longer Fun and many of us are ready to quit if animals cannot be giftable. Also cut out the stupid fantasy games…..they are no longer fun when not for Real animals….i am disgusted by your greed and lack of respect for those of us who have played this game for a long time. YOu should LISTEN to us and let ZW1 be fun again or we will be gone….This is the only game i play now….having left Famnville a year ago… are losing us every day you continue your greed…..

  31. J. Edwards says:

    I’ve played ZW1 since the beginning. I’ve spent money on the game because I loved it so much. Then all of a sudden they changed it and made it too childish, so I walked away. I came back and was playing happily again then the issues started, missing animals, missing islands missing WLP, etc etc… I am sick of the BS that is happening with the game so I’ve walked again. I would love for RY to actually come and make the game fun again. I will not spend any money on it as EVERYTHING is way to expensive now. I tried ZW2 and to be honest, it sucks!
    Fix ZW1 and people may come back to play and purchase.

  32. Karyn says:

    Bottom Line: ZW-1 is the best original idea you guys have ever had. Why mess with something the numbers can’t deny. Just check how many play this game versus any other RY game. You will loose money if this game goes away. I tried ZW-2 and it’s been sitting neglected for over 2 months. I also wouldn’t consider sinking a single cent into this game as well. The only game I’ve ever put money into is ZW-1 and it’ll stay that way. I will not play ZW-2 if you do away with ZW-1 as it pales in comparison. Figure it out, but either way I gain!

  33. Ginger Reed says:

    Keep Zoo 1, I don’t play Zoo 2, as a matter of fact can’t stand it. I have been playing for a long time building my zoo and meeting new friends. I only play 2 games on facebook and this is the number 1 game I play. KEEP ZOO 1 and focus on making it better and let the other crap go……

  34. Edna Shearer says:

    Please leave Zoo 1 alone. When you had all your problems with ‘lost’ islands we stuck by you, now stick with us. If you close Zoo 1 I certainly won’t play anything else, you won’t get any more of my money!

  35. Steph Atwood says:

    Please don’t get rid of zoo 1, Iv spent a lot of time and a bit of money on building it to what it is and I don’t want you people to get rid of it, if you need a zoo to go get rid of zoo 2 because this is a new game and even though there is a few people playing, there is not as many as zoo1, so please think about what you are going and about all the people you will be unsetting, thank you.

  36. rebecca says:

    Well for one so big to make so many mistakes is bad. now getting greedy with animals n other items costing more fb credits or cash well all the people who do play do so either cause they don’t work as they take time to do which means we don’t have the money to buy all these animals I know now I am getting sick and tired of almost every other day you asking me for more money that I don’t have as being a carer don’t have a highly paid job as most of your CEO must be on and if things don’t calm down on the asking especially in zoo1 and the high prices in zoo 2 I will have to find alternative games to play. Wonders how you can be laying off so many people when the amounts are creeping up and asking is getting more frequent?

  37. Tracey says:

    Zoo 1 is now the only game that I play, I love to help others to improve their zoo, and everything was going well until Zoo 2 arrived, since then I have (as many others have) endured loss of zoo income, loss of WLP’s, loss of islands for over a month, loss of zoomates to mention but a few problems, yet here I am, still playing Zoo 1. My advice to you would be – if it aint broke – dont fix it.

  38. shontea beltran says:

    I think you could get rid of ZW2..the animals and deco is way to high..and it freeezes up all the time..Every time you try to change something with ZW1, we find something missing, the game was fine the way it was..leave well enough alone.

  39. Marja Talvari says:

    As soon you would end zoo world 1 I quit playing any games on facebook at least ry games. At moment I play also zoo world 2.

  40. Dan Tonning says:

    My wife introduced me to Zooworld 1 about a year ago. I have worked very hard at building up my zoo – as many, many others have. I know many people who W

  41. Dan Tonning says:

    (Oops – hit wrong button) – anyway – who will NOT go to another game like Zoo 2. People have gotten comfortable with zoo 1 – but because of the garbage that has been going on – are giving up and not playing anything. Most people feel that what you are trying to do is simply shut down zoo 1 in a very discrete way. If you’re going to do it – then let us know!!!!! I will not spend any more money on the game until you have confirmed publicly that zoo 1 is NOT shutting down, and that you will restore the gifting abilities that you took away from us. That was a big part of the game where a lot of us got to know each other. Don’t ruin a good thing – let us play on in peace!!!

  42. Tami says:

    I to only play zoo1 and have tried zoo2 but seriously people it sucks compared to zoo1!!! people you can get free fbc’s all over the place if ya go look! Mostly other games have vids to watch and you get free fbc’s for doing so, also 4loot gives ya free coins to use their search and buy fbc’s with the coins. This is what I do! I have been playing zoo1 since the beginning I quit for awhile because it got to be sickening clicking all them hearts and everything else but now that we got cupid and other helpers I have returned and am loving it again! You need to fix all the problems you have with zoo1, maybe its also a bad idea to lay off all these people when you cant even get the zoo’s problems fixed, now who’s gonna fix the problems your having? its gonna take even longer to get anything fixed and you will lose more customers!! I am not going anywhere and i seriously hope your not thinking of discontinuing zoo1 cuz I will be and many others very disappointed! Not to mention all the money we have all spent on this game already, for you to cancel it im thinking class action law suit time! think about it & dont do anything to stupid!

  43. Ann Weaver Magee says:

    I started playing Zoo World 1 soon after I joined Facebook because a friend recommended it to me. I have loved it since then. I have worked hard on building up my zoo and I enjoy helping others in the game. I never wanted another version of this game but I tried out Zoo World 2 just to see what it was like and I hated it because you can only do so many things before you were forced to beg for energy or help or whatever to do want you wanted to do. If Zoo World 1 were to end, I would NEVER play Zoo 2. It is just a waste of time. Please keep Zoo 1!! It is the best game out there!!

  44. dawn morvan says:

    Zooworld is the best game on facebook if you stop it then you will lose 1000s of players there are heaps of games but they are all clones of each other as is zoo2 but zoo 1 is a social game and interactive you have created not only a game but a community of dedicated players that have endured and stuck with Rock you through all the glitches and problems in the past 18 months for the love of the game and the friends they have made through it .I for one will no longer come on facebook if they stop zoo 1 as its the only reason i use fb to help all my friends and the 2000+ members in the the zoo help group I started its about time Rock you listened to what the players want and stop trying to be like Zynga all their games are clones of each other with different characters as such but the same nevertheless don’t kill zoo world as I think you will regret it .

  45. paula jarrell says:

    the internet service i use is slow but the only game i play on a regular basis is Zoo World 1. It is great and have met a lot of good folks through being on the game. I buy facebook credits the first of every month when i get my check. please keep it going . i love the game even though right now all my islands aare gone again except for one.

  46. Cindy K. says:

    Please Please Please….DO NOT let go of the original Zoo World!!! I’ve played for quite some time now and have made many friends there. Also have put in much time developing my zoo!!! It would be a very bad day for many many people if you chose to remove the original zoo game!! :(

  47. Vierotchka says:

    Your problem, RY, is greed, and I predicted long ago that greed will be your downfall. You charge far too much for animals in both Zoo World 1 and Zoo World 2. As a consequence, in Zoo World 2, the number of “likes” dropped from 8 million to 120 thousand and is painfully slowly climbing up. A baker who sells loaves of bread for five dollars and then ups the price regularly will sell and earn far less than the baker who sells his loaves of bread for one dollar and never increase the price – business 101. Furthermore, you show little to no respect for your players/customers which is terrible business practice. If you discontinue either Zoo World 1 or Zoo World 2, legally you will be held to reimbursing all those who have spent real money on them, think about it… a class action is so easy to mount.

  48. marcia jimmerson says:

    I only play zoo 1. I will not play zoo 2 have no interest in it. I use money to play the game but won’t do that any more if you are going to get rid of it. I hope it stays.I have stuck with it thru all the glitches and etc. Please leave it alone….

  49. lauren perrine says:

    People you do realize that this is just a story on what is going on at rock you and no one from rock you is going to read your comments and do anything about zoo on it. send mails to rock you post on the forum but this isnt the place

  50. Lorene Clark says:

    Please leave Zoo1 alone i have been with it for i i think 2/12 years since my double magor cancer surgry i love this game & it helps me to relax & enjoy all my new found friends Zoo1 is the only game i am interested in ty

  51. Stephanie says:

    Please save the zoos! My all time favorite games despite the recent issues.

  52. deb says:

    cant we just have fun playing zoo world 1 without all this mess

  53. Millie says:

    Frankly as a player since conception, i feel Rock You robbed people of money and provided no customer service or effective product and did not value the people who were putting money in their pockets and treated them with contempt if they even answered at all which was the usual expectation.

    There were constant problems with the game that always resulted at the players expense. You can’t keep taking and taking while providing a defective product and expect people to keep opening their wallets to you without reimbursement or some compensation. The loss always was at the players pocket expense. Paid money, got nothing.

    I am not surprised in the least that the players numbers have dropped so dramatically, this is the real reason for the layoffs, they don’t have enough business to employ people anymore, they killed themselves.

    I for one am very happy to see Rock You’s and Zoo’s demise.
    Well finally some enjoyment after all that money i spent.

  54. txholdmchamp says:

    if cloudforest expedition is not coming to facebook, then you need to remove all your postings on the game. this is cluddering up facebook and the less useless information will leave more space for another developer to post a game that will actually work.

  55. Gwen says:

    You guys suck! You keep Zoo 2 and not zoo 1? How about fixing zoo 1 and making like it was when you first started?

  56. martin benton says:

    if zoo world goes i go as i like playing it

  57. Ronald Schwenk says:

    Please save Zoo world 1 It’s the only game I play and have been playing it about 4 years. I’m a disabled veteran and would be lost without zoo world 1.

  58. Cathy says:

    One of the reasons that RockYou is doing so badly is the poor customer service. You create new features in the games then you put them into the games and they’re full of bugs. You don’t fix the bugs you had and then you add more on top of them! Customers get mad and then leave the games. Have good customer service, treat your customers right and people will stay! Also you complain that you spent too much time on the creative side, well quite frankly that is what people are willing to pay for. No one is going to pay for lousy graphics and tons of bugs. Get your act together and maybe you wouldn’t see people leaving the games!

  59. Inside Social Games · Turkish Zoo World Unleashed on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games says:

    [...] Peak Games. The game looks to have launched at the beginning of this month, right around the time RockYou announced massive layoffs and restructuring designed to make the embattled company profitable. Peak Games’ biggest [...]

  60. BRANDY says:

    Totally agree that customer service is a huge issue. I had an issue and they acted like it was my fault. I still play the game though…..

  61. RockYou taps into Facebook’s bingo trend with publishing deal for Bingo by Ryzing says:

    [...] Bingo by Ryzing is RockYou’s first foray back into publishing since confirming it would be laying off more than half of its staff, selling Playdemic back to its founders and parting ways with Loot Drop in November. [...]

  62. Zynga signs Playdemic, Konami, Rebellion for games platform, revenue share split 70/30 after Facebook says:

    [...] Zynga’s nascent games platform,, faces a dual challenge: it must present a stable future to developers and investors, and it needs to update Zynga’s image as a money-hungry machine that clones games it can’t buy to out-perform the competition. Signing partners to its platform can address both needs, depending on the partners Zynga chooses. The first three developers announced for the platform — MobScience, Sava Transmedia and Row Sham Bow — are smaller studios with little to lose if Zynga decides to copy their games or change the revenue share split at a moment’s notice. Playdemic could also be put in that box, given the rough 2011 it had with publisher RockYou that started with an acquisition and ended with them being sold back to the founders. [...]

  63. RockYou settles with FTC over security flaw charges says:

    [...] continues RockYou’s efforts to turn itself around after a troubled year and a half. The developer laid off over half of its workforce in November 2011. At the time Marino told Inside Social Games, “we [...]

  64. Julie Shumaker leaves RockYou for Zynga says:

    [...] RockYou CEO Lisa Marino tell it, those efforts seem to be successful — during RockYou’s dramatic pivot early last November, she claimed that the publisher would enjoy a profitable Q4 FY2011 thanks to [...]

  65. After staff shake-ups, 6waves returns to publishing over 40 social titles and focuses on mobile says:

    [...] already figured out how to succeed at something in which other companies like Rock You (which cut half its staff last year and is continuing to struggle) and Zynga (with only a few developers currently announced [...]

  66. Ghost Recon Commander complements FPS action with social strategy gameplay and crossover content says:

    [...] the first game developed by Loot Drop after the studio’s Cloudforest Expedition was shelved last year by RockYou. The game is designed to interact with Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, a [...]

  67. Loot Drop’s Pettington Park launches on Google+ under Zynga umbrella says:

    [...] resemblance to what Loot Drop originally planned for Cloudforest Expedition before the title was shelved by RockYou. Players assume the role of a dog or cat who is part of a larger force at war for control of a [...]

  68. Playdemic secures new funding round, $3 million from IBM’s founders says:

    [...] partner back in March. Before that Playdemic was an independent subsidiary of RockYou, but it was sold back to its founders in November [...]

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