Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Assembles an Impressive Army of Users on Facebook

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a futuristic military strategy and empire building game for Facebook from Plarium. The title launched July 1, 2011 and has already eclipsed the developer’s other top-performing game, Farmandia.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy currently has 506,443 monthly active users and 43,866 daily active users.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy puts player in the role of a military power in a future world ravaged by war. Each player is assigned a sector of the game world to command, building up resources, staffing an army and defensive capabilities over time, eventually expanding its size and potential for dominance over other players vying for space on the map. In the process of fortifying their position, players construct command facilities, mining operations, troop barracks, warehouses, parade grounds and a wide array of other structures. There is also a strong emphasis on upgrading facilities and researching new technologies that provide players with an edge in combat. Several “advisor” characters play a role in imparting tips and other useful information during gameplay.

Players can choose to send their military out to conquer others or assist allies. In the process, they discover relics — special items that can be used to provide military upgrades or traded with other players. In addition to the player-initiated raids and other military actions the game makes available are a series of “tasks” or missions presented by the game for players to complete for experience points and Crystals, the game’s premium currency.

Social aspects of the game include trading of items, along with the usual assortment of viral channel integration, such as the sharing of accomplishments to friends’ Walls. On a more advanced level, players have the ability to band together with friends to conquer other players. Once allied, players can visit their friends’ sectors in order to collect additional resources and currency.

The game is monetized through the sale of the Crystals premium currency, which can be spent on speeding up construction, on skins for the look of a sector, troops and resources, and high value items called “smuggled goods.” The game also uses a soft currency, cash.

Plarium has taken an active role in responding to user questions and issue reports on the game’s Discussion Board and has issued a number of updates since launch, including new content for players to add to their bases. Also, while the game doesn’t have inbuilt support for them, a number of players are utilizing the Discussion Board to assemble their own alliances covering large groups of players.

You can follow Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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3 Responses to “Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Assembles an Impressive Army of Users on Facebook”

  1. Fahd Hashim says:

    I love this game. I am also a clan leader and my clan is top 15th. It recently came to our notice the blasphemic content in the description of sensor level 4. Though I am not a fanatic, my response would only be to quit playing this game. I really love playing this game. Can we please request the developers to rephrase the words on level 4 radar / sensor. Just take the God reference out. Thanks

  2. adee james says:

    You really can’t play this game unless you are willing to spend hundreds of pounds.
    I’m sure Fahd Hashim would tell you the same, what with him being ‘clan leader’.

    If you like to play with adults who have nothing better to do with there money. or time, then play.

    Don’t expect to get very far, and DON’T spend money on it.

    I am 14 and played loads of similar games. All of which where on an level playing field. There are loads out there that are free.

  3. Total Domination re-review says:

    [...] game from Plarium. The game has been available since 2011 — we last took a look at it here — but it showed up as one of the week’s fastest-growing games by MAU this week. [...]

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