GSN Quietly Grows Large on Facebook With Game Shows and Tournaments

For 72 million American cable subscribers, the Game Show Network is a household name. But on Facebook, the company has been a relatively unnoticed presence, quietly growing to eight million MAU as GSN.

It’s relatively easy for a new competitor to slip up the rankings on Facebook — growth to a substantial size can come in just a few short months, sometimes almost by accident. But GSN is just embarking on a larger strategy that’s based on a years-old winning formula from its web business.

“In the last year or so we’ve gotten very aggressive in social games,” Peter Blacklow, the executive vice president of GSN Digital, said when we checked in about the company’s plans. It’s pursuing three separate strategies, which we’ve broken out below.

Mesmo Games

The driving force behind GSN’s growth so far has been Mesmo Games, a portal that, at first glance, looks a lot like MindJolt Games. Players are presented with a choice of several dozen games to play, most of which are short, casual affairs.

What isn’t immediately obvious is that Mesmo is the successor to WorldWinner, a cash games business that GSN has run successfully for years. The basic idea is that most of the games are based on skill or reaction time; players train up on the games and then enter tournaments that return prizes to the winners. GSN essentially takes a cut of the tournament entry fees, which some players will have to buy virtual currency to pay.

After WorldWinner started up in 2000, other companies followed suit., the largest single portal, reports hundreds of millions of plays each year. It’s a big business, and one that GSN wants to bring to Facebook.

White-Label Tournaments

The rest of WorldWinner’s history, not mentioned above, is that the company went on to serve as the technology back-end for others who wanted to run tournaments in their own games. Blacklow says that the tech requirements can become quite significant — fraud and cheating detection, fair matching systems, automatic tournament creation and much more goes into the business.

GSN is just starting to work with other Facebook developers, but over time it hopes to become the tech platform for a burgeoning skill-game business. That could eventually extend into more typical social games, where players aren’t usually capable of entering a real-time, head-to-head match. “What we’ve found is the majority of tournaments and revenue is coming from asynchronous play already,” says Blacklow.

How much are tournaments worth? GSN is a private company and thus won’t share figures, but Blacklow says that a lifetime value per consumer of $400 to $600 was reported when GSN was still a public company (it’s now owned by Sony and DirecTV).

Branded Game Shows

Everyone sat up and took notice when Family Feud topped seven million MAU. That game wasn’t developed by GSN, but it was a branded property of the sort that GSN has easy access to.

So in September, GSN released its first game show property, Wheel of Fortune. There’s already a version of Wheel in Mesmo Games, but now there’s also a standalone app for real fans.

So far, Wheel of Fortune has gained about a quarter of a million MAU, following in the footsteps of other game show-based social titles like the Price is Right. The latter also isn’t a GSN title, but the company does have more tricks up its sleeve, including Jeopardy, which Blacklow expects to release early next year.

In the model that Feud started, most game show games are following a similar model of giving players a couple “episodes” to play each day, and charging for more. GSN, of course, can also create tournaments around the property.

What GSN is doing is just the start of a wider migration of casual games onto Facebook. A competitor and partner, Arkadium, has already released some of its content on the social network, and others will follow. “Our players thus far have looked a lot like traditional casual game players,” Blacklow says of his Facebook users. “There’s no doubt that the casual game player has migrated, I wouldn’t say exclusively onto Facebook, but they’re certainly spending more and more time there.”

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5 Responses to “GSN Quietly Grows Large on Facebook With Game Shows and Tournaments”

  1. Mike says:


    Similar system to those penny auction sites where you tempt people with expensive tvs etc they can win for pennies or few dollars, but the returns to the promoters in cash are enormous.

  2. Candy says:

    All of a sudden, the mesmo app disappeared from my fb page. It’s not hidden anywhere. It’s simply gone & I sure didn’t get rid of mesmo. I play the Underseas Treasure game almost exclusively. Saw postings of many others who were dropped from mesmo wo/an explanation like me or those who were accused of cheating. All accused said the problem was that they had won too much!!! I WISH I could win too much & I sure as heck don’t cheat. I don’t play for free. Am happy to pay for tokens when they are on sale. What a crooked way to run a business.

  3. Nicky says:

    Mesmo games banned me from their site for winning too much of their worthless tokens on facebook.
    I was mainly playing the video poker and slot machines. After about a year and a half of playing my points reached 1 billion. One week after that my account got suspended due to suspicious activity. What a joke…What suspicious activity could there possibly be???
    I did a quick search on google to see if this had happened to anyone else as i had no reply from my many emails that i sent to mesmo games, and very quickly found that many other people had been banned from the site for winning too much.
    This company is obviously run by a bunch of morons!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    WOW, same exact thing has happened to me. I bought coins to play. When they put up Crime scene slots, I won alot in one day. Mesmo has to know that I won the coins fair and square. AS soon as that happen I got the notice that my acct had been placed on hold due to UNUSUAL activity and they are in the process of reviewing it. Well first off, they should review first to see if anything is wrong then suspend a person. I am a senior citizen I KNOW I DIDNT CHEAT. Mesmo knows it also. I would just leave the site but they have my COINS that I won, purchased with REAL MONEY. I was a good paying customer there. I played for hours as I have been homebound most of the summer with medical issues..The notice also says to email them, well I have about 10 times, no answers from them.

    I too started reading message boards and found this is their usual practice.They really dont want any big winners there only loosers who buy more coins…Since I won , everyday since I had been loosing, I would of soon been back to buying coins again, but instead they lost another customer. I will not just go away, I still want answers. This is cheating the customer and MESMO is the one with Unusual activity..They may have alot of customers, and probably always will, but Word gets around. Feel sorry for the young people buying coins in good faith and then being taken advantage of. Is this what MESMO has to do to make money ? Its all about the MONEY. If you post at their message boards,they take it right down.I know we are only 4 people here telling this story, but someone at MESMO should really look into this.Bad news travels fast.This experience with Mesmo and Facebook has really made me physically sick this week. Again they should tell us what we did wrong, not just keep our tokens that we paid for with REAL currency. You would think their coins were real gold the way they treat people. I bought coins in good faith, never expecting to be scammed and I feel thats just what happened. I am going to contact my local news next. They have someone who loves taking on problems like this.

  5. Randy says:

    You should contact Facebook. They get enough people complaining to take the games off, then Mesmo will lose out.

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