Wooga Goes Facebook Farming with Monster World

Monster WorldBerlin-based wooga (short for “world of gaming”) made its first appearance on Facebook last year with a simple yet well-polished puzzle game called Brain Buddies that was reminiscent of Playfish’s Who Has the Biggest Brain? In an ongoing trend, the German social developer moved to polishing another older, arcade concept with Bubble Island, an app recently added to our Top 25 list this month. Now, the company is changing up yet another genre as it takes on farming with its latest app, Monster World.

While it does become tiring, from time to time, to see a still steady flow of the same game reskinned, it is interesting to watch how much a developer will deviate from that old game mechanic. Sometimes it is truly the same game with new graphics, and other times it feels completely different. Monster World falls somewhere in the middle.

Players choose a monster avatar from a set of three families – big furry monsters, slimy, blobby alien sets of guys, or horned devil things – and from there, narrow it down to a specific, pre-set of avatar style. Yes, “pre-set.” Sadly, there is no customization. Regardless, once your monstrous avatar is ready, you are granted a small plot of land in which to make your living.

For the record, farming is not exactly the first job description that comes to mind for a monster. Nonetheless, the player is given plots of plowed land and some monstrous plants in which to harvest and grow. Obviously, this is the first difference as all the plants are truly bizarre, yet visually interesting in their own right. Some fall into the “freaky” category with giant morning star spiked plants, and cacti with mouths, while others are more cutsie with candy cane trees and heart flowers.

Monster EconomyThis is where wooga does something a bit different. At the start of the game, they do not make you buy seeds, they actually give many of them to you throughout the tutorial section. Here’s the catch though: Each plant produces two of itself when fully grown and harvested. Now, the player is given a choice to either replant, keep, or sell the harvest.

Interestingly enough, the selling aspect is not as simplistic as other farming games — where you just sell crops and are done with it. Though Monster World is not terribly more complicated, there is actually an economy-like feature when it comes to buying and selling. Whenever the player visits the market where plants are sold, each plant will come with an icon of either a green up arrow, red down arrow, or equal sign representing its value when compared to standard market price.

From day to day, the prices of these crops will fluctuate, so it isn’t always wise to simply sell your plants right as they are harvested. Buy low and sell high: That’s the basic concept being used.

Of course, if you’re not patient and want immediate return, there is a little robot by the name of Robert that will come by, daily, to buy from you. Unfortunately, he only buys a specific plant with a specific amount requested, so if you don’t have that, it does you little good. Nevertheless, if you do meet Robert’s requirements, he will buy them for well over market price, making it prudent to grow a wide variety of plants.

Feed Your FriendsCaring for the plants is a bit different too. Actually, you don’t care for the plants at all. You make your friends do it. The best part is, they don’t even have to play, and you tell them they’re watering your gardens anyway. As expected, they come in as a random avatar – should they not play – and you have to feed them to keep them happy and working. It’s pretty simple, really, as all the user needs to do is feed them food that lasts 24 hours and come back the next day.

Presumably, you will eventually be able to have more than one helper as your land expands and you earn more plots for plants. We assume this as when we check up on our helper’s happiness, it says it serves 18 out of 14 plots. This suggests that as you level, you will be able to plow significantly more land. However, this privilege is few and far between, as it has been multiple levels since we were last able to plant more crops. As for the happiness itself, feeding is a good idea, but there are various decorations that increase it as well, though it doesn’t feel like it is all that important. A few paths and regular feedings and our slave… err, friend works just fine.

DecorationsIn regards to the decorations themselves, everything is typical of a virtual space. All the décor is centered around a monster-like style. You have things made of scrap, stuff from space, and any number of interesting variations of everyday garden items. That said, the art style is probably going to be pretty hit or miss. This doesn’t refer to the quality of the art, as it is actually quite good, but the whole monster premise. Frankly, it feels like something more appealing to a younger audience.

Regardless of style Monster World does attempt to do something a little bit different with a tired genre. Truth be told, it is always more exciting to see a game that does something completely new, but there are still plenty of ways to evolve a game that has been done before. Currently, however, the game is seeing an extremely rapid increase in monthly active users and is sitting at around 90,000.

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101 Responses to “Wooga Goes Facebook Farming with Monster World”

  1. oscar says:

    very good game!! its enterteiment! i was playing and its awsome!! play it!! :D

  2. GollySandra says:

    not impressed with monster world at all. i got up to lvl 8 and added it to the list of blocked apps (i can’t handle all the app invites/gifts etc) but honestly it just wasn’t very good. the graphics were “cold” and too sterile. the game hardly offered anything new… and the objects! oh my, horrible. plus they decided to release it too soon. almost 70% of the features are “coming soon” and not even implemented. ohwell, i tried!

  3. Patrick says:

    The new Wooga Game is not so Good as Brain Buddies or Bubble Island.
    Monster World is boring to play and the Items looks horrible and can do nothing.

    sry Wooga but this Game is absolute boring.

    But it is in the Beta Phase and i will hope Wooga bring Updates than i will play longer.

  4. Fabian says:

    It’s a nice game. But a possibility to watch other gardens and how nice other players plant there monsters trees would be nice as well.

    A board where you’re possible to show pictures of the garden would be a nice implement!

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    [...] on Facebook this year. Much further down, Monster World, by Wooga, is also worth pointing out. The monster-themed farming game has been helping to prove that fads never die on Facebook; they just need a little sprucing up from [...]

  6. musa says:


  7. musa says:

    güzelllll bir oyun ama facede oynanıyo

  8. rosaria says:

    le mie aree sono incoltivabili perchè aiutante in sciopero,perciò non riesco a guadagnare punti felicità.Come comprare allora addobbi?

  9. demet says:

    oyun neden açılmıyor iki gündür açılmoyo oyun

  10. SILVIA says:

    Hola, tengo un proble, no puedo pedir ayuda en el juego de Monster, por favor, solucionen mi problema, pues el juego me gusta mucho.


  11. denizz says:

    iki gündür hata veriyo ve sinir olmaya basladım ne oluyo yaa

  12. mahmoud says:

    i cant load monster world game since 10 days ago

    can you help me

  13. hapy says:

    please tell me, why are games that I played the monster world is always just asked the server for reaload,
    This hurt me, my points that I accumulated from crop harvest to be erased, I’ve tried many times to play it again, but the result is the same, have to reload again!!
    what’s wrong there?
    I was level 35, I have not stopped playing it thinking,
    but if have to keep this up, I’m tired!
    give me an answer,,thanks u

  14. charu says:

    m not able to buy more plowable fields, since m lack with friends, please help me out to buy some…

  15. charu says:

    @hapy it is because game is becoming popular so its server get flooded with the players like u n me …so cud’t work well.

  16. Martina says:

    Why do some of the plots suddenly turn red???
    I don’t understand….
    Otherwise having fun with a game that doesn’t stress me like bubble island (which i also love!) but involves planning and thinking and coming back hours after i have planted to harvest / sell…
    It’s cool!!!

  17. Amber says:

    I like this game alot, sadly i didnt get even an option to choose my monster, and now i’m stuck with this big orange guy, who’s eyes sometimes messup! Anyway i could possibly fix this? Or atleast get a different farmer??

  18. mirely says:

    I love the game wooga is my favorite game…….

  19. Nancy Bek Salomone says:

    Ciao sono 2 giorni che non si apre il gioco di moenster, per piacere potete dirmi come devo fare. Grazie

  20. jamie says:

    how do u plow a feild at the start

  21. noha says:

    i can’t understand how to feed the friends helper 2 times in the goalsin bags of coins of alladin

  22. Ahlam says:

    i can’t understand how to feed the friends helper 2 times in the goalsin bags of coins of alladin??

    please i need help in this one ,,,,

  23. oswen says:

    add me please !!! roger123346@hotmail.com to monster world

  24. Likhit says:

    i can’t understand how to feed the friends helper 2 times in the goalsin bags of coins of alladin??

    please i need help in this one ,,,,

  25. Lara says:

    i can’t understand how to feed the friends helper 2 times in the goalsin bags of coins of alladin??

    please i need help in this one ,,,,

  26. Natalie says:

    I don’t know how to beat the “Bags of Coins for Aladdin” quest, either!
    How do you feed your friend’s helpers? All I can do is give oil to the robot. Help?

  27. Elena says:

    Que es la camisa de trabajo? cuando aparece?

  28. ;) says:

    i need help with ‘bag of coins for aladdin’ how to feed my friends helper?

  29. Cassy says:

    hey, I sold some cloud trees and I didn’t want to how do I unsell them?

  30. Alexandre says:

    preciso de amigos para evoluir minhas terras Monster World – me add alexandre_level.up@hotmail.com

  31. ivette says:

    necesito saber como cambio el nombre de mi ayudante y obtener otro ayudante .ayudenme porfavor

  32. Diane Hamel says:

    I just love this game, but yesterday over 20 pieces of land do not accept items – everytime I try it the page goes to reload without solving the problem. I do not know where to go to get it fixed – please help me

  33. macko says:

    how to build baby bed ?

  34. cd says:

    if you are having problems you should email the support(link at the bottom of the game’s page) – i had reloading and unusable plot issues but they sorted them within a few days (including th weekend).

    with the baby bed i just messaged my friends who had aready done theirs for the bits and hey presto mine was done.

    what i would like to know is how many levels there are. i am on 55 or something… but i have a friend on 61. i would like to see an end to this game at some point!

  35. cd says:

    you feed your friends helpers by hovvering your mouse over them, and click when you see the little chocolate bar.

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    [...] for doing so (by finding some random blue bird). It’s a bit basic, but past Wooga games, like Monster World, also started out basic and succeeded [...]

  37. wa says:

    I hovering my mouse over my friends helper but it doesn’t have anything to show.What should i do? Can you explain clearly,please???thank you

  38. karicias says:

    What’s the point of the baby besides building stuff for him?…do i get points or whaaaat!!!
    Another thing I bought a waterfall I can’t seem to turn it vertically is just stays diagonally its annoying please try to make everything to turn so that we can decorate it nicely..

  39. karicias says:

    Is there an end to this game I quit farmville do that it doesnt have an ending I hope this game does if not Im quiting also..My family and I love the game but at some point I also would love an ending…

  40. Rae D. says:

    I was never given the opportunity to choose my monster as well.. I dislike the one that was chosen for me and I have been wondering if there was a way to Refresh or Reset the application over so that I might either be able to pick one for myself or a better random monster would be given to me.

  41. wa says:

    yeah!i already know how to feed the friends helpers 2 times. Go to your friend garden and there is the monster in your friend garden,this monster is your friend helper,click mouse on it and it will have a little chocolate bar,click it 2 time.you will progress^_^

  42. hee says:

    I have a big!!!!!!! problem.

    I received the mission “plant doctor”.

    The mission included the collecting coin bags in my friend’s garden and “reviving 10 plants in my friends’ gardens”.

    I performed first – collecting coin bags.
    But I don’t know how to perform “revive 10 plants in your friends’ gardens”.

    Please Help me~~~~~~
    I really want to finish this mission.

  43. irena says:

    I have the same problem, I have to revive my friends plants but don’t understand how to can someone please help


  44. Gracie says:

    Please help me!
    Maybe a stupid question, but how do I find answers to questions such as what a shelf is?

  45. A Detailed Look at Christmas in Social Games on Facebook says:

    [...] – German outfit wooga is filling its games Monster World and Happy Hospital with well over 30 decorations that range from Christmas trees, to monster-like [...]

  46. pierron says:

    bonjours j ai une petit question
    alors voila depuis que je suis passer au niveau 45 je ne vois plus qu’une seule mission ,et encore ce matin j’ai lancer l

  47. braill says:


  48. HEL says:

    Does anyone know how to revive your friends plants in their gardens? This is one of the challenges I have and I haven’t a clue how to do it. Help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

  49. hristiane says:

    Bonjour Voila moi je joue à monster world Je ne comprends pas se qu’il m’arrive mes enfants qui jouent arrivent à jouer et le mien impossible il me met sans arrêt de recharger ma page ce que je fais mais sans succés !!! la réponse est toujours recharger la page :((( j’ai passé tant de temps sur ce jeu et me voila sans rien !!! décue décue je suis !!! Et comment dois-je faire pour continuer à jouer ???? car rien ne s’arrange et surtout que je vois mes amis jouer !

  50. Capcom Mobile Serves Up the Undead on iOS says:

    [...] Mobile has recently launched a new title for the iPhone and iPad that, like what we’ve been seeing on Facebook, takes an established gaming category and puts a bizarre twist on it. Zombie Café, [...]

  51. sam says:


    depuis ce matin mon jardin est helper mon arroseur n’est plus le meme et je n’ai plus ma liste de voisin svp aidez moiiii !! c’est koi ça ? helper???

    merci merci

  52. mairesse says:

    moi aussi arroseur changer et plus d ami , que faire merci

  53. Sofia says:


    I have a problem!!!!!
    2 Days now, monster world does not display my facebook(monster world) friends..
    I have missions to accomplish and I have to visit my friends’ gardens..
    I’ve reloaded, signed out and resigned in but NOTHING!!! What shoul I do?

  54. Mama Meya says:

    This may sound stupid but i have over 100 woo goo fuels and I still can’t feed my machine can someone please tell me how. For me to use 10000 coins and can’t use him is a waist of time. Thank you.

  55. Natasha says:

    my robot doesnt work!i cant use him at all.what should i do????

  56. Top 25 Facebook Games for March, 2011 says:

    [...] in at #24 is the next newcomer to the top 25, Monster World from wooga. Gaining 456,0623 MAU, the title totals out at just shy of 6.1 million. To dig deeper [...]

  57. bajanqt says:

    @mama meya, the machine can only be used to harvest plant. once your plants are ready to be harvest, you need to click on the harvester(DO NOT click on the crop for your helper to get it). The harvester mask will be on your pointer, take it over to your crop and it will harvest them for you. Remember, you will be charged 1 woogoo per plant, so if your harvester reap 10 plants, you will use up 10 woogoo. Hope this help.

  58. Sharqn says:

    Hei, jeg lurer på hvor mange ting man må bygge for babyen, noen som vet?
    Jeg har allerede bygget, Sengen, hesten, badekaret,gynge/dissen, sandkasse, og er nesten ferdig me trampolinen, men hvor mange er det? blir babyen hentet noen gang?
    takk :)

  59. Maria says:


    Mi gran decepción en juegos de linea a sido Monster world.

    Desde diciembre hay un error tras otro en el juego de Monster World, nos queremos poner en contacto con el desarrollador del juego, y a puesto el link directo para entrar en el juego,con lo cual nos expulsan directamente. Creo que es una falta de respeto al usuario que entra en este juego y queriendo ayudar a solucionar el problema nos mandan a paseo.

    Como no nos escuchan y buscando a quien hizo el juego y he encontrado esta pagina por casualidad quiero que mi queja quede aqui y haber si llega a estas personas y nos atienden como corresponde en su pagina supuestamente de Wooga.

    Un saludo

  60. radwa says:

    i can`t feed the friends helpers 2 times. when i Go to my friend garden, i can`t find the monster …please help

  61. Ann says:

    I have a problem with my monster world. He’s charging for 100% but he does not open my account.
    Does anyone have the same problem? What can I do about it, please help

  62. Fala says:

    Hey, my friend was offered a ‘sweet factory’ type thing, with a space-like version of Robert in which you can make sweets with the produce you harvest, then sell to this new robot. However i am 5 levels ahead of her and have not been offered it? Is there something special you have to do in order to get this or should i just wait for the offer to come to me?

    Also, there is someone else who also has this sweet factory and they are a couple levels ahead of me, so it cannot be a level related thing?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  63. jerry says:

    I would just like to note that for the past 6 to 8 months it states on the game more monsters coming soon!!!! Is this ever going to say They are here….Also not everyone wants too go out and purchase FB coins to get some of the decorations…Why can’t this game cut back on some of that stuff and offer it a little more to those ppl…Were all on here to have some type of fun!!!Not to drive up the ratings for face book..with the 273,000 active PPL on this game facebook should be happy..Because ask yourself this? What would you like better letting PPL have fun?? or Watching PPL dis-appear? Because of you givings us the day old answer. Like “we tried”…To most of us that just is not good enough…All in All. We the PPL play this to give Facebook credit…Why cant FB give something back to the ppl to show us some gradatude…..

  64. jarrod says:

    game is getting really good now, you should do another review, as they have added more feautures, plants, and artwork

  65. hi says:

    I want more friend in order to help us in this game

    is there any one interesting ?

    this is ,y page on facebook


    please, if you add me as friend let me know by sending a message

  66. Debbie Reid says:

    I want to know why when I leveled up from level 45 to 46 I did not get the professor mission, and hense forth do not have a drink bubbler. My sister plays the game all the time and she asked me if I ever got my professor mission, and I told her that I didn’t.

  67. Sylestia says:

    I have the professor missions and it says to build a drink bubbler, but there isn’t one available to buy. How do you get it?

  68. Educationalist says:

    Sylestia: The bubbler (as with other manufacturing plants) will become available when you finish the series of tasks for the Professor (I believe there are ten). I had the same frustration when MW kept talkin’ ’bout my Party Machine, which didn’t appear until I finished the Party series of goals. Once the goals are met you get to build it just like the Candy machine. BTW: any construction materials left over (or gifted to you) from previous projects WILL be applied to the new machine [kinda like roll-over minutes]

  69. Educationalist says:

    Fala: Sorta like my replay to Sylestra, above, it doesn’t matter what level you are on (levels are determined by how many experience points you have; and you may have helped in other player’s gardens more than your friends) but the items we get to build (from baby’s ‘constructions’ thru the Party Machine) are governed by completion of ‘Goals’ and those are in a set sequence. Be patient and work your goals (no time limit on those) and you’ll eventually get to the Candy, Drinks, and Party Machines. ;-)

  70. Ninfa says:

    HELLO… I need help..please can someone tell me why a cant get the Monster World game in my page…all my Fa. and friends are playing the game…but I don’t know why I ha vent be available to get it..no matter what I try to get it to go to my page.,,,Gracias

  71. Francis Stevens says:

    Hi help use to get monster world on this computer now its not opening. will love to play when i here too… please fix it for me …. thanks.

  72. kerry says:

    Help. I’ve played up to step 3 like 10 times now. It won’t let me progress the tutorial and when I refresh it starts me off all over again!?

  73. Re Sisk says:

    “When will Monster Wolrd be back up as I have noticed its, “Under construction’? Will it being as such effect the gamers points etc?” Thx ReSisk

  74. Tilly123 says:

    Hi, I’m away for a couple of days and there’s no wifi so my laptop is useless to me. Can I upkeep my garden via my iPhone? As everytime I go on it and access the game on Facebook it doesn’t load it just sits on the menu showing other games available. Please help.

  75. Jenny says:

    Hi, I have a question. When I visit friend’s garden, the monters aren’t there. How can I feed friend’s helper?

  76. tats says:

    hi,my monster wold on fb,is not downloading will you please help me so that,i can play again . . .. . . .. . . .

  77. Starla says:

    Question about the Robot that you can buy for 7500 coins in the Monstrous Machines “shop”… It says that the machine gives you 1 WooGoo per plant harvested and that you can harvest 10 at the same time… How do I do this (NO LINKS!), can anyone help? Also, with this being said, reading some of the comments makes me wonder if this machine is even worth it saying you have to pay 1 WooGoo per plant harvested… is this only when you click to harvest one plant at a time or is it even when you harvest 10 at the same time? Please, if anyone can help me out before I waste my coins on this machine that would be awesome.

    Thanks. :)

  78. donald cook says:

    my question would be how and why ,when someone sends you woogoo the game will say that we have recieved 7 ,10 ,or even 30 woogoo and only recieve one woogoo how can that be reciece less then is shown that was sent ? when my wife plays every time someone sends her a gift she needs to refresh her page because recieving a gitf will stop us from playing so we need to retrieve gift ?

  79. dianne lennon says:

    igarden and i keep getting strike signs the game will pause they will disappear but not turn the plot the game will pause and the strike signs reappear what can i do

  80. Migdalia says:

    In Monster World game, how do I get rid of the plots that say “STRIKE”?

  81. Meoww says:

    So the robot is actually useless? I mean, what’s the advantage of it??? If my monster can harvest the plants for free, why would I waste 1 woo goo per plant just so that the robot can pick it up???

  82. anna says:

    how do u feed friends monster bars??

  83. Wilhelmina Williman-Street says:

    To get rid of the “Strike” signs you must go into decorations and buy decorations. Also I’ve noticed look at the heart in the upper right hand corner of your game board – point to it to see how much happiness you have. If the heart is gray or broken you need to build happiness . You can do this by buying decorations. As you are buying look at how many points you get for buying and how much happiness points you get for buying. As you buy decorations a couple of things happen. 1) the “Strike” signs start to go away; 2) Your happiness increases; 3) you are able to plant where the “strike” sign was placed. Say, have you noticed the game Diamond Dash is connected by the amount of hearts you have in Monster World. To receive/get an extra heart in Diamond Dash, plant the heart flower in Monster World. Remember to keep receiving an extra life/heart in Diamond Dash you must plant/harvest a flower heart in Monster World every 24 hours. If you want to play monster world or diamond dash as friends send me a friends request…name…Wilhelmina Williman-Street

  84. shajikoodal says:

    hi,my monster wold on fb,is not downloading will you please help me so that,i can play again

  85. Migdalia says:

    I have a task to revive my friends plants, don’t know how to get the magic wand to revive their plants, please help. what / how???

  86. Inside Social Games · CastleVille, Bubble Witch Saga Lead This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU says:

    [...] Monster World [...]

  87. Penny Taylor says:

    I am having the same trouble as Migdalia. Not sure how to revive other peoples plants. There are no wands to select when in other peoples gardens. I too have the task of reviving friends plants but cannot complete it. What are we missing. Please Help!

  88. bridget roberts says:

    how do i get pass the doctor to my friends plants?,and revive them????

  89. angie paone says:

    i cant get my robert to shoot the lazer out to make the 6 plants at one time i dont know what to do i have made shore that there is woo goo 4 like it said and then they say cleck on him and he should work but he dont do anything at all what can i do

  90. GIRLY says:

    when does that crying monster baby leave its driving me crazy i see my kis cry all day over toys now i got deal with it on a lil game im stating to hate

  91. GIRLY says:

    kids lol

  92. Awesome Dude77 says:

    what level do i start babysitting the little monster HELP

  93. Michael says:

    In order to get the baby to stop crying you have to do a couple of things. First and quickest is to feed it and refill its heart meter. You do this by putting your mouse over it and clicking on the bottle and clicking on the heart that pop up. If the feed meter is empty it will take 2 feedings to fill him up. One click will fill up the heart. The other thing you need to do is build each item that the baby wants made. The first thing is the crib. Then the rocking horse. Then the swing, etc. In all there are 5 things to build I think.

    The harvesting robot does seem to me a waste but you will have to use it in a quest at least once so I would go ahead and buy it. To use it you have to first click on the robot. Next, mice your mouse over crops that are ready to harvest. You should notice that a group of crops become highlighted. If these crops are satisfactory to you to be harvest then simply click there. The group will be harvested minus the cost in woogoo.

    Using wands in your friends garden: These can only be used to revive dead plants. Every 24 hours you get 5 actions you can do in each friends garden. All you have to do is click on either a dead plant to revive or a growing one to fertilize it(this shortens their growing time by 1 hour). You can also feed the helper, Roberta the candy bot, and Robert the plant bot. Don’t forget to collect your 50 coins up in the top corner too!

    I hope this helps some people.
    Add me for monster world @ https://www.facebook.com/mmwakefield?ref=tn_tnmn

  94. Kate says:

    zbudowałam huśtawke i nigdzie jej nie ma co zrobić???!!!

  95. whitewolf says:

    hey, is anyone who could help me? I’m stuck on tutorial! After i sell the 4 bottles to robot, it does nothing! none of those buttons work, i can’t reach level 3! pls, pls, help!

  96. Jobanpreet says:

    help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My machines disappear from the side

  97. ANGELA says:

    I have a quest to use my harvesting robot but I can’t buy them anymore. I don’t have place for him next to my pump, windmill and the other thing.
    How do I solve this problem ?

  98. jacko says:

    Hi there. I’m having a display problem with this game (Monster World – Facebook). It started two days ago, out of the sudden, when it stopped showing me the entire screen of the game. This means that, for example, if I go to “decorations” tab, I can’t see the price of the bottom items. I’ve tried changing the flash options (right click ->settings->right click again-> “Show All” option (notice that “zoom out” option is not available)) but still, with no effect. Could someone help me please? It’s getting annoying not knowing how much does it costs an item, once I’ve ended up with no more coins because of that :|. Thank you in advance (please reply soon).

  99. angela says:

    Hi, I have a question. When I visit friend’s garden, the monters aren’t there. How can I feed friend’s helper?

  100. Ayfar says:

    I want to play on the iphone can i do that?

  101. Syd says:

    How do i revive friend’s garden with 10 time magic wand show on my left side of the message also collect 10 bags of coins. I got the coins but do not know how to revive friend’s garden with 10 magic wand, help

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Honest Tea, Inc.
Bethesda, MD

Product Manager - Community Platform

Maker Media
San Francisco, CA

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