Mall World: A High-Quality and Growing Virtual Fashion Store Game on Facebook

Creating and running a store of some sort is not a new style of game on Facebook, but we keep seeing successful iterations on the concept, from Restaurant City and Café World to  Medical Mayhem, Happy Hotel and Hotel City . There are many other examples. But a quality new one we’ve been watching is Mall World.

Mall World

The idea, of course, is to make and run your own store in a virtual mall, and it is heavily skewed towards women (you can’t even make a male avatar).

The mysterious developer is named 50 Cubes, and although the company is not providing information about itself on its web site or anywhere else, we can tell that it is distributed on Facebook by publisher 6 Waves. With good effect, apparently, as the small new app has started growing fast, making our list of top gainers by daily active users earlier today.

So, here’s a closer look.

Players create an avatar and step into a virtual mall containing a number of small boutiques to visit, which appear to be run by other players. Users can pick a shop, then try on and buy any number of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and bags and buy them with the in-game currency, Mall Dollars. Of course, this is a bit dull in the grand scheme of things, and will eventually bore even the most avid shoppers.

Personal BotiqueThankfully, Mall World tasks users with the main goal of opening and running your very own boutique. Essentially, this is your own virtual space, which you decorate with shelving, lighting, wallpaper, and so on in a sort of 2D, Pet Society kind of way. However, this is more than just a virtual space, it is a virtual business.

You see, players have to actually stock their store with clothing by ordering it from a catalog — an appointment gaming feature that can take anywhere from 60 seconds to a couple hours, if not more. Then, they put the merchandise on the shelves. Once your store is stocked, your friends and other random Mall World players will be able to visit your store and buy clothes from you. You can then use that money and invest it into your own wardrobe, or turn around and buy more stock. What makes this even more interesting, however, is that as you do pretty much anything in the game, you gain experience, thus earning new levels and unlocking new designer sets of clothing. This can also grant lower level friends access to buy and wear clothing they could otherwise not receive without extensive shopping in other random players’ stores.

Dressing Room Game

There is also a wonderful mini-game called the “Dressing Room Game.” Basically, players are given a random item such as a purse and have 30 seconds to pick out shoes, pants, tops, etc. that best match that item. The better the match is, the higher the happiness of the customer (represented by a vertical bar). This factor is then combined with the time it took to pick everything out, and a chunk of money and experience is rewarded to the player. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to how many times you can play. Normally, this might be a bad thing, as it would provide an infinite supply of money but even at the maximum score it’s only around 100 Mall Dollars, and surely our avid mall shoppers could understand just how expensive designer clothing can be. Obviously, this means that you had better run a good business if you want to get the best clothing in any reasonable amount of time.

Create a LookAnother very cool feature is that while you are within your own store, your Facebook friends will come and randomly visit. Well, the female friends visit anyway. You won’t see any of your guy friends walk on the screen unless they take the form of a female avatar as it is not possible to even create a male character.

Anyway, when friends visit you can actually click on them and create “a look” for them. You get to change their hair, makeup, shoes, clothing, etc. and send them the ensemble, along with a personal message, to them for their approval. This then goes into a little archive called “My Look Book,” which saves all of the looks your friends have created for you.

As it stands, Mall World is sitting pretty at just over 400,000 monthly active users and 131,000 DAU — with half of that number appearing in less than three days. It’s no wonder why, though, as this really is a beautifully designed game that truly nails down an appeal for its target audience. In fact, chances are you’ve already named off a handful of people that would love this sort of thing. Frankly, in a realm that mostly sees only new iterations on old ideas, it is refreshing to see something that feels so different, and we can only hope to see more like this app in the future.

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110 Responses to “Mall World: A High-Quality and Growing Virtual Fashion Store Game on Facebook”

  1. Thaynar Lima says:

    Amo esse site, é tudo de bom.

  2. Priya says:

    Could you tell which items are most profitable? Everything seems so expensive!

  3. klea says:

    i like mall world

  4. gigi says:

    I love mall world, I am addicted.

  5. carola says:


  6. manda says:

    you can only play the dressing room game 10 times a day now.. BOOO!

  7. rizza ablen says:


  8. anosh says:

    sooooooooo gr8 <3….<3

  9. liittleana says:

    a twilight one.

  10. cha cha says:

    i ‘m addicted but why ????? it always have an error !! T.T
    sad la~

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  12. deni says:

    I love mall world

  13. aaliyah says:


  14. jessica says:


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  16. Taylor says:

    this sucks i dont know where 2 go 2 sign up 4 mall world

  17. gwon says:

    add me on mall work if u can. name gowm young

  18. chantelle says:

    i love mall world but i prepare to add more tings :P

  19. chantelle says:

    add me pls

  20. keymarie says:

    como se juegaa esO!?

  21. bridget says:

    it’s ok

  22. lalka says:

    arkadaşlar 52 lwlim mükemmel bir oyun facebookdan oynuyorummmmm

  23. katarina says:

    the best game ever

  24. sara sayed says:

    that”s just for comment guys ………………..
    so quit dolls………………………………
    possy cat dolls…………………………….
    the best game in the worlds………………….
    :D :D :D :D :@ :@ …………… **************

  25. anan alaa says:

    i love tehet is game

  26. messy says:

    this games awesome…buh i dont understan y my new looks designed on th gals dont cum up to owes notifies me of them cumin..buh when i check, theyr never ther…how cum?? i kinda get annoyed!


  27. ni123 says:

    jeg hader mall wolds det er så nederen

  28. beti says:


  29. lailak says:

    i love mall world but how do we send gifts fr our bff

  30. annu says:

    its an ammazing game….
    i just cant stop playing it

  31. Honey Bunn says:

    Love It!!!

  32. ingy says:

    i want to play it now for free

  33. LucyLu says:

    how can I create my own fashion clothes in mall world? Can anyone teach me?

  34. LucyLu says:

    ingy: just login a facebook account, you may play it for free.

  35. silva says:

    Geras zaidas as per Facebook zaidziu..xDD

  36. lorimar says:

    heyy howw doo youu joinn

  37. kate says:

    I love Mall World…………
    Its so cool……….
    But still confused…….
    I think I’m stuck :(

  38. Ashley says:

    I know right……..
    but u’ll be alright……
    don’t worry katey……….
    Its okkkkkkkkkk
    for me……..

    but sa little stupid and retarted

  39. Ashley says:

    Hi every one mall world is gr8……….

    Isn’t it?????????

  40. Kate says:

    I know its coool but……..

    still don’t get it

    Ithink i am new to it…….
    wat do u thinnk ash……..

  41. Halloween says:

    hey lol

  42. ariana says:

    amo a este juwgo pero no me dejan estrar en facebook

  43. Kam says:

    is there a way to design ur own clothes on mall world? :)

  44. briana says:

    i love malll world it’s just what i like…shopping is a girls best friend beside the dimond…

  45. caitlin says:

    wat is the whole point in the game

  46. Pacience says:

    Mall world is great. I just started playing it like 4 days ago and I’ve been playing it for like 5 hrs at a time. I used to play farmville but I hardly get on it anymore. I can truly say im addicted to mall world =]

  47. iben says:

    jeg heder sille. Og jeg er ny

  48. iben says:


  49. iben says:


  50. GurlShonny says:

    This game is the BOOOOOMB!!! I love it and I play on it everyday. I try to stay #1 in my group of friends. As a Fashion Business & Design student, this is SO up my alley. Keep it up Mall World…I am your #1 FAN!!

  51. eszter magyarfalvi says:

    mall world!!!!

  52. kirko says:

    basi igrata 6te6e da e po qko ako mojeh da se registriram ama nemoga (mooning)gadno a mi kazvat 4e e qka igra

  53. sang ratu says:

    i likes this games

  54. Nadia says:

    this games cool….
    best hehehe
    i likes

  55. liana says:

    eh macam mana
    nak masuk
    dalam games nie
    susah nyer………..

  56. Saraiya says:

    Hey, i love mall world but the problem is the store “Manhatten” Just opened and i want the floor? is it possible if i can get the floor textile? Thanks,

  57. Danielle says:

    I love love love mallworld its so fun!!!!

  58. Danielle says:

    I love love love mallworld its sooooo fun!!! and i can not belive that it is fun!!! i thourght well just another fasion game NOW IM ADDICTIED!!!

  59. elene says:

    me mikvars mall worl is sauketesoa
    i love mall world its a cool game

  60. sexxiBOSSchiick says:

    Ummmmm……….i saw this game on imvu n i played it was okay idk y im here this is soooooo lame

  61. alexis says:

    its on facebook

  62. annomyous says:

    heey my mall world isnt working for me atm has is this happening to anyone else?

  63. sian says:

    hiya weroidoz

  64. Keyla Ruiz says:

    hola me enanta el juego mall world pero llevo varios dias sin poder entar al juego no se que le pasa en lo que me pueden ayudar gracias me encanta en juego…..

  65. kyra says:

    your game is asome i love it

  66. terezie says:


  67. terezie says:

    :-P :-P
    :-D :-D
    :3 :3
    8) 8)

  68. ggcc:) says:

    i<3 malls and poo

  69. ggcc:) says:

    mostly poo:)

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  71. natasha says:

    i love mallworld but my laptop wont let me play it on facebook is there any other way i can play it.

  72. cece45 says:

    it really hurt i had went to the hospital and she got arestied

  73. cece45 says:

    she started to cryy
    y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooooooooooo happy********************

  74. 1 momo 1 says:

    اللعبة حلوة كثير !!!!!!!!!!! وانا كثير فرحانة وكككككككل عام وجلالة المممملك بخير

  75. 1 momo 1 says:

    انا بحب هذا الموقع كثيررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررر I LOVE YOU

  76. 1 EMO 1 says:

    انا ايمو بدي اسئلكم سؤال شو نضرتكم إلنا وبتمنى اشوف الرد بسرعة لاني بدي اطلع من الموقع

  77. Mackenzie Schiling says:

    it is a lot of fun

  78. charmaine green says:

    it is realy good

  79. nickelle says:

    i think mallworld is great the best thing ever

  80. dina reffeet says:

    ممكن اللعبة اوصفولي ازاي اشترك

  81. donia says:

    mallworls is my favorite game now cause my friend told me to go to to mallworld .com and i did i made a character and then, i thought its the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. nazirah inaz says:


  83. runap says:

    also too my favorite game mall world
    but i don’t have many friends~
    please would you join us mall world game?

  84. zuky says:

    i love this games OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

  85. haya says:

    hey who wants to…;D

  86. Nutrisi says:

    This is a great game, I play it every day :D

  87. habiba soudy says:

    اللعبة مش راضيا تتفتح معايا :O

  88. habiba soudy says:


  89. example says:

    HAhaha .. me too

  90. nono says:

    hahaha ..

  91. bunny?! says:

    OMG!!! i <3 mall world im on level 80!:) it rocks

  92. bena yalla says:

    انا بحب اللعبة دى وكنت بلعبها على برنامج الimvuوبعدين راحت ممكن حد يقوللى ازاى اكمل على المرحلة اللى وصلتلها انا كنت اشتريت الدور الثالث

  93. aurumn says:

    hyy guys

  94. aurumn says:

    is anyone online

  95. kenia says:

    i love thiz……….

  96. kroline says:

    quisiera jugar mall gorld plis

  97. kroline says:

    mall world el mejor juego…

  98. Ella629 says:

    “hi my name is Ella629 i’ve never played mall world before.”

  99. Killing Boredom with Mall World « Happy Closet and Colored Cakes says:

    [...] there is Mall World my eight year old niece introduced to me. At first, it seemed like one of Y8 game prototypes until [...]

  100. CrowdStar Creates New Title on Facebook: It Girl says:

    [...] the hottest new outfits. It’s certainly a different concept from other female-oriented apps (e.g. Mall World), but the originality, which isn’t always a bonus on Facebook, doesn’t detract from our [...]

  101. lauren says:

    this game is the best game ever!!!!!!!

  102. Noelle says:

    i like this!!!

  103. SERENA says:

    I dont have facebook but i want play game MALL WORLD on internet but i dont know how!!!Can you help me PLEASE PLEASE?????!!!!!

  104. Fashion Designer for Facebook Models Franchise Expansion says:

    [...] than a full-fledged game, Fashion Designer builds on the game mechanic of a Mall World mini-game where players create outfits, here focusing on high-end clothing. Players are asked to complete [...]

  105. loredana says:

    nu poti sa il joci doar pe facebook

  106. malak says:

    I love mall word so so so so so much
    <3 I <3 <3 <3 mall word <3

  107. Janin says:

    SERENA leider gibt es nur mallwold auf facebook früher gab es es auch auf svz .

    i loVE Mallwold das beste spiel ever

  108. bunnyboo says:

    i can not play this game

  109. Debynhah says:

    this game is very good! I love this game =D

  110. hemmy says:

    where can i buy a maternity dress?? i mean for pregnants??

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