Playdom Constructs Its Own Facebook City Builder: Social City

Social CityNot two days ago, we looked at social developer Digital Chocolate’s social city builder, NanoTowns. At the time, it still wasn’t clear as to whether or not these SimCity-like games would be the next big social genre — social game developers are betting yes, in any case, including Playdom. Here’s a look its new title, Social City.

The game is familiar enough to anyone that has played SimCity or any of the growing number of social renditions of the classic title. Players are greeted by a cartoonish, and noseless, assistant who walks you through the basics of managing a city. Essentially, players have three things to worry about: Population, happiness, and money.

Level RewardsEach of these three statistics are paired with different sets of structures that you can build. For population, players build houses, apartments, and hotels, with each granting a set number of citizens. Interestingly enough, the game doesn’t just grant that one number — each building will actually grant that much population every so often. For example, every eight minutes, the smallest house will produce 10 population. Of course, it’s hard to explain why 10 people are living in a single person house and why 10 more come every eight minutes… but it’s a game, so we’ll let that one fly.

Now, in order to keep citizens, you have to make them happy. This is easy enough: players simply build what are called leisure buildings which grant X amount of happiness. This includes restaurants, stores, theaters, and even décor such as trees, flowers and statues.

Money, on the other hand is earned through factories; the number of which a user can have is limited by their population. These curious businesses can apparently make everything from potato chips to prom dresses, and for a small fee, will work on the contract for X amount of time (minutes to days) before it is shipped and a sizable income is earned.

Population RewardNotice how the player is rewarded by population? This is actually one of the highlights to Social City. It seems that whenever the player makes a significant accomplishment they earn something beyond money, or purely aesthetic items. They actually earn unique buildings and rewards for both population and level — experience towards levels is earned through virtually every action the player takes. This includes, of course, cash (officially dubbed “Coins”), extra factories, special buildings for residential or leisure purposes, and even some of the virtual currency, City Bucks.

In regards to the virtual currency, it is used for a handful of buildings. These don’t really do anything special, but are merely unique (i.e. a Chocolate Shop). The primary use seems to be the actual expansion of one’s city limits. This leads to an interesting situation: players can either spend a nominal amount of virtual currency to expand, or they must have X amount of neighbors — Facebook friends who are playing — as well as a fair amount of the in-game Coins.

ExpansionHowever, this seems to be the only significantly different usage of social features. Everything else is fairly standard, and consists of gifting, sharing accomplishments, leaderboards, and visiting each other’s cities and helping out, sort of like in the farming genre.

Aesthetically, the game looks great, and as an added bonus, players start with a respectable amount of money to get their city started and looking very nice. Most games don’t give the players enough, and it can be hard to keep them playing if they have to wait three days to make their virtual space look half decent. Social City, however, has immediate reward. Furthermore, this city actually feels alive. Sadly, there are no cars, but tiny residents actually walk about, hawk wares outside stores, mow lawns, and even work in the factories.

There is one really big complaint, though. You can’t rotate any of your buildings! It seems small, but as a game that is partially revolving around aesthetics, it looks absolutely terrible to have a house, with its back to the road. Everything faces southwest, and makes it exceedingly difficult to make things look the way they should. This is likely a technical limitation, however.

On a more minor note, it does become obnoxious to have to click on each residence to increase your population when it’s ready. Moreover, the doorbell noise it makes when ready gets very grating, very quick. Frankly, it would be better to just make it automatic and quieter (plus it keeps making the dog bark).

Overall, Social City is a fantastic game. Okay, so it isn’t SimCity, but few games are. It does have a few nits and kinks to work out, but it is still a lot of fun, with some very quick user rewards for new players. Obviously, as a new title, the monthly active user count isn‘t high yet (only around 230), but this game comes highly recommended and will most certainly boom in population, soon enough.

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125 Responses to “Playdom Constructs Its Own Facebook City Builder: Social City”

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  2. Timothy Aste says:

    Thanks for the great insight on Social City!

  3. city planner says:

    while social city is a solid game, i love the humour and quirkiness of the art and quests in NanoTowns

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I actually like the doorbell because I can do other things while waiting for the new citizens to arrive and when they do, I get a notification that I have to do something in Social City. It is one of the best parts of that game. The game mechanics are genius and keep you coming back for more.

  6. enlbert caspillan says:

    i cannot enter in a social city FB

  7. patrizia says:

    I found a glitch in Social City. I already added a friend and she accepted but its still not showing.

  8. Grasshoppa says:

    I started the game a couple days ago. My lot is about 50% green…and about 50% black (non-buildable)….how do I change the black asphalt into buildable space??

    I deleted everything or sold it last night in hopes of starting over.

  9. Grasshoppa says:

    My eight year old told me how to delete the asphalt….thank goodness!

  10. patricia clark says:

    i love this soooooooooooo much i cant stop playing i go back ever hour when im not working

  11. Mary Foreman says:

    I love this game, but it takes forever to load and often stops working in the middle of the game. What is the problem.

  12. KillaVanilla says:

    add me if u need nieghbors i got a lot of people you can add my facebook account is xxsaymyfnnamexx (Justin Malice)

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  14. Lorr says:

    response to question”i cannot enter in a social city FB.
    answer:go to your FB page and click on to “Privacy:
    change you social city to”Allow” that should do it.

  15. Dondoredon says:

    Broken internet connection error (Kicks you out after 2 minutes of playing)

    This game is the coolest in FB but playdom is making me hate it. I understand that it is still in Beta stage and glitches are part of it. But it is different when you keep on encountering the same error for 3 days now and yet you don’t see any advisory. Players are left to wonder what’s gonna happen next. I’ve changed browser from IE to Firefox but still error is persistent.

    All I’m asking is an assurance that indeed you are doing something (which I’m sure you are) and set an expectation.

  16. Ageatropolis says:

    Now we just need to get them to allow us to rotate the buildings and the ability to make the screen a full screen…..The game is fantastic but I need neighbours

  17. Dawn says:


  18. margaret says:

    I have not yet got to do the whole city as my game keeps saying error refresh page has been like this now since i started game frusrated

  19. leanne says:

    hi all i am also having error problems my internet is not a little bit broken grrrrr.
    I was enjoyin the game but this error message comes up everytime i try 2 collect my workers,
    i am now gettin very frustrated as it is takin me ages 2 progress.
    can i also mention that it has nothin 2 do wiv my internet as my bf who’s pc is in the same house on the same network.
    the apllication works fine !!!!! so y oh y does mine have 2 play up plz plz say it will be fixed as i am considerin deletin the game which deep down i dont want 2 as i think its great on the whole thanx 4 takin the time 2 read this x

  20. david says:

    Wheres the social interaction with other players like farm town

  21. patricia clark says:

    i absolutely love social city but im going out of my mind with errors please try to fix this

    thank you

  22. xtian says:

    I just add a friends to be my neighbor and they accept it. but till now i cant see them in my friend list. but i see them in the news if they level up. accept my gifts and any other activities happening to their city.. Pls help me what to do to add them in my neighbor’s list.. tnx

  23. venkatrao says:

    play is disturbed by errors after every 5 minutes it should not be its failure on part of designer it should be rectified as soon as possible.

  24. kevin says:

    fix the browser error, It always appear when im collecting the population in my houses, :(

  25. wendy says:

    Hi very time i go on this game on facebook it just says your internet a little bit broken pls pls can you sort it do like this game, but seems since i got neighbors will not play right HELP PLEASE, thank you for all your hard work

  26. collin says:


  27. Laura Cova says:

    Più che una risposta, vorrei sapere come risolvere l’odioso problema del dover ricaricare cobntinuamente la pagina e di nion poter mai progredire nel gioco, sono ferma al primo giorno (sono passate 4 settimane dall’inizio)

  28. diaon says:

    I like this game but the error messages are annoying. Now my game is completely frozen and I can not play at all!!! I emailed about the issue but it is still not working.

  29. Winfield Kelley says:

    major obsession with this game.. LOVE IT! a tip: go for the ones that requires you to click longer. for example the houses. (Instead of buying a lot of cheap houses invest on a few of the expensive ones. It saves you time because you wont have to click on them every 7 minutes)

  30. frank clark says:

    cant do anything on this game every 2 to 3 min. i get an error refresh page im loose coines my companys expire because i cant keep them collected. i collect them but error comes up and it pops back to not being collected. im very frustrated i love playing but i cant go on like this please fix this as soon as possible before i deleate the whole game

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    [...] some heavy advertising from Playdom behind the scenes. But as we found when it was brand-new, Social City is actually a great game. Nevermind that players have experienced technical problems since the game’s launch; they [...]

  32. Minnie says:

    I am having the same problem as upstairs users, my game has been frozen for more than 24 hrs, obviously all contract expired and loosing money. In fact, I have tried to delete all browsing history and cache in my two browsers; google chrome and firefox but it still dosent work. I love this game and still want to play in the future. Please, please sort it out quick.

  33. Yvonne says:

    mon jeu est gelé et je ne peut rien faire faites quelque chose

  34. Rose says:

    Now my game is completely frozen and I can not play at all!!! been like this for days…..

  35. Bill Burbridge says:

    What is the point of leaving a comment? You know what the problems are either fix them immediately or take the App off line until such time as it is far more reliable. STOP telling us our internet is A LITTLE BIT BROKEN we are not stupid your application DOES NOT WORK ADMIT IT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  36. Checking In to Playfish’s New Facebook Game, Hotel City says:

    [...] seen a number of city games from small developers as well as NanoTowns from Digital Chocolate and Social City from Playdom. Meanwhile, other competitor, CrowdStar is going with tycoon games, having released [...]

  37. Wesley says:

    I am constantly receiving error 202, 203 & 204 errors, whatever they are. I just know it keeps saying the network connection has been lost and reboots the program. It is so frustrating because I am constantly reworking work I’ve already done.
    That brings up another Idea, How about a save button so I could at least save my work occasionally?

  38. ricky says:

    error 202 im thinking of giving the game up…….. a game fun not frustating……….

  39. AngelLunarJ says:

    i face all problems as above mention…T_T

  40. rey says:

    having same errors! when it will end?

  41. Nina says:

    Thats okay, im having all of those problems as well as some new ones. For two weeks my factories have been missing. I have 6 factories and they never show up, it is as if they never existed. I can’t even get my town to load anymore, im about done with the game, they never reply to you telling you that they are on the issue. I notified them 3 times, thats enough for me.

  42. Lizzie says:

    Ahhhhh Error 004! Everytime i go on Social city this error comes up straight away & repeats it over & over! SO ANNOYING!!! I’m giving up this game!

  43. Terri says:

    I am so tired of the error messages. time the game loads(which take for ever)i get the error message and it reboots and it continues to give the error message. Fix the problem or remove the game!!!!

  44. Robbyguest says:

    For me is the same as what happen to the people above.. error 004 or error 002, please fix rapidly this problem.. or you’ll lose many players..

  45. Opal says:

    The same as the above…error 002 and 004.
    Robby is right…we are also losing on our factory….Please fix asap

  46. terry says:

    yes same problem losing connection after 1 2 min error 2 or 4 fed up now

  47. patricia clark says:

    well now, lets see what i have been thru:
    1.broken internet
    2.kicks you out after 2 min.
    3.error refresh page
    4.internet is little bit broken not my internet

    and now for the best…….. i got so far and i cant have more land because i need more neighbors………i cant get more i have no more people and i need more land…… what am i to do………..please tell ne

  48. Jackie says:

    Love the game but ready to quit. I collect my earnings from the factories or people from buildings, they do not save. Can’t do more than 2 things without error message or just losing them. This is a great game but too frustrating to continue. I will be back if it ever gets fixed and someone actually communicates this to me. (also experiencing all the same above errors)

  49. amanda says:

    I quit. I’m sick of these error messages.

  50. Thomas says:

    Well I am having most of the same issues as everyone else, error mess, system syncronizing, and resetting. Also on top of that I have tried to add some friends and they have excepted the invite but don’t show on the bottom where they should. But when I send gifts they are on the list. But that doesn’t qount when it comes to buy more land. Hopefully they will fix these issues. I enjoy the game and I don’t want to have to quit but if problems consist I will. I also tried to go to social city on my fiance’s computer to start here and I can’t even find the game to let her play it now. Where did it go to?

  51. Jackie says:

    Still can’t collect more than one of my population increases or contracts without a Sync Server message. This stupid game won’t save!!!! I come back and have to re-do the same stuff over and over again. I’m getting absolutely nowhere (but frustrated. Can’t visit other cities either, they start to load and nover finish. Why build anything when you can’t even collect what you have?

  52. Kallie says:

    Ok, so im in love with this game! Yes it loads slow, i agree. Also, i have someone that added me as a neighbor, but its no showing up! lol…
    I need neighbors so bad!! lol…This game is great fun! is there a website specifically for this game? or can it only be played on FB???

  53. alisha says:

    Apparently, I’ve found a flaw in the game also. Maybe it’s just because I’m new at it is all, but how do you delete the buildings that you put on it if yhou don’t want them in the future? I have the big windmill thing on mine and would love to delete it off of it, but can’
    t figure out how. If anyone has any info that could help feel free to reply..

  54. bron says:

    could someone please tell me how to get more land!!! im on level 11 but ran out of land ages ago!!! help!!!

  55. mok says:

    can’t play the game coz of error004. dern it.

  56. kim corr says:

    Like brom I am level 11 and can’t get extra land and have run out of space …

  57. Jackie says:

    Well, it worked fairly well yesterday, Wow one day in a row, but nothing works today. I lost 40 people overnight and haven’t been able to collect ANYTHING today. It will not save. Would you please fix this darned game!!! I have no idea how you got any good reviews. Still won’t load other cities, but I’d be happy if I could collect my contract and people without losing them!

  58. Jackie says:

    Spent the last hour trying to collect my contracts, populations and leisures, just two or three, not all of them. Keep getting sync server messages then reload. When it reloads I’m back where I was at the beginning. Am I the only person having this problem? No, my internet is not broken!

  59. collin says:

    this game is still way too slow and the constanat reload is very annoying to redo stuff like 10 times before it makes it to your slow server or lack of servers for the load so fix it now

  60. Linda Jones says:

    I really like this game and hate to delete it. But I can’t even play it anymore! Same thing as everyone else…errors!!! Are they even working on fixing it? It does not look like it. Just tell us if you are trying to fix it or not that way we all can either wait or delete it like I am thinking about doing. Please fix this or let us know you are not going to.

  61. Carol Hebden says:

    Love the game – was really enjoying it. But it is painfully slow loading, as as my city got larger (now a large town), it keeps timing out.
    Sorry guys – I love the idea, but am spending so much time reloading, I never get to play it.
    And it’s not internet – I have no problems with other on-line games.

  62. ceecee says:

    Yesterday and today I am having a problem with money and level being removed. I was at level 12 with 112,000 coins and about halfway through the level. I refreshed it after an hour and I was at the start of level 11 again! 908 coins….WHAT???
    All the things I built are still there from level 12 but I am back on 11 with no money, why is this happening?!? My internet didn’t ‘break’. I use Google Chrome. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  63. Wayne says:

    I’m having the same problems it seems as everyone else. So slow I can’t even get anything to move so I can see my factories – factories spoiling cause I can’t click on them – lots of population going to waste cause I can’t move around to see the houses.

    Playdom – facebook – FIX IT ALREADY! (or like other games – turn of the spoil until you get it right)

  64. dean says:

    please sort out the errors and freezing!!! very frustrating, as it’s a fun game!!!

  65. bhabz says:

    I always lose buildings, apartments, houses, factories. I used different browsers to know if this is a browser issue but experienced same problems. I am losing all my money because of this problem. If you cannot correct this error, you should at least give us a SAVE button. Also, being able to rotate those establishments would be nice. This is a nice game but it has lots of inconvenience and frustration on the part of the players. Playdom you need to act on these complaints, ASAP!

  66. cloudy says:

    Me too! I don’t have error, but my game never seems to save. The next time I log it, it revert back to the two days ago, as if I did nothing in between them.. But the weird part is my contract still expire, although I collected them yesterday!! This is frustrating!!
    And does anyone realise the contract didn’t run at the same time as stated? It say 2 days but it can be ready in a few hours..

  67. reeta says:

    im not having any problems…i use firefox web browser only problem i had was that i left it up over night and it disconnected

  68. Patricia Lumley says:

    I wanted to play this game, but I can’t get it to show up on my facebook account. It is no problem on my husbands, but it says that there is no link on my facebook.

  69. chris says:

    The biggest problem with the game is that after you reach level 27 there is nothing left to do,because there are no new buildings comming up
    and it gets pointless to accumulate population and exp.
    After spending lots of time playing it and getting to a level above 25 gets frustrating to find out that it is not completed and whoever design it has not finished his job.
    An advice if you still want to play it,do not buy city bucks,you will just waste your money and find out that the game precticly ends in the middle of it.

  70. John Hardcastle says:

    Shame they are faceless beings and don’t fix the problems. Appreciate it is a Beta version but this is certainly the right way to turn people off….you don’t get that from Zynga !

    Also as last poster put, get to level 27 and nowhere else to go….come on where are the boffins who designed the game…get the job finished otherwise everything you have done is totally pointless…just like me sitting here playing this game !

  71. Victor Tee says:

    I can not enter social city in Facebook!!! why why !!

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  73. Tom says:

    I have a person who is my neighbor who should not be. How do I remove them? They are already gone from facebook farmtown and any other traces as well as blocked on facebook completely. Please help, rather not look at that face on the game.

    Please email me your replies or hit me on FB as I do not want to have to check back here daily.
    Tom Ferguson

  74. Jackie says:

    Why can’t we send gifts beyond level 1? I can’t and neither can any of my neighbors. Sending the same stuff over and over is pointless! With the new fixes I’m having fewer problems (at least I can play now without getting kicked off in two minutes!).

  75. erin Vogler says:

    I loved this game, but it is the worst ever now..It will kick you off after about two mins. It tells you it needs to “re-load” and it never does, now all my friends that are on there don’t show up they are just blank and some of my buildings will not load..I can’t deal with it anymore so I will not play this game it is not worth dealing with all the crap that goes alone with it

  76. Jesper says:

    Pardon me for my ignorance but may i know how do we delete UNWANTED OBJECTS in this game? I was trying out the game for the first time today ..

    Now i have this stupid giant easter bunny in the middle of my town!!

    I can’t delete it, can’t move it either. It just won’t budge. Great.

  77. vitaloca94 says:

    i still can’t get on and i would love to get on soon. sounds like fun.

  78. shipglenn says:

    After two weeks, I still get a green screen and a few clouds drifting by. I sure would like to get back to the game.

  79. Kristoffer says:

    For Jesper – If you want to delete something click on the icon like you are going to build something. Click on whatever you are wanting to delete and you should be able to delete it.

    I love this game but they seriously need to fix the server issue. Most of the time I am able to play with very little problems but some days it’s impossible to play due to error messages. The worse part is they never seem to give any updates that they are aware of the problem and are at least trying to resolve the issue.

  80. Putri Amalina says:

    I love to play social city..through my FB account.
    will it be possible or do i have an alternative way to get in the game without through any social network? do u have any specific site for the game?

  81. beth says:

    I love this game too but sooo many problems with errors about loading, it freezes up and constantly reloading it. I don’t have any problems with Yoville or Farmville. If I can’t play it they should reemburse for actual money spent on playing it.

  82. alex says:

    I luv it but it takes 4ever 2 load and it doesnt show the whole screen.

  83. jackie says:

    It’s not loading today.

  84. Ivan says:

    I love this game. But any one can add me as neighbor? send me an email if you want be my neighbor.

  85. Joseph says:

    come on guys…. expand the city. I am at level 33 and taking roads away to make more leisure. If you don’t add city limits, than this game sucks. Go to my town. much better game

  86. yvonne says:

    why has everything stopped, no men building, nobody walking around, nobody playing tennis etc. everything is still. anyone any suggestions?

  87. deb v says:

    Looking for neighbors in Social City

  88. carrie says:

    cant get socialcity to come up to download app always says page not found

  89. jason says:

    I am playing Social City and currently in Level 32. I have around 60 neighbours but apparently the game does not allow me to expand my city limit. What is the limit of the land and how to tell what is my current size.

  90. Gerd says:

    How does one get rid of that green screen? I can only get on the actual game once in awhile. The green screen seems to prevent me from playing the actual game.

  91. mohamed says:

    dear i need to know how i can change the direction of any building ? i am waiting your help

  92. Rithika says:

    How do I make money on this game??

  93. Hayden says:

    Well hes a hint for some people the best way to get money is well if you have 7 factory’s and you build the micro chips all together is 119,000 Coins hope that’s helpful.

  94. City-Builders Take to the Night with Vampire Mob City on Facebook says:

    [...] major complaints with Vampire Mob City, the biggest one would have to be that this title plays almost identically to Social City. People are replaced with vampires; happiness is replaced with blood; and contracts are replaced [...]

  95. Bianca Washington says:

    I am posting this to ever blog or message board. This is a message I have sent to playdom and I want all the players out there to know what type of company they are dealing with!!!

    I recently sent a message to support for social city that said:
    “I played the 8 buck raffle and the game took twenty four of my bucks and I had no reward the game just continued spinning for almost an hour. I spend about 80 dollars a month on social city and sorority life but lately there are way too many issues with brownie points and social city bucks. you need to address this issue. This is the second time this has happened in your raffle game. The first time I didn’t report it because I thought I was wrong about how many I started with. Now I make note of how many bucks I start with before playing. So now I have lost nearly fifty bucks with nothing to show. You guys need to either fix the bugs or remove the raffle from an otherwise awesome game. ”
    The message back from social city said:
    ” Thanks for contacting Playdom. Your ticket (#535529) has been reviewed and we’ve responded in the thread below. I hope we addressed your concern. If not, please respond to this email and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    Brian Drake, Jun 15 10:48 am (PDT):
    Dear Playdom Gamer,
    Thanks for contacting Playdom Game Services. We apologize for the errors you experienced and any inconvenience they may have caused. Many players are experiencing similar issues and we are currently working to have the issue resolved as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to return any coins or items lost during these errors or downtime.

    Thanks for continuing to play and enjoy the game. Also, be sure to become a fan of Social City today! ”
    This is crap! I pay for my bucks and a glitch in your system takes them away and your response is “Too bad, so sad”?!? Your game just effectively stole ten dollars from me and you refuse to do anything?!? You see that this is a problem that many of your loyal customers are having but aren’t going to do anything to resolve the problem. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Until now I only played Playdom games on facebook and myspace, but I think that is about to come to an end. Believe me when I say that all of the 800+ in my facebook friend list and the 2500+ in my myspace friends list is going to know what type of crap is being pulled by the makers of this “game”! Until now I thought that Playdom was the top app developer but you need to remove your name from this scam disguised as a game to preserve your reputation as a reputable company!
    Thank you,

  96. audrey says:

    please help me my social city game has dissapeared and when trying to find it , it says the no such link but my kids can get on theres ???

  97. gillian olney says:

    social city has gone off sceen i think i pressed expire how do get it back please

  98. chahat Khan says:

    I am facing problem while playing Social City, Some days back i was playing it on face book very well but after few days now i am unable to access my city i don’t know what happened to my Social City page pl z suggest?

  99. frockercan says:

    Can’t add neighbors! i sent them a neighbor invitation but my friends doesnt receive em. wTH is wrong? Are they going to fix this or what?

  100. scott says:

    has neone just noticed a glitch on social city, wen u put an item in inventory, then put it bck out, go to facebooks home, then go bck to ur social city, that the item u just put out is still in ur city, and in ur pack, its done it twice now, nd still have them

  101. The Best Facebook Games of 2010 says:

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  102. Social City Guide says:

    Playdom came out with a winner creating social city.

    Player love this kind of game , it is similar to Farmville where you have to build up and create things.
    Good luck to all Social City Players.

  103. Alecs Alvarez says:

    Incredible game that needs a connection fix
    unless will miss all players
    At least ill go back to Zynga’s best game; Farmville :D

  104. SuperFun Town: A Growing Facebook City-Builder from Iwi says:

    [...] that attractions passively earn money over a set amount of time. Unlike other city-builders such as Social City or My Empire, these structures have no purpose other than income, essentially meaning that the [...]

  105. connie says:

    I love the game but can’t seem to get on it at all just sits there and trys to load. I cleared the temp files but still no luck. I can get on on the computer at work so I am wondering if there is something on my computer that is blocking it from loading. I have a brand new computer so not sure any suggestions?

  106. rey says:

    At first, I don’t want to play this game ’cause it seems like the same of the “other sims game”, but since my son is playing and wanted me to be one of his neighbour, I joined. Playing for only 2 or 3 days, I found out so many errors and until now, I can’t play it because it ..FREEZES.
    F O R G E T I T….

  107. Shirley says:

    I can’t seem to get my game started Bubble Island What can I do to get this game started

  108. Shirley says:

    My game Bubble Island won’t start playing. It will load but won’t start the game.

  109. Sally says:

    My Social City cannot loading?

  110. napi says:

    the game was very buggy. it wont save my game. still stuck in that lvl. so. im quit. bye bye social city

  111. [DFO] Multiple Nominations for Game Developers Choice Online Awards « MS Update says:

    [...] Social City (Playdom) [...]

  112. n.gonzalez says:

    Me like everyone else seems to have a problem getting into social city if no one is interested in fixing the problem just let us know so we don’t waist our time trying to play it. every time I try to get in all I get is ERROR and can never get in!..what’s the situation with playdom are they playing with our inteligence..come on now it does not take so long to figure out what’s the problem and fix it, that is of course if you are interested in fixing it. very disapointed at playdom and their games!!!!!!

  113. mike says:

    this games sucks!!! for you to be able to create a great city… you have to buy most of the beautiful stuffs here… this isn’t social city, this is “GIVE ME MORE MONEY CITY”….

  114. yenyen says:

    Its tooooooooooooooooooooo slow to loading !!!!!!

  115. Yolanda Wong says:









  116. RockYou! Launches Toy Land on Facebook says:

    [...] of income for the user, fulfilling contracts called “Promises.” Just like other games, such as Social City, that use contract system, players pay a small cost to fulfill a promise, which will pay out a [...]

  117. nicco permana says:

    add me please !!

  118. Playdom & ESPN Launch ESPNU College Town on Facebook says:

    [...] Fan, Playdom is doing what it seems to know best, creating another themed city builder to join both Social City and City of Wonder. Although ESPNU is certainly of a different flavor than the previous two, [...]

  119. Russell Mentzer says:

    For the past few days I cannot send or return gifts. I just get the little flower looking thing, and it just sits there and spins.

  120. Sports City Combines City Building With Sports Management on Facebook says:

    [...] these become a core source of income. Most similar to contracts in Social City, players will be able to task these facilities with producing some form of sports merchandise over [...]

  121. RKO says:

    I’m playing ESPN college U and i’m using google chrome it goes so freaking slow what’s the deal it’s killing me…

  122. Happy Elements Releases an English Language Version of My Kingdom says:

    [...] few hours. Also, instead of a happiness gauge to determine the population (as in titles such as Social City), there is a more direct population cap. Even so, it still works the same way, as anything [...]

  123. Another Great City-Builder Comes to Facebook With Big Business says:

    [...] metropolis, economy and all. In order to do so, they must balance population and happiness, as with Social City, as well as ecology, power, production, and [...]

  124. naty gonzalez says:

    Lately I have not been able to log into my social city game wish I realy like. all I get is errors and will not log in to the game. can someone tell me ecxacly what I need to do so I can log back into social city with no problems…I hope so and will be waiting for an answer, thank you very much.

  125. Gabbie says:

    Playdom game: Gardens of Time will constantly lose its connection. It states: [02:26:04.511] ReferenceError: hog is not defined. Growing tired fast of these games that operate on a timed basis.

    I choose to use a script notifier and it wants to block Sounds fishy to me. What the heck they are they trying to prove anyway?

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