Another New Playdom Game Surfaces: Wild Ones, a Social Take On Worms

Wild Ones BazookaPlaydom has had a few game projects in the works; one is Tiki Farm, which discovered earlier this week. And, we just came across the alpha version of another: Wild Ones.

In a nutshell, the game has players create their own personalized animal avatar and wreak havoc upon other players in an explosive, last-man-standing shooter sort of game. The game could be described best as the child of the old PC title, Worms 2 from Team17. Actually, for all intents and purposes, it is Worms 2. Players scurry about a highly stylized 2D level of varying tiers, tossing grenades and bazooka shells at one another in a turn-based fashion.

The overall objective is to be the last of four players remaining. Each explosion takes a hefty chunk of life out of both the opponent and the landscape itself. In some cases, this land reformation adds to the depth of the game as it can not only impede where users can move, but if the land beneath you is destroyed, you fall into the waters below.

Wild OnesEach match can be played against either computer controlled bots, in a practice mode, or real opponents. And if human competition wasn’t enough, the game tends to drop random health kits and weapon caches (many of which are most curious… such as a bee gun) from the sky to aid to the mayhem. Furthermore, if a match takes too long, the water level begins to rise with each passing turn.

Of course, all of these features were in the Worms series. That isn’t to say that everything is a copy off the classic title, as there are a lot of differences: Worms fought in teams, health was lower, you could only fight one human opponent, and it had different unique weapons (i.e. the holy hand grenade or banana bomb).

Wild Ones ShopWhat the new app does have that is distinctive, is that players are actually able to customize their avatar and even change its animal type. When you start out, all you have is a plain looking dog, but as you play and level up you will unlock a rabbit, panda, and monkey template for purchase (using currency you gain periodically or purchase). Moreover, higher levels also have greater access to purchasable weapons and more intricate level maps.

Again, the game is in alpha, so a lot is subject to change. Quite frankly, Worms was a fantastic game, so as far as game play goes, Wild Ones doesn’t earn any major complaints; well, except for that it is still basically Worms. It does, however, beg for the physics that the Worms franchise was known for. Wild Ones does have them, but they don’t feel as sensitive as Worms’ did (which is actually something you would want to copy). As an example, if a grenade landed at your feet, you were about to go sailing across the entire map. Also, the health seems a little high. It takes forever for a match to end; especially when health kits keep falling from the sky.

Also, since the game is in alpha, it’s not really possible to make changes to the core of the game anyway, but the shopping for weapons and accessories does add some uniqueness to the title. Moreover, with the social integration, it makes playing against your friends infinitely easier than its predecessor.

Thus far, Wild Ones already has over 300,000 monthly active users, and we will look forward to seeing how it does once alpha is completed.

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62 Responses to “Another New Playdom Game Surfaces: Wild Ones, a Social Take On Worms”

  1. Tim Aste says:

    Wild things is fun

  2. arvin says:

    sali naman poh

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  5. marcus says:

    Hey mr. where are the cheats dude pls sen dme cheats :P i need i keep losing all my battles i’ve lost my game please please please send me cheats have mercy

  6. rory mcgregor says:

    can u please put the price of all the wepons ammo and difrent animals

  7. Dennis Moulton says:

    ammo is too expensive. or money is hard to come up with

  8. Jhay-ar says:

    sali na me

  9. brian wotring says:

    I can no longer play wild one’s through facebook….WHY!!!! Please help!!!

  10. krad says:

    i cannot play wild ones too the time stop?

  11. sikeston bingham says:

    lower the monkey prices money is to hard to come up with and the spcial powers more people will play if those two things happen

  12. francisco says:

    plz put digging again remember more popular

  13. francisco says:

    put digging again plz remember more popular dude more popular

  14. korbin says:

    your game sucks you need to get better connectio rates i hope that you erase the entire game awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww get a new connection cause i use to like the game till you retards messed up the connctios

  15. judson says:

    i neeed cheats, please tell me how to get money and ammo faster!!!! please please……. please

  16. shaira gonzales says:

    what is the name of the electric place there?

  17. Jeremy Ussery says:

    how do i dig with the rabbit? i seen some one do it today and it was not with the drill gun….. i just cant figure it out…. help

  18. derek says:

    do u know if there r any cheats any 1

  19. B2CM Master says:

    I love that game!!! I play it on all the time!!!

  20. Elise says:

    hi is this game free because it really sounds good!!!!

  21. Elise says:

    gess what i love… you lol !!

  22. wade says:

    the game is just badass but i have only played it on myspace what is the difference between facebook and myspace………….

  23. ivan says:

    ist ein gutes game

  24. Jack says:


  25. alec says:

    ganda nito garabe

  26. josh says:

    l love this game its awesome l love the drill gun and laser cannon

  27. mohammed says:

    wild ones the best

  28. oscar says:

    dude make another place other than facebook, and myspace plzz so it can make it even more popular and try to stop the laggg

  29. oscar says:

    dude plz make it or probably most of the people will quit….

  30. Ash says:

    i like this game

  31. hero says:

    ths is another wild ones u know

  32. hero says:

    ths is new wild ones game andits so coooool

  33. wildones addict says:

    i know how you can make money faster just open two internet maneger like mozzila and internet explorer open your main account one mozzila and the other account if you dont have two account barrow other account from your friend then create a private room join your 2 account together and then bet 200 on your main account and play your 2 account leave the other account that ist your main shot the other account that ist your main with your main account win the game with your main and you won 500.

  34. The Killer says:

    I love this game because is verry funny and I play very good, I playing evry time!!!!!:)

  35. aleksander says:

    Oi eu gostaria de saber como eu consigo jogar os selvagens o meu sempre para no 90%


  36. denilson says:

    alguin que me diga cual es la pagina de wild ones nuevo no el de facebook si no el que es en una pagina www???¿¿¿¿.??¿¿ por fa respondan me an dicho que es muy bueno y tine como una especie de casa donde guardas las mascotas :D quiero verlo para jugarlo XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  37. josh says:

    yeahh bra your game is hectic but ammo should be easier to buy and you should make heeps more animals like parrots and shit :) ily you and your game never kill it bye bye xo

  38. toby murthwaite says:

    wild ones is awesome but you need to make more animals like bird tiger crocodiles elephant and stuff like that make more animail plz and do it quick lol

  39. william says:

    Hi there, it would be awesome if u make some changes in wildones , like running around and kill eachother , and not have a timelimit like in world of warcraft, everybody run around at the same time and shooting, but u have like a cooldown on our attacks about 3 seconds and game time like 5-10 minutes and the one who kills most in 5-10 minutes win the game! That would be great and i think that you would get more members then. //William.

  40. jam es says:

    my friends are anoying me because thay are a higher level then me so plz plz plz plz send me cheats

  41. michael says:

    well… there is a dino hack and you can be like haha i got a dino. wha t you do is…

    1.go to pets all the pets like relly all of them so you will need money

    3.use the dogs time bone the cats scrach the monkeys climb the pandas punch the armidilos dig the bunnys jump the bats fly the hamsters grow on atleast one game and bet coins on each game you play.

    dont now how it works but it dous worked for me.
    if you have any qustions emal me at


  42. dana says:

    how 2 instal wild ones?

  43. marian says:

    wils ones is now stupid because it has membership member cool weapons and they always post sucks i like the hamster and the bat and then thier member wat a stupid membership i wil find u if i find u ill kill u in the penis

  44. duber josse gonzalez olaya says:

    Please ask me apologize for these actions please give me back my account from wild ones that I swear to hack volverre more porfa please

  45. eugen says:


  46. berkay atik says:

    wild ones mega is super.

  47. albert says:

    wild ones

  48. Gio says:

    I’m Lvl 34

  49. ahmad says:


  50. Benjamin says:

    como ven este es el mejor juego de todos junto con pet society bueno como ustedes ven solo se puede jugar en facebook no el juego el unico juego que puedes descargar haci es el worlm algo haci bueno en este juego yo soy nivel 42 estoy que paso al nivel 43 al nivel 43 te dan la game over nuke esa destruye casi todo el territorio bueno les dire algunas armas que conosco:missile,granade,minigun,baby nuke,nuke,mega nuke,game over nuke,slinhgot,alvin,tornado granade,missile chower,bomba rosada,pistol,invisivile posions.Y muchas mas gracias por aver visto este comentario.

  51. maikel says:

    como se descarga

  52. okan says:

    çok güzelya bu oyuna ayranım….

  53. Zaa3000 says:

    I love this game!!! I’m a Dragon at level 100 and i’m a member for the 10th time!!!

  54. kristopher says:

    me is super unlimited weapons in facebook

  55. kristopher says:

    me is super highyer lvl in facebook and unlimited weapons in wild ones

  56. nada says:

    la neta yo tengo el dragon el ornto armas in finitas

  57. nada says:


  58. Wild Ones Man says:

    im addicted at this game!!!
    i want game over nukes over 9999999 times!!!

  59. Wild Ones Man says:

    but i have about 324 game over nukes and a member have 521 treats and level 132!

  60. LANCE says:


  61. LANCE says:


  62. wild one says:

    i love this game im level 150 i got 1000 treats ace

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