Zynga’s Café World Goes from 0 to 8.6 Million Users in a Week, with Big Implications

FarmVille broke all sorts of records as the fastest-growing and largest application on Facebook. But now another Zynga production, Café World, is looking set to best it. The app has grown from 0 to 8.6 million users since it launched a week ago, according to AppData, based on a combination of cross-promotion from other Zynga games (including FarmVille) and advertising on Facebook.

This is especially good for Zynga, as we believe the company could try to go public as soon as next March. Café World has a baked-in revenue model in the form of virtual goods. It’s another big hit using the so-called “Zynga Playbook” for making apps grow, meaning the company can further justify its 2009 financials to public investors. We’ve heard the company is already on track to make $200 million this year.

Café World Facebook Application Stats & Info

However, the effect on the overall social gaming developer ecosystem is not so clearly good.

Café World is not a clone of Playfish‘s Restaurant City, but there are many similarities — like the fact that both are virtual restaurant games, where users create restaurants, cook and sell virtual food, etc…. Specific similarities include: The layout of the restaurants, the view of the street on the side, the design and animation of characters — especially walking and eating. See our review of the two games for more on that. Café World has done some features in a more interesting way, like restaurant expansion.

cafe-world-1In context, Restaurant City is currently the eleventh largest application on Facebook, with 16.2 million monthly active users. It is one of the company’s crown jewels, the other big one being Pet Society, at number 6 with 19.5 million monthly active users. The company is the second largest developer on Facebook, with 56.9 million monthly active users. But Zynga is the largest with 140 million, if you add up all of its applications (note: this number is not de-duplicated).

Restaurant CityTo get a sense for what Café World means for Restaurant City, take a look at what happened to Slashkey‘s Farm Town before and after Zynga launched FarmVille in June. As FarmVille grew, Farm Town’s traffic leveled off, even though it is staying steady with nearly 19 million monthly active users. The same may be happening for Restaurant City, as its traffic has also leveled off in the last week. Although none of those stories have been fully told — Playfish’s Country Story, also a virtual farming game, is smaller but is still managing to grow. It has more than doubled in the last 90 days, from 3.15 million to 7.34 million monthly actives.


What Zynga is showing is that it is willing to copy, then innovate on high-quality games perfected by others, and use its market size, cash, and optimization techniques to do that. Its cross-promotion efforts include strategically placed buttons for Café World in other games, including hits like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, YoVille and more. In terms of money, we’ve heard from multiple sources that Zynga is spending $50 million on Facebook ads this year. Meanwhile, Zynga isn’t just coming out with quality new games. It keeps pumping out new versions of existing games, like its recent expansions of Mafia Wars.

For any company that develops a game that gets traction, Zynga has the ability to come in and do it better.

Restaurant City Facebook Application Stats & Info-3

It is not clear what any other developer can do to stop this, besides find more effective ways to build and market their own apps. While Zynga is sometimes busted for things like spammy invites, many other developers have been or actively are guilty of the same. Perhaps a group of VCs or a private equity firm will step in with $100 million, roll up some of the smaller yet successful developer shops, and go to war? Perhaps more established gaming companies will make acquisitions and devote more resources to social gaming? Yesterday, casual game company PopCap raised $22.5 million in a large part to push its social gaming effort faster — this is after ten years of the company growing to 240 employees without ever taking a round. And it was not surprising to hear, earlier this week, that another large rival, Playdom, is looking to raise more money.

To dig deeper into the virtual goods market, check out our new report: Inside Virtual Goods: The US Virtual Goods Market 2009 – 2010.

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73 Responses to “Zynga’s Café World Goes from 0 to 8.6 Million Users in a Week, with Big Implications”

  1. Café World, da Zynga: de 0 a 8,6 milhões de usuários em uma semana | Tarcízio Silva says:

    [...] e crescimento dos jogos Zynga para o mercado como um todo. Acessem o artigo original e completo em http://www.insidesocialgames.com/2009/10/08/zyngas-cafe-world-goes-from-0-to-8-6-million-users-in-a-… Compartilhe e [...]

  2. Boomer Chamberlin says:

    me and like over 100k users would like to know what the HECK happened to the app TRIUMPH!!!!!!!

  3. Tina says:

    I have food on the stove that has taken quite a while to cook. It will surely spoli before this problem will be fixed. It takes a long time to make some of those dishes. I won’t be so willing to invest that play time on this game again.

  4. Tadhg Kelly says:

    There’s no denying that Zynga has managed to create a clever commercial engine for their games and a vast amount of userbase as a result. There’s also no denying that this has occured largely on the basis of pretty predatory tactics in terms of development. Their own forays into original development did not go too well after all (as Mark Pincus boasted a while ago at GDC, killing a fantasy RPG title that cost $2m to develop etc).

    However there are two important things to note here:

    1. The Curve

    There’s profit all along the curve. To get to such vast numbers, Zynga has had to spend big. What I find very interesting is those 19m users sitting in Farm Town, those 56m users sitting in Playfish’s games. Those numbers have been achieved without spending on vast marketing budgets.

    Zynga may have 140m users (possibly, as noted above, many recycled into several games rather than a ‘natural audience’). But I think the stickiness of those user numbers are considerably softer.

    More importantly, there’s little evidence to suggest that just because Zynga has such large numbers that this is a problem for anyone else. Social games are distributed to such a vast audience that they are not really a zero-sum game in the way that the console gaming industry is. In that way it kind of doesn’t matter what Zynga is doing.

    2. The Games.

    With due respect, many of the source games of Zynga’s hits are not particularly innovative or complex games as such. They are easy targets. Maybe that’s picking a fight but I think it is time to acknowledge openly that titles like Restaurant City, Farm Town and Mobsters are pretty thin simulators which, while holding the public interest because of their innately casual underpinnings, are not exactly great experiences.

    They are simplistic as games, and this is what makes them clone-able. It does not take a great deal of time to design a restaurant simulation game when that simulation does not bother attaching any game effects to the individual virtual goods, for example. Nor does it really stretch the brain to design a leveling system for a role playing game when that game’s entire mechanic is a really simple “Do Job” unlock mechanism.

    Zynga (or Playdom, Playfish, SGN, anyone really) copies these games because it takes their developers mere weeks or a couple of months at best to do so. Social games are, so far, incredibly dumb software.

    There are many lessons to be learned from the early days of Atari, in fact. In the days of Pong and whatnot, Atari used to get very annoyed by all the versions of Pong that used to appear. Popcap found a similar situation when Bejewelled was cloned by absolutely every casual developer out there. Many games have suffered from a similar level of easy copying and there isn’t really any magic to it at all. Game cloning has a very long and ignoble history.

    The kinds of games that don’t get successfully cloned are complex ones. Will Wright’s Sims games have never been successfully cloned because they are actually quite complicated. The game mechanics are not immediately apparent, the rule resolutions likewise, and so it would take the average copy-and-paste developer way too long to figure it out. World of Warcraft has never been cloned. Competed with certainly but not carbon copied. It’s too complex.

    The secret, therefore, to protect yourself from Zynga and Zynga-esque tactics from other companies is simple: Make great games that they can’t reverse-engineer in a week.

    As a side note I think the recently touted “Zynga Playbook” stuff is highly overrated. A lot of bloggers like to puzzle over it and make out like there is some mystery or secret sauce to how Zynga operate. There isn’t. Their model is incredibly simple.

    All Zynga are doing is applying a funnel marketing model, directing users from one game to another. Playfish do exactly the same thing with that big sidebar they have in all of their games. A funnel strategy is as simple as ‘Copy Game X, apply advertising budget up the wahzoo, rinse and repeat’. It’s television thinking.

    And it’s a perfectly solid way to operate a business. Television rewards mass consumerism and Zynga and the others are all looking to gain those vast numbers. So they apply the model and spend their warchests and generate users. Just like NBC and CBS.


    At some point a segment of the social gaming audience is going to tire of thinness. Unlike the TV audience they are always vulnerable to being poached via the infinite channels effect. Unlike the TV audience they are also very young, very naive and in many cases very new to the platform. Many Facebook gamers are like people who just bought their first TVs, and so are impressed with anything shiny.

    Game depth, complex original ideas and more fringe/niche games that command greater loyalty through originality are starting to seep through. Those games are by far the most interesting future experiences and they are the ones that will ultimately drive the most value. I don’t just say this as a developer (which I am, working on Spell Souls which aims to be one of those games) but as an observer and student of how game markets rise and fall. The Zynga / Playfish / Playdom TV model is very vulnerable because it is based on thin games, and many higher-monetising game players inevitably gravitate toward more depth, specialisation and niche interest. They don’t tend to settle for thin-ness indefinitely.

    I think that the next step for the top social game companies, as a result, is a combination of serious RnD to get some quality games under their wing combined with a round of acquisition. Zynga has built themselves a presence, as has Playfish etc, and those are qualities that existing game publishers like EA and Activision are going to want to snap up regardless of whether they understand or know what to do with them. I expect therefore that Zynga and the other companies will to snapped up within 12-18 months (if they have any sense).

  5. Bowen Paul says:

    Great comment Tadhg, I completely agree, the games as they are simple and faddy and will pass. Sony have launched a version of Buzz which is one of their more social games, but I think the games are so simplistic at the moment the big developers would rather build than buy

  6. Raph’s Website » Marc Laidlaw on single-player games says:

    [...] mode for the burgeoning titles on Facebook (most recent crazy example, Zynga’s Cafe World, which has reached over 8m users in one week). You cannot separate this success from the fact that your gaming is public [...]

  7. Guest Writer says:

    [...] This trend continued this week as Zynga looks on track to beat records for fastest growing Facebook app. Cafe World has climbed from 0 users to a whopping 8.6 million users in just a week according to Appsdata. This overshadows even Farmville’s growth and sets Cafe World well on the path to claiming the top spot. The game is also creating speculation as to its effect on Playfish’s Restaurant City. Restaurant city is currently the 11th largest Facebook app and it will be interesting to see if Zyngas latest title will put a damper on its growth. The release of Farmville had the effect of stopping the growth of Slashkey’s Farm Town. This raises several questions: Will Zynga do the same to Playfish?  How loyal are players to the brand of game? How far can the numbers of users grow with this apparent lack of innovation? [...]

  8. Mike Laidlaw on single-player games « Austin Entrepreneur Network says:

    [...] mode for the burgeoning titles on Facebook (most recent crazy example, Zynga’s Cafe World, which has reached over 8m users in one week). You cannot separate this success from the fact that your gaming is public [...]

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    [...] Zynga’s Café World Goes from 0 to 8.6 Million Users in a Week, with Big Implications – intressant analys om zynga och hur de lanserar sina facebookspel. [...]

  10. Zynga’s Café World Gaining Momentum At A Rapid Pace says:

    [...] How did Zynga do it? Cross-promotion. They linked Café World through FarmVille, a game that already has 56 million users according to AppData. Zynga has been making money by selling virtual goods in their games. Zynga will be making about $200 million in revenues this year alone according to Eric Eldon of Inside Social Games. [...]

  11. Marina Strand says:

    Spelet segar jättemycket

  12. Beyond Café World and FarmVille on This Week’s Top 20 Fastest-Growing Apps says:

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  18. elaine dougan says:

    would be good if i could get on it

  19. Wendy Graham says:

    Numbers should/will drop if fans can’t play it!! The application has not been responding for a couple of days.

  20. Ken says:

    There are many cheats in Cafe World who can get a ridiculous number of stoves. Zynga is also not responding to reports on cheats.

  21. cathy says:

    love the zynga games. have lots of fun

  22. Sandy says:

    Cafe World is great if you can get on and play. It’s been very choppy the last couple of days and it’s difficult to play. I’m sure it has to do with how many users you have gotten and I’m sure your site can’t hold all of us. I have my meals on the stoves that are ready RIGHT NOW that I have been waiting for for 24 hours and now I cannot get onto the site. I hope my food does not spoil =O
    It’s a fun little game and it’s a great stress reliever. I think you should have more 6, 8 & 12 hour cooking times versus the 1 day time. Good luck with your site and I’ll buy stocks as soon as I can!!

  23. Big Jim says:

    The game isnt allowing me to get on it atm.. I have 2 Chickens, a pot roast and 2 vamp steaks ready to put on the counter and they are going to spoil… this is not good at all, anyone know why?
    USMC Recruit Stufflebean
    Nov. 2, 2009 date for Boot leave
    Semper Fi

  24. gigi says:

    since Zynga is popular in creating virtual games, why not create or come up with a mall, supermarket or/and grocery shop game something like expanding your store thru leveling, think thats one good idea since i am a zynga game patronizer. Thanks

  25. Candy says:

    I am considering to quit this game while I was going to like it.

    They have servers problem, so sometimes I couldn’t login and lost my dishes & time. e.g. I cooked a chicken for 24 hours and planned to serve it this afternoon, but I lost it coz’ I couldn’t login as the servers problem. Don’t want to waste my time on it.

  26. BIG RODney!!! says:

    This game cafe world is 100 times better than that crappy farmville!!!! It is so shite!!!!!!!!!! farmville.

  27. Dayanara says:

    I love Cafe World. I forget my problems when I play every night as soon as I arrived home. I am happy with it. Congratulations.

  28. That’s 8 point 6 million with an “m” « twobitgames says:

    [...] my response after I read a post on Raph Koster’s site (I’m playing feed catch-up) which quote from/linked to this article regarding Zynga’s Cafe [...]

  29. sommer says:

    Ever since I got to Level 22, Cafe World hasn’t worked properly, my waiters stopped serving, so everyone just walks right out (even through walls). I love the game, it’s my fav in all the zynga games, but it has been driving me crazy! the thing is everyone elses seems to be working , but none of my friends have gotten as far as I have, so I dont know if the problem is with me or with the game.

  30. Social Gaming – sukces Zynga Games « Mariusz Pełechaty says:

    [...] wykresy dot. Cafe World znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, a poniżej kilka restauracji, z którymi [...]

  31. Cafe World od Zynga Games – esencja social gamingu « Mariusz Pełechaty says:

    [...] wykresy dot. Cafe World znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, a poniżej kilka restauracji, z którymi [...]

  32. Derek says:

    think a very good game, when i can play,
    have a problem very hit and miss loading (on facebook) loads all other games apart from Farmville & cafe world, any advice ?

  33. Former MySpace CEO Looking at Social Gaming Roll-up says:

    [...] fact, back in early October, before we heard the DeWolfe rumors, we were speculating who could challenge the current markets leaders. “Perhaps a group of VCs or a private equity [...]

  34. Cafe World Guide says:

    Get all the Cafe World Cheats, Hacks, and Strategies at:


    Learn to get points and coins overnight, gain 20 levels in 3 days, double your Cafe Coins every 8 hours, and much more!

  35. How Big Social Games Maintain Their Sticky Factors says:

    [...] games (Café World and Roller Coaster Kingdom) are still coming off their launch highs and hadn’t found a stable sticky factor prior to the news feed change, so it’s hard to [...]

  36. Tim says:

    Great game. I found out the best secrets on how to get ahead at http://bit.ly/8sDf2

  37. molly says:

    Enjoy the game but really wish they would let us expand the cafe. Ran out of room, have lots of money saved but cannot go any where else with this game until they let me expand.

  38. Roxane Eibel says:

    I was on I believe 30 when I when I recieved the stir fry food. When I went to level 31 I recieved the stir fry again. So now I just reached lovel 33 and when I click the point count at the top it shows next level 33 a stove I believe it is a glinch and I am one item behind, :evel 32 I got a counter and it says next lovel 33 is a stove. Well I am on already on level 33 I hope I explained his correctly.
    Thanks , Roxane

  39. FishVille Gets Millions of Users in First Week, But Sees Slower Growth Than Past Zynga Titles says:

    [...] watching to see if the developer could again eclipse records for user growth. The last Zynga hit, Café World launched a little over a month ago, gaining 1.1 million new users on day two and an additional 1.4 million users on day three, [...]

  40. Lynda says:

    It was very fun until I expanded as far as I could and now I am bored. I have lots of points and cannot expand and am sick of not having enough room. I am at level 41 and it is the same thing everyday. Why can they not make expansions available?

  41. Facebook Cafe World Cheats says:

    This is phenomenal.Another hit for Facebook Games.
    First with Mafia Wars , then Farmville and here comes another cool game that i like to play , Cafe World.

    Let’s play it together.

  42. Janet says:

    They’ve added Mac and Cheese (yeah) but it says 1 hr cook time and I bought it at the same time as the tikka masala kabobs which also take one hour and the kabobs were done but the mac and cheese still had 1/2 hr to go : (

  43. Hooked on Café World? « sundh.com says:

    [...] New to Café World? It is one of many games made by Zynga. The game can only be played on Facebook and you can invite your friends on Facebook. From today the game hs more users than Twitter and the number of users have rapidly increased over a week. Read more about it here! http://www.insidesocialgames.com/2009/10/08/zyngas-cafe-world-goes-from-0-to-8-6-million-users-in-a-… [...]

  44. FarmVille: The Biggest Social Game of 2009, By the Numbers says:

    [...] recent Zynga games have grabbed the headlines this fall — first Café World, then FishVille and most recently PetVille — virtual farming game FarmVille continues to grow [...]

  45. ISG: FarmVille Is the Biggest Social Game of 2009, By the Numbers says:

    [...] recent Zynga games have grabbed the headlines this fall — first Café World, then FishVille and most recently PetVille — virtual farming game FarmVille continues to grow by [...]

  46. Kathy Treloar says:

    I have been having trouble from day 1 when my ability to share extra food suddenly stopped publishing on my FB page. Now when I try to send gifts and put in 20 names when I hit send the application tells me I haven’t selected any friends yet – how does one get help!!! I can’t find anything that will get this thing working properly. I can’t even leave and start again.

  47. Lets Crack – Episode 3 « Let's Crack – Web Marketing Podcast (India) says:

    [...] And some more gyaan which includes some stuff about Victoria’s Secret lingerie! The InsideSocialGames article which I talk about can be read here. [...]

  48. Terry Allen says:

    Hi again,
    Love game; but fix errors!
    Please fix the chief’s because they have been suck in place for five days now without moving! I’m loosing customers and pts. I’m way behind because of this; partly.


  49. annie from Fremantle says:

    Well it’s all and good to be the most popular online game but now Cafeworld is also known as the buggiest.

    Take a look at the forums of zynga and the majority of threads are about glitches, lag and food, counters and objects disappearing. Complaints of bugs abound.

    Even now there are known bugs and glitches but their seems to be quite a bit of apathy in zynga developers to fix them. Instead they just put in more and more gimmicks and heaps of nice new items to be bought with real money.

    It gives me the imagery of a car that’s hardly working, but has the BEST stereo system around.. ‘your car’s a piece of ___ which won’t drive well but love the stereo and lights in it!”

  50. Deborah says:

    Well said Annie, I just came from the forums and posted a long messege to the developers. On my FB home page today people were commenting about being sick of Cafe World. They now have implemented some new log in page that takes twice as long and for me, I have the largest cafe and all the stoves and counters you can possible get i the game and its just one big flippin lag. Its the owrst game ive ever seen on the internet. Honestly. I dont know how a compnay can continue to get away with it. They put out their to the media they are so great but in fact they are the worst Game developers I have come across today on the internet. The developers do not know how to code properly, especially in the latancy dept of the game. You can turn blue in the face with your Zynga game reports and nothing ever gets done. They have the worst customer service as well.And try and say something that isnt all possitive about the game on the Zynga forums. The head honcho Mod will send you a notification faster then I can say Zynga and delete your post and all you sais was the game stunk and fix it. They have totally put a gag on any bad publicity to there games. I went to Marks blog and said what was on my mind and I got a email from the customer service manager wanting to call me. I was going to do it but then said to myself,”she is only doing this because I went that far”. When I like over 100 reports complaining they didnt care then , why now? Cause I went public outside Zyngas kingdone and FB. Thats why.

  51. magdeline says:

    yes I am having a problem with cafe` world ,it`s too slow and the food disappearing of the counters that I waited hours for the food to cook and the coins, I use to cook the dishes.this is pissing me off then I don`t feel like playing the games, do something about this problem soon. I enjoy playing it like cooking the dishes not when i get pissed off with it.I will stop playing this games

  52. demi mercado says:

    my cafe world zynga on facebook was blocked.can you please help me on how to get it back.i missed playing cafe wolrd.

  53. Deborah says:

    I dont know why you miss it. Its a fact all Zynga games have technical issues daily and THE ONLY REASON THEY ARE MAKING IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ON FACEBOOK. If they werent on FB they wouldnt have all these users. Thats a fact! If Zynga had its own place to go and the games were as crappy runned as they are now, Mark would be working at Burger King. They are the worst games Ive ever played.Zynga (Mark) use the FB people as guinea pigs and we let him get away with this. We complain daily of all his games not working and it does no good. How he is getting away with this Illnever know and they make money from dumb people that give it for virtual items. Its time for people to stand up to Zynga and stop giving real cash and maybe they will finially fix there games. They are all in a shambles. Thats a fact because i play Farmville, Petville. Yoville, Cafe World and CW is the worst. I quit Roller Coaster Kingdom because it was real bad like cafe Worls with the latency problem that was not coded correctly and they refuse to change it. People need to ban together and not let Zynga get away from also ripping people off daily. if you read the different forums of the games you will read many complaints of people that have paid cash and not gotten what they paid for 3 months later down the road. How can a company ever get this far. Its idots allowing it and other pay the price. I refuse to every give Mark any of my hard money when I get noting but headach from his games. The only reason why I play is because of my personal situation being home all the time and its pom FB and its something to to do but its gotten to where its just an awful experience daily playing any Zynga game. Now put that on the chart of all of the complaints, and its not just me that has about had it with Zynga. They have an awful service record, their games are always breaking down daily, and to say anything on a Zynga forum that isnt positive without being ugly your still shut down by the Mods. Zynga doesnt like for any negativity to get out. Zynga is one big Negative in my books. And the only reason why I play is because its on FB and I want to stay comnnectd to my firends there and they feel the same way. Its like e have a barrel over our heads really.

  54. John Mazo says:

    I would like to take a brief glance to this “PlayBook” just to see if it deserves all this buzz it is receiving.

  55. faye williams says:

    why dont you all fix cafe world its pops up says lost connection it very bad when you expect to have a nice cafe im level 64 cant get in to get food off food spoiled need to fix it or lots people going to quit playing it

  56. deborah ford says:

    I have been playing cafe world on facebook for awhile now I am on level 72 I am having a problem I can’t cook anything it keeds kicking me off the game. I cant
    ‘t serve any of my gifts keep getting kicked off and when i can cook something it takes a long to get it off I get kicke doff all the time and I dont fell I should have to reset to start all over again I worked really hard to get where I am on the game and want to stay please tell me what I can do to fix the problem. Thank You,

  57. nancy archambeault says:

    i lost my useage of cafe world three days ago i have tried and tried to regain the site but each time the popup said i clicked and expired site or typed it incorrectly . i try everything to regain the site to no avail i even wrote zanga for help no answer can some one help me correct the problem

  58. donna barnes says:

    i have lost usage of cafe world and so have 6 other of my family memebers. as soon as we click cafe world everything locks up and you can’t navigate anywhere on the page. the mouse seems usless and then it shows the characters moving and spoiled food but you can’t do anything on the page. i have to hit the refresh button to get out of the page. i hope someone will be able to help all of us so we can continue to play this game. will lose alot of people if this doesn’t get corrected.

  59. suzette mazyck says:

    my cafe world just disaper now i can not even get the app for it

  60. suzette mazyck says:

    yes i lost the game to can someone tell me what is going on with it. mines also said expired site try again??????

  61. FLORA DULEMDA says:


  62. julie says:

    I can get my homepage but cannot get in to my cafe some of my family can’t ,wot’s going on.

  63. Lorna Zaragoza says:

    Im having a problem sharing my food Its not posting to my profile also, when I click on the envelope to help or recieve food It use to go back to the game and now I get kicked off. I have to restart the game all over again. Can you help me get this fixed.

  64. paula gordon says:

    I just leveled up to 109 and got 0 cafe cash.
    This is not the first time this has happened. Getting 0 cash for leveling up has been going on for a month or so. Can you fix this?

  65. Toby Johnston says:

    @Tina i’ve been playing cafe world for 2 or 3 weeks and i’ve waited 2 days for a pot roast to finish, it actually doesn’t take very long, all you have to do is be very patient and wait for your dishes to finish otherwise cafe world is not for you because its not for impatient people so be patient ok?

  66. Puss says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so indisnpesable.

  67. sarah lawrence says:

    my cafeworld is not loading, i need to know why and i have updated my window and flash player

  68. Eunice says:

    i did agoal to get pumpkin seeds and didn’t get them i need them to do another game and i placed my witches caudiron and it dissappeared help please thank you

  69. jovita munoz says:

    On one of my goal Amelia’s 3 i erased by mistake my bat teriyaki and can not countinue please could you put it back. I HAD PUT TOGETHER RICE BAT BONES ABD TERIYAKI THANK YOU …..

  70. Tiffany smalls says:

    Please make a Cafe world Express like u did for Farmville for the Mobile Android phones, please. Thank you

  71. patricia johnson says:


  72. Toni B says:

    I have been playing cafe world for over a year and a half. I played up until around 2PM today and then the link wouldn’t work. I have food that needs to be taken off stoves but can’t get in. I can’t even get to cafe world to send a message saying I can’t access it. What a waste of my time to lose all that food. I am currently running four different cafe’s (in different names) and I’ll lose food on all of them. That’s very discouraging. Is there any recourse when this happens?

  73. Joan Smith says:

    Several features do not work. I cannot ask my friends to send things because the page comes up blank. Some of the build items don’t work at all to have people help, they just flash and go back to the original. I had been working on the different dishes but now the all expire because I can’t get anyone to send items because the game will not let me send request to my friends that I know play. I am getting very frustrated. I have been playing since the game came out but I might have to stop because of all the problems.

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