Green Patch Goes Farming, Releases (Lil) Farm Life on Facebook

farmlifeWhile farming has been popular in China for a while, farming on Facebook really first started growing with a simple social game called myFarm. Then came Farm Town, which hit an impressive rank of #4 in the Top 25 within its first month, and later, Zynga took a crack with FarmVille and ousted long time veterans for the overall #1 spot on the Facebook gaming charts. Next came Playfish with Country Story, and so it’s only a matter of time before yet another major social game developer joined the fray.

Now, Green Patch is going farming with its latest title (Lil) Farm Life.

Like all (Lil) games from Green Patch, Farm Life utilizes similar key concepts of its predecessors: players plow land, plant seeds, tend to them, harvest them when they grow, and send gifts to friends. In Green Patch fashion, gift proceeds go to the prevention of rain forest deforestation.

However, with this game, players don’t have to deal with the care of plants (i.e. daily watering) as much. Instead, Farm Life incorporates the all too familiar mechanic from other games in which players and friends can help each other out by cleaning up leaves, scaring off crows, harvesting crops and so on. In fact, the more you help friends, the more money you earn for your hard work.

avatarCertainly, this is the best looking game from Green Patch. All of the visuals are crisp and clean and don’t have that flat pixelated look that has been seen before. A number of the elements are animated and the game comes complete with a quirky instrumental rendition of the children’s song “Old McDonald” (though this will probably be muted shortly). Perhaps the best element, however, is the custom avatars, which are significantly better than the other farm titles out there in terms of customization.

(Lil) Farm Life is another farming game, so there’s not much new to say about game play that hasn’t been said before in the previously mentioned games. However, what is most frustrating is the uncanny level of bugs that one encounters while playing at the moment. For example, upon first creating a character, the “Return Home” command required that the avatar needed a change to female and the game started reading the player farm as a friend‘s farm. Using the context menu to plant seeds on multiple plots of land caused one plot to become unusable with a “can’t do this action right now” type of error. These bugs were not too frequent though and seemed to go away after a reload of the game.

Looking past the bugginess, (Lil) Farm Life is not a bad game. It’s not wholly original, but frankly, it stands out amongst the other Green Patch titles due to visual style.

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12 Responses to “Green Patch Goes Farming, Releases (Lil) Farm Life on Facebook”

  1. Kellemora says:

    Whoever wrote the article regarding this game obviously has never seriously tried to play this game.

    It’s considered BETA so you can expect numerous BUGS!

    Personally, I don’t think it’s even close to the BETA stage yet!!!! It should NEVER have been released for BETA testing until someone in-house tried playing it first!

    The first problem is the makers of the game are NOT honest folks, care less about whom they have hurt with the game, due to issues with the game that should have been LONG resolved before release to the public as Beta.

    The Avatar, even though CUTE as the dickens and well made, is a Royal Pain in the Arse. It runs under your TOOL and gets selected. It shouldn’t be selectable if you have a tool in your hand.
    And it’s WAY TO SLOW! I can set a field to plow or sow seed and be done before the Avatar is done with the first row.

    If you’ve noticed, those who play FarmVille seriously, are placing their Avatar inside a fence to keep him out of the way and speed up the game tenfold.

    The grid on (Lil) Farm Life has shifted several times since the game was introduced, making it impossible to keep things lined up with things already placed.

    Many players have had 100% of their crops and funds wiped out, leaving them with ZERO to 5 coins. Those responsible for this SERIOUS FLAW in the game, do not even have the audacity to give those SHOT DOWN players a fresh start, much less make restitution for their loss.

    They knocked out the LEAD player of the group I played with! He was a MILE ahead of everyone else. They took his crops and his coins and left him with ZERO.
    He asked for 1/2 of what he had to get started again.
    His request went not only unanswered, but totally ignored.

    WHY is there not a cross check in the game to seek out such CATASTROPHIC ERRORS and automatically correct them????? THAT should have been in place in the early formation days of the game!

    This leaves everyone to believe, the makers of this game are NOT nice people and care about no one except themselves.

    On the other side of the coin! It’s a nice game and is beginning to collect a devoted band of followers.
    Many of those who were CHEATED by the makers of FARMVILLE with their FALSE Representations of things.
    Such as their Tractor SCAM! That turned a LOT of people SOUR against FarmVille!

    MyFarms double click to plow is virtually killing their game. Plus they charged to delete a field. If you buy a mansion those costs are zero, which helped to bring some folks back. Just don’t make those same mistakes.
    Because I LIKE (Lil) Farm Life, even though I too lost 100% of my crops and coins! I still play it, from ground zero up!

    CU, Kell

  2. rochelle says:

    this is so fun game?im rigth anyong haseoyo 2 u

  3. kimone says:

    i love your website i love your game i love all your concerts i love your hand writing i love every thing

  4. Janis Bender says:

    there is a problem today with this game

  5. denise says:

    hi i love ur game but i don’t like wat is happening now i am unable to see my farm.. and hell this loading system is to slow i feel like i want to sleep when waiting for it to show it self.. could the makers of this game try to do something bout it..

  6. Linda Kinworthy says:

    I liked lil farm life but if something does not get done with it like really fast I’m deleting it off my computer. It runs way too slow and u can plow or plant things and have to do it all over again because it didn’t take. This is the last straw. I was all for this because of the rainforest but this should have been taken care of by now. Do not bring NEW things until u get the OLD things working right.I give it one more month then I and my friends are out of here.

  7. Lisa says:

    Many players have had 100% of their crops and funds wiped out, leaving them with ZERO to 5 coins
    And I was one of them! I lost everything! And not even been rewarded for it, and how is it?

  8. Alice Davidson says:

    Lil Farm Life is a terrible game, never works!!

  9. Janice says:


  10. Diane Matthes says:

    I stopped playing lil farm because all I can do is send and receive gifts. When I go to my sisters house she has a different server and I can open it up, but I can’t open it up on my server, I don’t understand this since I had no trouble with my server in the beginning

  11. nagarajan says:

    i am not able to play lil farm life.unable to see my farm.pls help me by giving some solutions to solve this problem.

  12. nagarajan says:

    its one of my fav game.i feel sad without playing….

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