With FarmVille, Zynga Joins the Facebook Farming Fray

farmvillelogoFarming games are the most popular games on Chinese social networks, and they’re starting to gain more steam on Facebook now too. The first was myFarm, but then SlashKey.com came along and had much more success with Farm Town (which actually debuted at #4 in the Top 25 two months ago and is still pretty popular today). Though it wasn’t an original concept, the virtual farming game was still pretty good. Now, another clone has emerged: FarmVille.

Farmville is from Zynga, a company that has made a name for itself by acquiring or emulating many of the most successful games on Facebook and MySpace.

Currently, FarmVille has about half as many features as its predecessor. In Farm Town, players are able to travel around to the market and local inn to interact with other players. FarmVille limits players to their own farm and their surrounding neighbors.

Like the other farming titles, players plow land, grow crops, and harvest them for money with the sole objective of creating an aesthetically pleasing virtual environment that allows expression of oneself. For each action done, players earn experience and work towards new levels that unlock better and more interesting items and crops.

Farm Town Compared to FarmVille

One main thing that seems to be different is the items one can buy. One of the chief complaints for Farm Town was the high cost of items and the relatively low income, but that isn’t the case with FarmVille. More items tend to be available at lower levels and for more reasonable amounts of coin. A cow, for example in the Zynga app is 300 coins while a chicken in slashkey’s title is 500. Granted, there are far more animals available in the latter, but most are locked until much higher levels anyway.

farmvilleVisually, the game does look good, but it looks rather familiar, using the same art style of Farm Town. However, Farm Town uses a style awfully close to Zynga’s YoVille, so the circle of imitation goes full circle it seems. In FarmVille, each item has a cartoonish feel to it and fits well with the visual style. A tree has the same art style as a crop, while in Farm Town it looks more like a photograph. Ultimately, the visual design in FarmVille is excellent, but the game play still leaves a lot to be desired.

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104 Responses to “With FarmVille, Zynga Joins the Facebook Farming Fray”

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    [...] Perhaps signifying our repressed longing to connect to a more physical world, virtual farming is all the rage [ISG] [...]

  2. Social Game Developers Spending Millions on Facebook Advertising says:

    [...] do spend a lot of money on advertising when we want to, like when we launched Farmville,” Pincus said. “We spent a couple million dollars advertising it and we’re not [...]

  3. TADEB says:

    farm ville games on facebook I PLAY FARM VILLE

  4. yvette comeau says:

    cant play farmville it will not load

  5. Darlene says:

    Need some new farmville neighbors. Anyone want to join our merry little band of newbies and experience farmers? Find us on face book.

    Hope to have new neighbors. Thanks D

  6. 37 million people play farming games on facebook | field notes: news & resources for re-linking the food chain says:

    [...] knew?  According to Inside Social Games, farming games are the most popular games on Chinese social networks, and they’re starting to [...]

  7. suraj joshua says:

    this game farm ville is a nice game

  8. The Top 25 Facebook Games for September, 2009 says:

    [...] of humble farming! While it was last month that Zynga reached the #1 spot with its brand new title, FarmVille, this month proves to be no different. However, while the standings are the same, the numbers [...]

  9. mariamarissa williams says:

    You bet its nice and fun to play farmille but most of the time it doesn’t download sick and tired of it

  10. Game Companies Making Good Use of Social Network Ads says:

    [...] as a result. Zynga notably spent a couple million dollars to advertise its hit new game, FarmVille, starting in June. Its spending on Facebook’s own advertising service has been successful [...]

  11. Samantha Grace Gloria says:

    like this game

  12. josi overstreet says:

    I cannot get to my farmville, and don’t know who to contact. I can to facebook but not farmville.

  13. lovely says:

    i like this game

  14. Rathish says:

    I love this FarmVille.. you rock!!!!

  15. FarmVille Milestone, Mobile, International Apps in Facebook Top 20 This Week says:

    [...] Zynga’s hit virtual farming game FarmVille reached 50 million monthly active users this past week, and led our AppData application growth leaderboard with 4.21 million new users. The app is now one sixth the size of Facebook itself, going by the platform’s recently-announced 300 million monthly active users. [...]

  16. The Top 25 Facebook Games for October 1, 2009 says:

    [...] month records were set by the astounding growth of Zynga’s FarmVille. However, those records have been broken again this month, and more and more new faces appear on [...]

  17. Zynga’s Power Plays — A Review says:

    [...] games: Zynga launched FarmVille in June, long after other companies offered similar virtual farming games — but Zynga’s [...]

  18. Susan Cendana says:

    Why can’t I open my farm or go to neighbor’s farm?Please help,The farmville display goes on and on.

  19. Donna Neal says:

    All animals on my farm and my neighbor’s farms have disappeared from my computer. They can see my animals and theirs but I cannot see theirs or mine. The spaces where the animals were are unusable.

  20. jannaye says:

    this is going to be fun

  21. gosselin says:

    Bonjour, dans ma ferme ville, je ne parviens pas à vendre de produits….. 9à ne fonctionne pas, merci de me donner une solution

  22. Elizabeth Wuebbeling Anello says:

    Why am I unable to view and play my farm or my neighbors farms?

  23. Rita Cox says:

    I am very upset,besides finally getting reconnected this afternoon after being off farmvilles radar for a day and a half.Loosing crops and now unable to keep requests sent to me after accepting them. You go and tell me that I have ignored them,when in fact I have not.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  24. whin says:

    i don’t know how to play it..but i think it’s fun..so i have to play this game…!

  25. Marlie says:

    I aways have “done with errors on page” when I go to Farmville. What is wrong? Farmville is my favorite farm to play.

  26. Two Tips and Two Tricks for FarmVille says:

    [...] FarmVille has over 67.8 million monthly active users. So we decided to look into what works for all the [...]

  27. hasmin says:

    farmville is great i hope there will be more fun in it guys you dont know how fun it is!!!!!

  28. jhoyce nagal says:

    love to play farmville but it accidentally cant load to my pc.try to help me in dis problem.tnx

  29. SAM says:


  30. SAM says:


  31. Sam Tayeb says:


  32. Sam Tayeb says:


  33. Dimitriya Chilingirova says:

    i like this game, but it can’t load to my pc.try to help me to fix the problem. thanks

  34. Renee says:

    I love playing farmville but I haven’t been able to get it to load in 2 days. What is the problem? I don’t want to have to restart. Is there something going on with farmville that needs to be corrected or is it just my computer?

  35. lucine atamian says:

    when I go to farmville I have “done with errors on page”, what is wrong,help me.

  36. casinto gretchen says:

    8’s fun!

  37. casinto gretchen says:

    i love to play farm ville but, i dont know how to log in , on my face book account .

  38. boots sasser padgett says:

    why dose farmville not load and allways says done with errors? i need the errors off im too old to have to deal with this, help me please. boots

  39. Boots Padgett says:

    when i go from facebook to farmville, it starts loading, then says, done with errors, but it never comes on. what is the errors and why can i not get on farmville? boots sasser padgett

  40. ivy grace says:

    its frustrating, the error message now is “The page you requested was not found.”

    the past days farmville is not accessible…would you know what’s happening? and care to tell us how to resolve this issue?

  41. Lillian Rodriguez says:

    I love Farmville,but it has been two days thay i cant play,cant load the game,can you help me?

  42. Lillian Rodriguez says:

    cant load the game for two days.

  43. Melanie Hawkins says:

    I have had problems with Farmville for about four weeks now. Every now and again it loads but only for one day, after which it will not load for about a week. I last used Farmville on Friday 11/Dec and have tried several times a day to access it but it’s just not happening again. It’s so annoying, I have cleaned my cache out and have Flash Player installed etc etc. There were problems apparently with the program, due to the new holiday season gifts but I believe that is now resolved. Any ideas?

  44. Melanie Hawkins says:

    I also get the same messages as some of the responses above i.e. “done with errors on page”

    Does anyone reply to these messages by the way?

  45. teresa watts says:

    cant never get threw to play!!!!!!

  46. teresa watts says:

    i want to play!!! it want let me in!!!!

  47. brenda says:

    on my farmville i have sound but no picture what do i need to do

  48. Rose Barrows says:

    Please FIX whatever is going wrong with viewing our farm in farmville.

  49. teresa says:

    farmville will not load through facebook says done with error.. or it will say done but have a white screen… HELP!!!!!!

  50. Loyd Dean says:

    Ok let me see hummm. 1-now when i go to farmville i have to go and resign in to facebook to check things. 2- I have 100 gifts that my friends have sent but i cannot move them to my gift box so i can put them under the tree.3-I have 72 neighbors so it takes over 3 days for me to send all my neighbors gifts (up the total gifts per day we can send)-. 4-when i am farming and really busy here comes some kind of advertisment pops up on my screen and completle disrupts everything. I have even had to go back and resign into Facebook. Probable more Later) Other than that you guys are doing a great job and its going to get worse because more and more people are coming to Facebook. Have a great Day. ( Loyddean@hotmail.com)loyddean1934@yahoo.com. Don.t hate me for being a gripe but remember The ones making the most noise gets attention. All of you Have a Happy Newyear ) I will be selibrating my 75th and hope to make it to a 100 if i am healthy. Bye now Huggs to you all.

  51. Loyd Dean says:

    oh 1 more thing, sometimes when i am working my farm almost half the screen is taken up by other things please let us use the complete screen. Sorry i forgot that

  52. neven says:

    i dont like the fact that you can only buy one chicken coop but as many dairy farms as you want

  53. Faaaaarmville. The commerical is here (kind of). | davaidavai.com says:

    [...] month and was among the first superhits of a new gaming genre on social networks. Farmville was not the first but the most succesful social games…ending the careers and relationships of millions on the [...]

  54. Catherine Hon says:

    een having trouble getting Farmville to load I love farmville but it seems like every time something big goes on I cant get to load.

  55. MAYELA MORA says:

    I can only play farmville on my laptop at my sister/brother house cause they have full internate service..but when im at home i have a webconnet jet..cause i have a laptop and tried google chrome nothing..ie8 nothing..i have done everything and nothing i even called my webconnect company and nothing ..they said the problem is in facebook….whats going on???desperate i want to play my farm at home..please help..i think the problem is over there..cause when u had a problem..before that i was playing at y home ….waiting for youre answer……….thanks………….

  56. terence says:

    cant load farmville it stucks half way need help urgently

  57. ruby welsh says:

    i play farmville i can,t get it to load

  58. Bev says:

    I cant load any zynga games through facebook this has been a problem for a week now,ive got the updated flashplayer, cleared cookies ect. ive taken a laptop to a friends and loaded it perfectly whats going on zynga, the loading bar sticks half way through loading but the loading bar says done, ive even phoned my internet provider they assured me the problem is not with them. Can some help me please?

  59. maytrie greger says:

    I accidently removed FarmVille instead of Farm Town on the applications, and don’t know how to retrieve it.

  60. Cynthia says:

    The Farmville loading bar sticks half way through loading but the loading bar says done.
    Yes I updated flashplayer.

  61. neelima jaswal says:

    i played farmville on the 8th of feb. i tried loading my farm on 9th it just would not. i realised that logo of farmville is also not displayed on my facebook home page. i was enjoying it and was on level 41 please help me

  62. Nicole Sevathian says:

    I can’t play farmville I receive gifts and send gift but my game does not load unless I update my adobe flash player please help me

  63. faith says:

    help me i cant find farmville on my list of games

  64. Mary says:

    it’s been 3 days so far and i can’t get on Farmville at all……i’m able to play other games – but not Farmville…..Please help me

    thank you

  65. lorraine stevens says:

    i am disappointed.. i have gotten 99 gifts and the game will not let me accept them!! i am getting ripped off!! i would like some answers! hate to play the game if i cant get my gifts that i have coming to me….HELP!!

  66. Michele Bonilla says:

    My Farm will only load hafe way .its Been 4 Days now ..Whats going on ? Like playing .But this sure is no Fun Right now ..Help get it Fixed .
    Thank you

  67. Michele Bonilla says:

    Well here we go again ..7 days of not loading then was ok for 5 days ..Now back to loading hafe way ..What is going on ? Everyone on my facebook that plays is not happy with Farmville right now ..Help !!!! can you not fix it ?
    Thank you

  68. susan mcdougall says:

    can’t load my farm,laoding bar sticks halfway. how can i fix it really missing my farm

  69. Pamela Skinner says:

    I have alot of neighbors.But they are all taken away.It shows 0 leavel & 0 neighbors.I have tried to go through my farm ville page also to work on my neighbors farm and its hit & miss.I want my neighbors back PLEASEEEEE.

  70. Ilona says:

    My Farmville and all Zynga games won’t load, the loading bar gets stuck half way, it has been like this for weeks, I cleared cookies, I have the latest flashplayer ect ect. It is happening to alot of people, definately something wrong with Zynga.


  71. sandrella says:

    i still have problem from3days to open my farm ville even my husband and my 3 kids.why?please help me to resolve this problem because all my plants was die.

  72. sandrella says:

    when i got help?

  73. ken says:

    my loading BETA bar sticks half way, when loading my farm,,,, Help.


  74. litia says:

    I can’t get to my farmville,it say that requested was not found

  75. Brenda Alexander says:

    I’m having the same problem. I can’t get to my farmville either, my computer shows the same message too.

  76. diane bruce says:

    please help my farmville will only load in part of the way then sticks please help need to get onto my farm as soon as possible my farmville mates are going crazy

  77. Michele Bonilla says:

    Well here I am again and its the same thing My Farm will not load all the way ..work Good for about 2 weeks now Back to the same old thing .Why can you not fix this ..Love to play But makes me nuts when will not load ..HELP

  78. Tari Young says:

    My Farmville neighbors won’t load. Please help.

  79. Top 25 Facebook Games for April 2010 says:

    [...] mighty FarmVille experienced its first significant since its launch back in July of 2009. With still over 82.7 million monthly active users, however, a 200,000 user [...]

  80. Jackie says:

    I want to expand my farm,but when I go to the page that says expand, it is blank. I have alot of gifts to put on my farm but can not as I have no room. please fix this as I am addicted to farmville. thank you.

  81. debbie says:

    i have the same problem . have you been able to fix it? 4-12-2010

  82. maroun m. wannis says:

    I lost my farmville by mistake , my small sun press the block key in it , can u help me unblock my farmville pls.

  83. jamie angi says:

    I’m having the same problem.Help!!!!please!!

  84. Carol says:

    I lost my farm on farmville and am very upset can you get my back on?

  85. barbara says:

    i tried to get my gift and collectible and when i go on the gift and collectible are lost to error i like this game but if this is going to problem i will be hard to memain playing very fustrating

  86. carrie says:

    i can do facebook but can not get my farm in farmville my zoo woeld also is gone how do i get it all back the same

  87. noramunir says:

    cant open my farm… it says page not found.. pls help..

  88. jean lois sellers harris says:

    I can’t fine yoville account itn just disapeared over night it is gone I tried everythink that I can but nothing happens please make it better.

  89. Ferich says:

    why can i not load farmville? help…

  90. Dianne says:

    Farmville keeps telling me to update my adobe flash, i’ve updated it three times, still cannot load the game. what’s going on?

  91. brenda gay says:

    my farmville page and neighbors will not load, I’ve been playing and all once it quit loading, please help!!!

  92. Pot Farm Adds a Little “Magic” to Social Gaming on Facebook says:

    [...] anyone outside a certain niche audience. Considering the wide breadth of users that games such as FarmVille or Farm Town attract, the concept behind Pot Farm may actually be its limiting factor in the long [...]

  93. The Best Facebook Games of 2010 says:

    [...] FarmVille, part Treasure Isle, part city-builder, FrontierVille is designed to stem some of developer [...]

  94. Lisa says:

    I cannot get Farmville to load at all. The Beta line goes exactly 1/2 way and then stops. What is going on? All my FV friends can get on with no problem. I have watched them all day. I have been trying off and on for 12 hrs. I can go to my neighbors,get cash,invite friends,everything but to my farm.

  95. Playdemic Goes Farming with Gourmet Ranch on Facebook says:

    [...] realm as each ingredient needed for the large quantity of potential dishes can be grown. Like in FarmVille, this consists of crops, trees, and animals, with the better ones taking longer to grow. It’s the [...]

  96. suzieq355 says:

    i get done with errors and it wont do anything can you help me fix the problem

  97. swthrt says:

    Try to play it says DONE with errors on page…I try to send gifts goes to page but does not load my friends I try to help friends same thing what is the matter?

  98. pamela stanley swain says:

    my neighbor pamela stanley swain does not come up where i can send here gifts she just started her farm and is in need of gifts thanks

  99. suraj joshua says:

    Farmville Rocks

  100. primi white says:

    Iam not able to play farmville please help i love my farm it will load 98% but it will not let me in the farm I have wrote to coustomer support but nothing they keep telling me they are fixing it but this have been a month and a week now please thank you primi white sadeyes white white

  101. Adrienne Wilder says:

    All my neighbors disappeared from the bottom of Farmville farm and my other Zynga games. I can’t visit my neighbors. Please advise!

  102. Doris J. Rogers says:

    I’m unable to get into my farms ville game ?

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