TweetCraft is a New In-Game Twitter Client for World of Warcraft

tweetcraftWhat happens when you take an MMO phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions worldwide and combine it with one of the leading social communication tools? The answer is the emergence of a new hybrid that combines World of Warcraft and Twitter into a new creation known only as TweetCraft.

Ironically, the combination of these two time sinks might actually save some time. Insane sounding, its true, but TweetCraft is actually a new, in-game client for WoW players that actually allows you to send and receive Tweets within the fantasy realm of Azeroth. That means all your Tweeting and leveling can now be done simultaneously!

Of course, as all Azerothians know, the realms of WoW tend to get a bit busy (with all that questing and player vs. player), so the app actually has a very nice queue system that lets you Tweet when it is convenient (something that more social apps could benefit from). Moreover, and in the spirit of social gaming, TweetCraft even incorporates a simple means to upload in-game screenshots using the Twitter photo sharing site, TwitPic.

While interesting, the most potential for the application lies in its ability to send AutoTweets. Such concepts have been seen in Twitter-based games such as Spymaster, SNODS, and 140 Mafia, but neither of these titles have (or likely will ever have) the following that World of Warcraft does.

A myriad of sites follow the going-ons of guilds and PvP teams throughout the game world; so much so that streaming broadcasts of raid instance runs (some of the most difficult encounters built by the developers) or arena matches (high end player vs. player) are common place. In fact, these broadcasts often see thousands of viewers each time they are shown.

TweetCraft is already capable of sending AutoTweets when a player logs in, enters an instance, or earns an achievement. However, it is extensible so that AddOn authors (and there are plenty for WoW) can register messages or events to AutoTweet.

What does this mean? It means that in time, players utilizing Twitter will be able to broadcast accomplishments such as tournament wins, raid boss kills, and god knows what else. Not only will this give gaming news sites a new source of information, but actually creates a bridge between World of Warcraft and social networking. The only question is – how much will this bridge grow? That will depend, emphatically, on how well the AddOn creators accept and incorporate this new, and potentially powerful, application.

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2 Responses to “TweetCraft is a New In-Game Twitter Client for World of Warcraft”

  1. Ray Angel says:

    I play WoW and WON’T BE using this addon. Here is why: This application is VERY much against the Terms of Service. A few months back a few developers made an application that allowed you to listen to Shoutcast stations. A few weeks after the addon popularity grew they got a legal notice from Blizzard. The TOS states “You agree that you will not use any third-party software that intercepts, “mines”, or otherwise collects information from or through World of Warcraft” Blizzard claimed pulling in music was intercepting information and promptly began banning users for using the add on after a week or two of warnings. Use this at your own risk. As much as I love Twitter and WoW it isn’t worth getting banned over.

    Claiming its open source and can’t be stopped in a terrible argument. Blizzard can stop it and most likely will. I don’t agree with the policy but its the policy. *Frustration*

  2. John says:

    TweetCraft not only allows you to tweet and receive tweets in-game, but allows you to tweet snapshots from your gaming experience, queue tweets for convenience and even auto-tweet whenever you log-on to the game. Who knows how long this unofficial client will last.

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