is a New Virtual World for 9-13 Year Olds is a new social game that just launched a few days ago. With many virtual worlds and online games catering to older audiences, and others such as Club Penguin and Webkinz the youngest ones, SuperSecret has been designed for those in between. Within it, tweens do the one thing all kids want to do: Grow up.

Catering specifically for the 9 – 13 year-old age group, SuperSecret uses a level system that allows players to “age up” from 10 to 18. Throughout the game, players create a human avatar in order to socialize, play mini-games, and hang out within any number of  locals. However, with each “birthday,” access to new features are opened up to the respective users. At age 11 they are able to own a virtual pet, at 12 they acquire a dorm room to decorate, 16 brings the first car, and 18 allows for voting.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to say how the latter two ages are going to work, as the company has stated that players can only reach age 15 for the first couple months of 2009. Nevertheless, there still seems to be plenty to do.

SuperSecret users are able to play up to 40 different Flash games with new ones unlocking at different age groups, but beyond that, there is the more addictive feature of virtual items that are purchased with the in-game currency, “spenders.” These are used to buy everything from pets, clothes, hair styles, furniture and gifts. In addition, the game seems to be extremely social, connecting friends with an in-game cell phone.

sscell_phoneThis phone shows the status and location of any of your online friends, and even if they are offline, allows you to leave messages, set up meeting times, and even send gifts. Seeing as how SuperSecret is designed for a tween demographic as well, this feature (amongst others) are designed with safety in mind. Parents are able to set various parental controls such as chat filters, blocking players, and even play moderation.

SuperSecret says that “tweens” have been involved with development from the beginning, stating that “tweens themselves have determined what features to include and pinpointed ways to make the game better.” In addition, the company says it has established distribution partnerships with SPIL GAMES and Wild Tangent.

SuperSecret is currently using a subscription model of $4.95 a month. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but they are making a potentially dangerous move in making the game free at first but capping the age/level at 12. Once players get to the gate and have to pay the “admission fee,” many players could  be lost. This is quite the surprising choice considering this world is a prime candidate for virtual goods (just look at the success of Second Life or IMVU), but it will be interesting to see how things go for the company.

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123 Responses to “ is a New Virtual World for 9-13 Year Olds”

  1. Kevin Foreman says:

    Hey nice overview. You might want to check out as well. Its for 12-16 years old and has nearly 3 Million monthly unique users.


  2. raxell says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. people

  3. raxell says:

    go to dreess up

  4. Issiemay says:

    SuperSecret is the worst thing in the world. It shits, fucks and super shitty sucks!!!!

  5. dghftftft says:

    this stupid it will not let u make some one

  6. claire says:

    heyyyyyy this coment is for men and only men only ok does and one want to hve sex with me on this u can stick u cock in my vanni

  7. mario says:

    fuck super secret

  8. xasia_11 says:

    this shit is boring

  9. ashumemoy says:

    panu po maging level 13 kce ayaw mag leveL ? kailan pa ng join pra mag level 13???? tae hirap nmn

  10. tracey says:

    it sucks you have to pay i want to be sixteen in the game i’m 12!!!!!!!!!

  11. arrogantprincess/dramaticspoiled says:

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  16. don't know says:

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  17. stupid dramatic girl says:

    girl hwo says yur pretty and perfect.i bet u dont know u r looking ina “make me llok preety because i m not”mirror.see u later girly

  18. Jasmine says:

    omg super secret iz the funest game i ve ever played

  19. deanna says:

    hi my name is deanna and s

  20. SArragontPrincess/DramaticSpoiled says:

    Hi, I am the new Arrogant Dramatic Princess!
    The other one Died I am happy to say!
    I am much nicer. I believe in not self beauty, but goodness from the heart.
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    She is Jelouse that is why she called you all ugly.
    Your new Princess.

  21. kyel says:

    i love this game is cool

  22. DramaticPrincessFortheBeaut1 says:

    oh um arrogantprincees im so sorry but um can you excuse the first prettiest girl?Ur like bragging about yourself like your so hot and popluar to be born….no offense though like in school i was the first prettiest girl i had alot of attention n stuff and boys were like giving me roses im not bragging just to tell you and stop calling people ugly i think your the one that’s ugly….you can’t choose anybody just by their faces you have to be nice and your personality are like…….the worse u keep bragging i think you should be learning a lesson by now anyways if you will excuse me

  23. boboprincess says:

    the girl who keeps saying shes pretty stop effing bragging!!!!!!!!!

  24. Skykoi says:

    Wow you people are really rude to each other. Super Secret is a good game with a good idea. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But, that no reason to say things like “THIS GAME FUCKIN SUX ASS!!! IT’S SHITTTT!!”
    Because that just makes you immature.

  25. alicia says:

    wuz up ppl!

  26. ashley says:

    hi there i think this website is pretty cool even though i haven’t tried it yet he he he i like saying the he he he he my friend Kimberly has a website to is is all about celebrates ok i am going to give this website a try

  27. ashley says:

    ok um how do i sign up i am a bit lost now oh well i will keep searching this page

  28. Dumb says:

    Hello and that girl ermm… arrogantprincess/dramaticspoiled rite? Yeah i WOULD say ur beatiful IF i cvould actually see you. DIMWIT.

  29. Dumb says:

    sorry thats i could no offence though oh i’m not a girl though

  30. Dumb says:

    oh wow posting is more fun with this action! Go on… c’mon

  31. trickster2000 says:

    how do u gt on dis

  32. #1 CHICK says:


  33. soccergal says:

    i know!

  34. PrInCeSs says:


  35. lily says:

    i hate super secret but this week u can hae free member ship F R E E free that spells free! yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. sam says:

    i want to have fun on this thing and make friends too ok bye.

  37. marlo jackson says:

    disx is yu gurl marlo hey disx game well web site is like so much fun yu know…..

  38. marlo says:

    heyyyyy it is like so boring didnt go to skool today know i am sitting in da house bored daddiii at work moma doing hair…….

  39. ssj says:

    this fucking sucks. lets get on a new vitrual world

  40. kaviola says:

    what is up

  41. shauna says:

    hi asl evri 1 xx

  42. amyrul says:

    i love this game

  43. valentina says:


  44. Taylor says:

    hey peeples ive never met before in my life

  45. chloe says:

    i don’t no wat theretalk about.i’m 8 yer ol

  46. sophie says:

    omg someone asked me out because I am beutiful well i know why i am lol hahahaha

  47. hailey says:

    hi super secret is boring i think smallworlds and habbo is better then this

  48. paige says:

    how do i even log in on this

  49. sophia132cutey says:

    hy dis game loks kol kk how do u sin up

  50. nanita says:

    me gustan los animales,tengo 16 anos me guta tener muchos novios y hacer el amor.

  51. lizzie says:


  52. lilly says:

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  53. Kylie Ingling says:

    This site is horrible for kids with not much money in their families. I have joined as a 13 year old and you grow If you get age points but once u get enough to turn 13 you have to pay to be a member. I wouldn’t suggest it.

  54. Dayna says:

    This site is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooool
    I mean u have to pay to be a member once u turn 13 but its pretty fun i juts dont pay because i have fun even without membershuip.

  55. maurielle says:

    hey its me agan please add me at at school the kids wont even talk to me im e girl my i was born at duth that’s bwy my name is maurielle thank you.

  56. maurielle says:

    please add me at im onle 9 year old that’s bwy i don’t got friends.maurielle mi e-mail bye

  57. ***RaNDomNe$$*** says:

    OMG… is kool…tht is until u turn twelve….but you should try-
    * cant access certain places without paying but its still super fun),

    * can’t get to level five on any of the jobs unless you pay but its cheap its like five dollars a month but you can still have fun without paying)


    * (You have to pay to get coins after you spend them all but you get some when you first register you get coins but after you spend all those you have to take surveys or pay to get coins)

    * ( You get more clothes if you pay for membership)

    * (You have to take surveys or pay to get coins unless you earn them from a quest)

    *’s free but if you buy membership you get early access to all the islands but it really doesn’t make a difference cuz your still gonna get to do all of da islands)

    * (It’s okay but if you want to buy certain stuff you have to pay real money.. but other than that you get access to everything)

    * (you really can’t do anything without paying…soooooo it’s like okay)

    * (You can still buy things without paying real money but if yu really buy a bear…you get access to more clothes…and more games….but you still can have alot of fun)

    * (Its kind of like barybie girls you can’t really do anything witout paying)

  58. ***RaNDomNe$$*** says:

    oh and arrogent whatever you need to shut up and the girl who replaced her i know you where the same person as that arrogent girl pretending to be a different person so shut up with all of your monk talk.

  59. liciel says:

    hey abry budy im im in duth stella alex im in duth dat’s bwy i dit not go to school stelle happy birthday bye laters we will chat bye

  60. mardino says:

    I want to be a free member please

  61. Emily says:

    how do I become a member for free?

  62. martini says:

    iz dis a joke

  63. alex says:

    u wanna get in for free it wont even let me in this is gay

  64. alex says:

    let me be free come on i bet u knowon comes on this web site
    im frickin 11 give me a damn brake

  65. arrogantprincess-is a jerk says:

    Hey guys!!!! What’s up? ENOUGH with the cussing already!!!!! What ev….. YOUTUBE ROKS

  66. kaisen says:

    eny lades

  67. kaisen says:

    hi what up

  68. gabrella says:

    im very cool

  69. gabrella says:

    this site is fun!

  70. edjuinie says:

    i lovo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  71. liciel says:

    I love Justin Bieber i like his song baby i hate jasmine so much realy.

  72. kierra says:

    i luv justin bieber 2 liciel

  73. alli says:

    i luv secret online things

  74. bob says:

    why r u advertising face book ????? u sickn ppl

  75. jakl says:

    its cool

  76. luca says:

    its okay……i think…

  77. stupid says:

    me and my friend are gonna try this

  78. Random says:

    Justin Bieber SUCKS in song all he ever says is baby though another good 12+ site is adventure quest though u cant buy some stuff without membership but is still good also is platform Racing 2 & soon 3 Youtube roks & so does Q98.7

  79. sevin says:

    he sings like a girl

  80. Rachel says:

    Hey I like supersecret just a little bit. But the game is bad real bad so bad but, I’m pretty though. I’m 13 in the game. Guess what I know the best game in the world. For members and for not members chobots go there but, you should be a member to do more.

  81. Rachel says:

    Hey I like supersecret just a little bit. But the game is bad real bad so bad but, I’m pretty though. I’m 13 in the game. Guess what I know the best game in the world. For members and for not members chobots go there but, you should be a member to do more.

  82. aaron says:

    i like it here

  83. katherine says:

    btw i hate justin beiber!!!!!!!

  84. alyssa says:

    i want my virtual world back woozworld her name is babycupcakes-!

  85. Aaliyah says:

    hi my name isn aaliyah

  86. dayday says:

    it sucks

  87. naynay41 says:

    i am the princess in the house

  88. megan says:


  89. sanaa says:

    i am so cool

  90. sarah says:


  91. Gianna says:

    hey ppl

  92. lucy says:


  93. angel says:

    wow wat is this about

  94. deven f says:


  95. deven f says:

    im jock i can bench 200lbs in real life play mwf2

  96. Lily♥ says:

    Heyyy guys. Some of you are really rude to eachother on here… not saying im like a goodie toshoes cause im really not, but saying things like all the other girls are ugly and this game is shit and stuff like that isnt really nice… anyways il post again soon :)
    Love Lily ♥

  97. ♥ Cleo ♥ says:

    Heyy people

  98. jesse says:

    hey wats up people:)

  99. Flirt says:

    its funny that u guys chat with eachother within this post you could rather use a chat game ;)

  100. jade says:


  101. aaliyah says:

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  102. ameena says:

    omg the girl said that everybody want to be like her. don’t nobody want to be like her she is not perfect nobdy is………………….

  103. trinity says:

    i hope this will be cool

  104. trinity says:

    so far this game is verry cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. prapti says:

    hey lily,
    will you be my chat friend?
    i agree with you
    u all should not use bad langquage
    wats your age lily?
    im 10
    i know im young to use this
    but stilll..
    see ya later……..
    pls reply

  106. prapti says:

    hey every one

  107. prapti says:

    be my friend

  108. prapti says:

    hey ppl i dont know

  109. niomi says:

    hi its so cool to be with normal peeps like you all
    i want to join. i’m prept to be a model cause the other Niomi is . and by the boots i’v read all ur says. i like devenf’s name and lily ur cool and real decent i havent met any1 with guts please be my friend and geeeeeeeeeewhiz prapti ur desperate for a friend so ill feel a bucket of pity so ill be ur friend . lily isnt prapti a little desperate bucket
    any way i’m lookin forward to chattin with u lily and prapti and this famous devenf.

  110. LIZZIE says:

    nice fun

  111. billy says:

    yo …

    well arrogant princess, we all know that ya are the only ugly fat one around here …
    and im 9!

  112. Smexxi Babe says:

    Omg that girl Arrogant dramatic princess or something get ovaah ya self you looked at a mirror and it broke thats how ugly you are, i mean im really pretty but im not saying everyone else isent im just sick of people saying there better then everyone else im a OMG site model yeah thats right i model for websites but i dont rub it in other peoples faces because i just happend to get in

    Well i <3 yhu all and i cant wait to here the replys

    From Smexxi Babe

    P.S Im 9

    PP.S and beautiful mwaaah


  113. LIZZIE says:

    hey arrogant whatever blah blah blah u do not know the meanin of pretty u must have misspelled it as i am so petty i need friends baaaaaaaaah bah yah thats u u just cut in the last machofisant mess with me and i’m with smexxi babe and billy yaha
    P.S – i’m sorry u called yourself pretty u ought to know the spellin of petty u shouldnt write what your not

  114. LIZZIE says:

    smexxi babe ur nine yah cool i’m who knoes

  115. cassaday says:

    its so stupid the pet is a PONY!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. sahar says:

    can some 1 b my friend i only just signed

  117. LIZZIE says:

    boy or gal i’m ready i’ll be your friend

  118. tideorb says:

    god this game sucks it doesnt have 3d on it

  119. kate girl says:

    hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo??? it is SO NOT 3d! why should i play on it?well…..i do a little but thats all! its not like its the end of the world. right? ok. well< g2g!l8r!

  120. glamor girl says:

    hey! who cares if ur beauty is better than mine? because its not! i know ur trying to brag. not like me. p.s. i should be pretty on both real life and virtual worlds! glamor girl
    p.p.s im 9 too hmph!

  121. Mirella says:

    @aggorantprincess/dramticspiled, i have someting to say to u, the only girl that isnt pretty is the one that brags about it. so umm in other words GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!! cuz none of us want to deal with a little brat who causes drama nd im 12 so if u ever comment on this never say i dont know what im talking about cuz as far as im concered i do thank u for ur time

  122. Mirella says:

    and p.s. y dont u open ur eyes and acutally look how u are on the inside istead of ur looks on the outside

  123. Mirella says:

    and p.p.s ya’ll need to grow up and stop saying crappy stuff like im so hot and im all tht cuz in realitiy who wants to hang out wit a girl like that

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