Hammerfall – A New Fantasy RPG on Facebook

HammerfallBy now most people who have used Facebook applications for any reasonable amount of time knows that the RPG genre of games is very stagnant. Regardless of whether or not you are in a mob, an enchanted forest, or if you are an elf, vampire, or zombie, they all use, more or less, the exact same game play functionality.

  1. Create Character
  2. Do Quest
  3. Use Energy
  4. Buy New Gear
  5. …..
  6. Profit

It will be a red letter day when the core mechanic of these games begins to change from the norm, but until then, creators of these types of games must look for ways to appeal to the masses in a way that the other RPGs do not. The game of the day is Hammerfall, and while the basic functionality is the same, it does incorporate the element of story telling as well as some extras into its game that does make it interesting.

MapIn a nut-shell, you start out on a little island known as Summervale, but strange happenings have been occurring in the Kalamar Empire. It is a typical “hero’s journey” type of story, but it’s interesting, nonetheless, to do the quests and watch it unfold. However, while a good story does not necessarily make a good game, for the type of casual game Hammerfall is, the story is quite compelling. Furthermore, while it contains typical Facebook RPG elements, it does have some very nice additions to it.

When you start out, you have health, energy, and stamina. Stamina is your typical limiter for doing quests, and you have to let it regenerate passively in order to do more. As you play, you have to balance your stats between said stamina as well as health, power, energy, and toughness. Game play also forces you to carefully budget your different stats in order to proceed, meaning you have to make sure you have not only enough stamina to complete an action, but enough energy to actually defend yourself should you find yourself in some hot water.

The first bonus that is great is that there is an actual map of the world. It seems so minor, but having one gives the player a sense of the overall environment and even though games like this are not highly visual it does help in invoking a user’s imagination and lets them better see the world they are delving into.

QuestsOf course, it wouldn’t be a Facebook game without some social prerogative. Like any RPG, you can invite friends into a guild that can reach up to five members when you first start. When you make a guild, however, you have to ensure that everyone is well equipped and prepared for raids. This is where the biggest social aspect comes in as raiding allows you to compete with other guilds. Unfortunately, this is a double edged sword, because if you can’t get enough people, you can easily become stuck. Regardless, there is still more “toys” to behold.

The coolest part about Hammerfall is the bosses. Yes, bosses. Unlike other RPGs where the results are always automatically generated, you can actually influence the outcome of a battle like in a traditional platform RPG. In fact, there is even a leaderboard that shows who defeated what boss in how many turns.

While it does emulate your typical Facebook RPG core mechanic, Hammerfall is definitely a very captivating game. It does have some issues, but what game doesn’t? The new features based on the standard core mechanic are great additions and the story is quite compelling. That alone makes the app worth checking out. Furthermore, there is a great deal of chatter about the game going about on its front page, and if the developers are listening in, then if there is a Hammerfall II, it ought to be truly great.

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54 Responses to “Hammerfall – A New Fantasy RPG on Facebook”

  1. Hammerfall - A New Fantasy RPG on Facebook | Stariver Templates says:

    [...] See the original post here: Hammerfall – A New Fantasy RPG on Facebook [...]

  2. Jose Hernandez says:

    ey this game awsome the problem is that people in myspace dont really play it or at least i have not found many that do.

  3. ryan says:

    how do you chase the hopper dragon?

  4. brian fileccia says:

    How do you beat the lake dragon? The one that does the poison cloud. It takes away 225 hp in 2 moves even with my defense up.

    Can someone please contact me

  5. Mary says:

    Where is Sophia’a book. I am stuck

  6. Richard Bates says:

    i am having trouble catching the hopper dragon, can anyone help

  7. Jason Rodriguez says:

    I caught the hopper dragon with Right, Left and then leap forward.

    If the lake dragon is beating you then you have to equip stronger items to get your defense up. I beat it on about 2500 Def and 2400 Atk. Make sure you have lots of fishes and know Heal and Gold Bomb. You also need about 250 HP to fully utilize the fish as well.

    Hope this helped :)

  8. Jojohugz says:

    I am trying to find the spinning lure.. Can anyone help me please.. I cannot get any further without it and i do not know where to find it.



  9. Kaycee says:

    Where do I find the Wisdom Crystal? I haev looked everywhere and still haven’t foudn one. HELP!!!

  10. rob says:

    u have to kill the water dragon to find the spinning lure

  11. ross says:

    add me please i need more peeps. myspace.com/reefmeup

  12. Hammered says:

    Am I correct in assuming that in order to recieve the Phoenix I have to defeat the Phoenix? I have beaten it 11 times now! and not one Drop! Anybody know if I should continue tryin or did I miss something?

  13. PRK9ANDR1 says:


  14. PRK9ANDR1 says:


  15. Nicki says:

    The wisdom crystal is dropped by finding the princess in the maze. I am trying to get back to Avgard and looking for time powder…anyone know where that is?… also SPUKO.com will give you a TON of adds if you are looking for adds of ANY app on myspace :)

  16. Chris says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find the sea beast spirit so i can get the lotus??? I cant find it anywhere.

  17. aries says:

    i know alot of the hammerfall questions you people have .. but i have 1 anybody know where to find the wisdom crystal ?

  18. Daniel P Naylor says:

    I need more players, but no one else on my friends wants to play……how do I advance without more players or find more?

  19. quickreaver says:

    Oh, look! Stolen graphics! Please, folks, have some scruples and tell Hammerfall to PAY for the art they use. They’re making money from this game…they can pay. Thanks.

  20. some smart says:

    this game stole many of it’s graphics from artists on deviantArt. they claim that they bought the art from art stock store or got permission, but it’s a lie. when the artists were asked if they had given permission for their art to be used many said no. they did not sell their art to any stock store nor did they give consent for it to be used in this game. and there IS proof. this isn’t just some retarded old conspiracy theory. this is real. they are art thefts. for full details, go here http://mercuralis.deviantart.com/journal/23000106/
    and if you want proof that not all artists gave consent, here is one http://saimain.deviantart.com/
    recognize that first picture? just scroll up. it’s shown on this very page. if you’re too lazy to scroll, here’s the link of the page were the stolen art is http://www.insidesocialgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/quests.jpg
    if you still don’t believe that art was stolen, then you have mental problems. it’s plain as day. oh, and here is the artist saying that her art was stolen http://saimain.deviantart.com/journal/23012064/
    that should be all the proof you need to realize that art has been stolen.

  21. Anthony says:

    Stuck in mistyvale, can’t find how to get a lion claw :S

  22. Summer says:

    So i’m having trouble catching the hopper dragon..I have no option to chase right. Only left and jump forward. and neither work. Can anyone help?

  23. Melissa says:

    After getting the forestdragon & demoneater, I’m back to Avgard, following Amrit but I can’t seem to find where to go from here. My only options are Chandabrook and Lindellin and I’ve already been to both of these places. Can anyone help?

  24. Kyo says:

    I’m stuck at the same spot Melissa is(I just got the time powder). Thanks to anyone that can help.

  25. steve says:

    The seabeast spirit is dropped by the sea beast. From Kalamar town center go south to Kalamar docks sail south to Mistyvale and fight the sea beast. It’s a once a day shot, and low percentage drop.

  26. steve says:

    I too am stuck in Kyndale with the forest dragon and demoneater. How to get to Fallhill, Ward or Ingledale seems to be impossible. Any help would be appreciated. For you folks needing guild members, look me up at myspace.com/snowdude. Also, Spuko.com has friends for every app.

  27. PRK9ANDR1 says:

    i dont know about facebooks but myspace there not enough people not most my friend dont want to play so how does one get more people

  28. traffic says:

    I am stuck outside of Lindellin. I need to get my character to 700 attack. I have all the items that I need to this point, but I am missing something. Please HELP.

  29. Kay Tsoka says:

    ditto on the forest dragon and demon eater bit.. Any one who can help?

  30. steve says:

    Ok guys here’s how to get some use of the demoneater and forest dragon: Go back to Oakwood dungeon 6. Re-fight the monsters. This should get you back to Avgard for another quest and then on to Guiden Falls to fight Amrit. Hope this helps.

  31. Terry Harris says:

    Help! I play several games, and for some reason I can’t keep the overall Hammerfall map inside my head – I keep wasting energy trying to find places I just left. (I know – DUH. lol) ANYWAY, IS there a map somewhere – a total map – or at least a partial one – that gives more than just the immediate area where one is? All help great appreciated!

  32. Fred says:

    I’m stuck at the same spot that Melissa, kyo and steve are… Come back in Avgard with demoneater, time powder, dragon forest but no possibility to go north… Thanks to anyone that can help.

  33. Chris Lavallee says:

    Level 18: Location Throncrest…..where do I get the bandages to do two of the quests??? And does anyone know if it’s worth fighting the Cave Troll???? I have nowhere near enough energy or health to beat it….help????

    Thanks :-)

  34. fred says:

    Hey for Kyo, Melissa and Steve, what we must done is to go to Guildin Falls, the fortress of the Dwarves and take the north parth, the path where we must search for unprocessed crystal, new events must occur there :-)

  35. Goustaro Goustavos says:

    Please help!!! I need the spinning lure. I have to kill the water dragon — but where is he???
    Thanks in advance

  36. mgr says:

    can anyone tell me where i get the demoneater? I seem to have missed it.

  37. Goustaro Goustavos says:

    Where is Oakwood??????????

  38. mgr says:

    ok, i went back to oakwood and fought the dragon, talked to the druid and marched to the split,, but still no going north in Avgard. Has anyone been able to get past this?

  39. brian6bg says:

    everyones best bet would be to just stay in a city that has inn where you spend 4 or 5 energy points and you get gold and exp points sit there for a few day build your gold and levels

  40. steve says:

    Chris you fight the wolf for bandages, fight all monsters in this game to advance; Terri, there is no map as far as I know; Goustaro, Oakwood is southeast of Mistyvale, you will need the wisdom crystal to get south of Mistyvale and get the lion’s claw, it is dropped when you solve the maze. Once again folks, Oakwood dungeon 6 and get another demoneater to move past Avgard on a quick march to Guiden Falls and north. prk9andr1, look me up on Myspace @ myspace.com/snowdude and I’ll help you get more friends and guild members. Same goes to everyone.

  41. Matt K says:

    There are many maps, including some on one or more of the hammerfall groups in FB. See my weblink for one of the cool interactive ones.

  42. emmyspoppa says:

    i need help getting pegasus any one know where you get pegasus i am in Thistledown and need to get a pegasus to go any further in a town 6 moves from that spot

  43. Steve Snow says:

    Pegasus is found in the Styrewood Camp. Go west into the forest to find him.
    Anyone, what’s next after rescuing the princess in Fallhill? I assume it’s Sulindal but where is it?

  44. Sasha Huston says:

    I’m stuck in the West Lindellin Forest 2 and can’t get any farther…I don’t have the Blue Fairy Charm and can’t find it so I can’t head west towards Thistledown…and I can’t head south along the hidden path because I don’t have a Movement in the Forest and I can’t find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  45. david says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get War Garment, I know its pretty far in the game but can anyone tell me how or where to get it at Ward?

  46. The Fellowship is a New Turn-Based Facebook RPG says:

    [...] last text-based Facebook RPG to really stand out was Hammerfall (in which you could manually influence boss battles as opposed to simply clicking “Attack” and [...]

  47. Granison Pringle says:

    help i have 60 friends helping me but i need more
    my URL on myspace is myspace.com/granison don’t know it for face book but look me up by name Granison Pringle i live in Pittsburgh pa and went to Oliver high school

  48. Beverli says:

    Can anyone tell me where the dragon compass is? I am going crazy and burning stamina…

  49. Helen Padelsky says:

    Hi ya,
    My dad and i both play hammerfall, but atm we are stuck with our guild at a max of 60. can anyone tell me where to go next to get a larger guild, any help would be nice, my email sparkleblueeyes7@yahoo.com or myspace me at
    http://www.myspace.com/sparkleblueeyes, that way i am sure to get it, thanks for any help ya all can provide.

  50. Justin says:

    how do u get the serated shield and the war garment i need help ive been stuck searchin for them for days

  51. Brian says:

    I cant find the orc alliance and the Pegasus to move on in the game can anyone tell me where they are. if so thanks.

  52. Mike says:

    How do I get to sunhill and barronoff? Also where do I find serated shield?

  53. keith says:

    i need more guild, can anyone help??

  54. Dragon Age Legends Looks to Extend Life on Facebook Beyond Its Console Inspiration says:

    [...] because they suffered from lack of developer attention. Take, for example, Hammerfall RPG which we reviewed at the close of 2008 and Castle Age that we reviewed in early 2010. Both went through copyright [...]

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